Mills Dumps $2 Million into Governor’s Race

OK, this is stunning and will be sure to grab the attention of many political watchers and consultants. It also begs the question whether Robert Graham or John Munger are willing to also self-finance to this degree.

Good grief, was it something I said in my 2010 predictions?

From The Arizona Capitol Times:

Mills puts $2 million into gubernatorial campaign

Everyone knew Buz Mills was a man of considerable wealth, but no one was quite sure how much of it he was willing to spend in the 2010 governor’s race. With his initial campaign finance report, Mills took a big step toward answering those questions by putting $2 million into his fledgling campaign.

H/T to Jeremy Duda at ACT!


  1. I Hate Taxes says

    Interesting that he is paying the Symington Group, while Symington himself endorsed Munger. How can he be sure he’s getting their best effort? This politics stuff is a tricky business, isn’t it?

  2. Miss Tomato says

    It’s very rare that a campaign will release campaign finance reports so far in advance of a deadline.

    He’s clearly trying to send a message to his opponents.

  3. Miss Tomato,

    I completely agree with your assertion. This is a shot across the bow of any other gubernatorial candidate. He just raised the stakes tremendously. And true, most campaigns won’t submit their finance reports until January 29-31st.

  4. Interested says

    If matching funds still exist, this helps any Clean Election candidates (i.e., Parker and Brewer) because, I believe, they can get matching funds when he spends the 2M.

    If he actually spends the 2M, it would especially hurt Dean Martin if Dean gets in the race becuase I can’t imagine Dean being able to raise 2M. (I am assuming Dean will be a traditionally funded candidate becuase he currently is a plaintiff in the case arguing clean elections is unconstitutional and taking clean election funds at this point would be hypocritical).

  5. I work all night I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay (aint it sad) says

    If the guy has many millions of dollars liquid, this is nothing more than a symbolic attempt to muscle people out of the race and gain media attention. That’s because the money can be returned to Mills at the conclusion of the campaign.

    The question is, will he spend that money?

  6. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE DEAN MARTIN. Should he join the fray, count me among the huge numbers of folks that would be right there to do all we could and that means $$$$.

  7. $2 Million why he won't says

    Ann I’m sure you will add your portion but Martin couldn’t raise $2 million for a primary. Not in this economy with a crowded field.

  8. Interested says

    Dean would have to have 2,3810 max donors (@$840 apiece) in addition to Ann to raise $2M. In 2006, Dean raised around $150k total for the primary and general election. Don’t see Dean hitting the 2M mark. Dean may be able to 300k to 600k for the primary but not 1M much less 2M.

  9. Could somebody please tell us something about Mr. Mills other than he put $2 million into his campaign fund? What is his background? What are his political views? Has he published a platform?

  10. Love4Arizona says

    So where is Buz? Why has he not come out of the wordwork yet? Is Camilla running for Governor since he can’t seem to speak for himself in any article?

    Does he even have a website? Does anyone know what he looks like?

    The real burning question I have that trumps any of his policy stances, is does he have a full head of hair or a buzz cut?

  11. This coming election will not be about who or how much money soneone has or spends. it’s going to be about idea’s. See my website
    I have been talking and e-mailing our state reps and senators for the past 6 months on what to do with many issues that face our state.
    Steven Slaton
    Candidate for Governor

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