Mike Pence visits Tucson.

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Trent Franks, Mike Pence, State Senate President Tim Bee, and Bruce Ash

Congressman Mike Pence (IN-6) headlined a very successful dinner this past Saturday hosted by the Pima County Republican Party. Mike delivered an inspirational message to a packed house. His remarks were followed by a short presentation by Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-2.)

Congressman Pence is a strong conservative and is a tip-of-the-spear in the effort to rebuild the Republican Brand. A small breakfast was held the next morning to raise funds for the congressman’s 2008 re-election. If you were unable to attend either event and would like to contribute we heartily endorse Mike Pence as one of the people we need to make sure returns to the House in 2008.

Sources indicate that the Pence event is just a preview of things to come. If you would like to attend events like this in the future or become more involved with the party please contact the Pima County Republican Party. Congratulations to the Party and to National Committeeman Bruce Ash for making the event a success. And thanks to both congressmen for investing their time in CD-8.


NB – While researching this story I came across this page from the Indiana Secretary of State. I guess Arizona is not alone in wanting to insure the integrity of the election process.

NB II – On a lighter note cpmaz at Random Musings thinks Thrasher has a chance of winning in his ill fated second run against Congressman Franks. Between defending CD-5 and CD-8 against credible Republican challengers, trying to take CD-1, and targeting CD-3 for a turnover the Dems will not have much money left over for a candidate who lost against a Republican in 2006 by a spread of almost 20%. But if they want to throw valuable resources into CD-2 have at it. Just to clarify cpmaz, Franks is a solid platform Republicans who gets it on all issues. His passionate stand in defense of all innocent human life could only be describe by a Democrat as “hatred.” I strongly recommend that anyone who doubts the passion and sincerity of Congressman Franks’ love for the unborn speak to him in person about the issue. (Don’t forget to bring your stepladder.)


  1. kralmajales says

    On NB II Post,

    While I agree about Franks being a tough one to beat. What you say about funding goes the other way. The GOP has both less money and more territory to defend and try to gain than ever.

    That is why I think the Mitchell and Giffords race are going to be quite hard AND that the effort to win there will make others like Shaddegg vulnerable…not to mention CD1!!!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Couldn’t agree more. I didn’t mean to imply that the Republican have it made next year. But the post on Random Musings would be like me talking tough if Ron Drake ran again in CD-7. Both parties have many challenges in 2008 but pouring resources into CD-2 is a loosing proposition for the Dems.

  3. Mike Pence and Trent Franks are two of the finest spokesmen in the US Congress for the GOP & American agendas.

    Both richly deserve our support to be a voice for the issues we believe in as a political party and as Americans.

    I only wish everyone could have attended the saturday evening event on behalf of the Pima GOP. It was a fine event and the first of more to follow so please keep posted for future events.

    Congressman Franks is passionate about sanctity of life issues and I can attest to his direct questions for me when we first began to do business last spring. He is also multi dimensional — he is a major player in the anti ballistic missile programs and a key member of the Constitution Sub Committee in the House.

    Mr Pence spoke about many issues on saturday and sunday but one that was saved for The Desert Caucus……he warns about the upcoming Annapolis peace talks between Israel and the Palestine Authority. He points out that the US State Department wants Israel to accept peace terms with the PA without clear recognition of Israel’s right to exist. The “deal” would also force Israel to agree to deal with the lesser of the two terror groups–Fatah OR Hamas. Take your pick. Both are un acceptable. Mr Pence, along with Mark Kirk of Illinois have been in consultations with Secretary Rice on this and has been a strong supporter of Israel and really also long standing common sense policy of the US government not forcing Israel to accept peace terms without clear status and recognizable borders with their neighbors.

    Thanks to all who attended the various GOP events this past weekend as well as all of the hard workers who made it possible.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman


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