Militias Returning?

Glenn Beck had an interesting guest on this afternoon who suggested that individual militias are making a return.

Called “The Bubba Effect,” as the federal government begins to suppress individual freedoms, those opposed to such actions will begin to group together in communities, hoard food and arms and prevent outsiders from entering their “community.”

Could this be the return of militias? Stay tuned…

Glenn Beck’s War Room 1/3

Glenn Beck’s War Room 2/3

Glenn Beck’s War Room 3/3


  1. Tiredofthecrap says

    Don’t know if it’s related but we were at Bass Pro Shop over the weekend and they were almost out of ammunition and very low on guns. They said they can’t keep some guns in stock and have to be special ordered.

  2. Really Tired of This says


    Conservatives believe in:
    1) traditional marriage;
    2) that Roe v. Wade should be over turned; 3) that affirmative action is racial discrimination by another name;
    4) the 2d amendment means what it says;
    5) a strong foreign policy that isn’t afraid to employ force, but doesn’t plunge us into quagmires because they are polling well;
    6) border security;
    7) limited government (especially limited federal government); and
    8) limited regulation and low taxes for all.

    Conservatives DO NOT believe in:
    1) militias;
    2) compounds;
    3) talk of armed insurrection because your party lost the last election; and
    4) nullification.

    In the last few months, the latter four have been celebrated in your pages non-stop. I hear less and less about the former eight, except for border security. If that’s the route you want to go, fine, but us Reagan conservative really aren’t interested in that crap (read his speeches some time) and are gravitating to other web sites. The more you push this stuff, the less influence you will have over the political process and the less relevant your views will become, within the party and outside of it.

  3. Tiredofthecrap says

    New to the board but completely agree.

  4. I have to take issue with your word “celebrated in your pages.” Most of the posts have been speculative.

    As far as the former eight, if you haven’t noticed, they are under full assault by the current administration.

    Once our free speech and redress of grievances are curtailed, you will see a lot more of the latter four.

  5. Maybe I’m missing something, but what individual freedoms has the federal government begun to suppress? I’m getting a big whiff of deep paranoia here.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Bill, my freedom to travel as I wish. I do not consider it a need of the government to pat me down as a criminal every time I travel by air just because I have an implanted cardiac device and the appropriate identification to prove it too.

    Bill, my freedom to express myself verbally no matter who it might “offend”. I personally don’t care if your “offended” by what I think of you – its not the government’s place to regulate my thoughts.

    This does not mean I talk to folks like Dr. House (popular tv show character). It means I have the right to if I wish.

    In keeping with a Christian attitude and the social norms of civility, I do not express myself freely as that is inapproprite. We do not need a governemnt or laws to enforce those things.

    how about my freedom to intervene in the care of my grandchildren if I don’t agree with the lifestyle of my children and the grandchildren are suffering? “The State” prohibits me from stepping in and caring for those children.

    My individual freedom to associate with those I please is yet another freedom in which The State has stuck its nose.

    Those of you (including myself) who are over 55 years of age remember a vastly different country and relationship between the citizens and The State.

    … the frogs are nearly boiled and they’re slumbering right into the dinner plate.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Rremember civics 101: courts only hear cases brought before them, and the SCOTUS can even ignore cases brought before it.

    Notwithstanding a law or administrative policy being challenged in court, the law or administrative policy stands as lawful.

    This is exactly what happens 60 days prior to election day via the Campaign Reform Act brought to us by Senator McCain for example. The First Amendment of the Constitution is simply ignored.

    Notice, the 8 items cited in posting #2 have for the most part been ignored.

    When any government simply ignores its contractual relationship with the governed and the burden becomes too egregious; those last 4 items mentioned in posting #2 become of interest to more and more individuals.

    What’s going on here with posters #2 & #3 is that they have yet to be bruised or impacted by The State in their personal lives and, presently that is the only standard they use for making their judgements.

  8. Internal self government is indirectly proportional to external “state” government.

    As individuals lose or relinquish their ability to self-govern, the state fills the vacuum with whatever form of government is in fashion.

  9. You guys miss the point. If, as Beck is envisioning happens then the dollar bill will hyper inflate. People will be forced by circumstances to circle the wagons.

    There will be communities where self sufficient individuals partner with others to sustain and protect each other.

    Considering how fragile is our infrastructure and how disconnected and dependent our citizens, I can see anarchy as a distinct possibility in the event of a serious economic catastrophe -one of his guest was suggesting we plan for the worst; you can always ease up as needed.

    Tell me what would you do if there weren’t any affordable energy or maybe food? What will you do to survive? How would you protect your family?

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    My 82 year old father once taught me, its better to be 6 years too early than 6 seconds too late.

  11. CarmineFragione says

    One must hope for the best and be prepared
    for the worst. What is most important is
    that Americans remember their own hearts,
    the American Way. Tradtion. We are not France, and we should not operate out of
    angst or become terrorists. We are the
    Judeao Christian philosophy, the House
    of Israel, saved by the Jewish Life that
    was settled for us in Jesus Christ. We
    have a heart, a conscience, an empathy for
    the people of the nations. We protect and
    defend what is right. “Extremism in defense
    of Liberty is no vice” Not a penny for
    tribute. There is more than one way to skin
    a cat. The American Revolution was not
    a submission to violence or anarchy. We
    the people fought only when directly confronted with invading forces we knew
    intended to prevent us from peacefully
    building this American Revolution. That
    is the way forward, our speech, our hospitality, our compassion, the tear in
    our eye. We are worthy that God should
    cause His own Son to die for us, and save
    us. Can be then be anything other than a
    people founded in the Holy Spirit ?

    Few people know that Abraham saw the
    horrible destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then he tried to spare the
    people is there were ten righteous to
    be found in a city. Then Abraham, fearing
    God knew that perhaps only he was the sole
    righteous man in the world. Thus, he offered what he moved the most in this
    world, his own son Isaac, and he offered it
    to spare the entire human race from it’s doom. Thus were God and Abraham Friends
    and did not test each other, but entreated each other to go forward wtih a mission to
    save the whole world, That msytery of
    sacrifice to save all the people, the intimacy of love between two friends, became
    settled in the life and death of Jesus Christ, for the Jews first, then the enitre world. Race, or any other identity is nullified in the Atonement, Christ made to
    fulfill that which Abraham began, to offer salvation to the people. If not so, we are
    literally doomed to follow Sodom and Gomorrah into hell.


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