Mike Harris Endorsed by Arizona Right to Life? – NOT!!!

Here’s a shocker that I couldn’t help but post on.

But first a disclaimer: As of August 7th, I am no longer with Arizona Right to Life as the Executive Director nor as the Treasurer of its political action committee (AZLIFEPAC).

With that out of the way let me give you some background info: Earlier this year while I was serving on AZLIFEPAC, we voted to endorse only one candidate for Governor – Len Munsil. After all, Len has been more effective in the pro-life public policy arena than any other leader in Arizona. While he was the President/CEO for the Center for Arizona Policy, he sponsored and saw enacted more pro-life laws than any other pro-life organizational leader.

On February 13th, AZLIFEPAC made the only gubernatorial endorsement – Len Munsil (I actually wrote the endorsement). As a key member of the PAC, I was also directly responsible for the production and publication of the candidate tracker webpage. On that webpage, anyone could see information on the candidates for almost every office in Arizona (Yes, it was a lot of work keeping it up to date). If you look at the gubernatorial candidates, you will see the sole endorsement. Mike Harris was NOT endorsed. I know because I voted on the endorsement. I will also tell you that the Harris campaign asked for and received a candidate survey from AZLIFEPAC prior to the endorsement by the PAC. Harris’ campaign failed to return it to the committee.

So imagine my surprise when I received a forwarded email from a SonoranAlliance reader who received an announcement that Arizona Right to Life had endorsed Mike Harris. Here’s the text of that email:

Mike Harris Gaining More Support

Mike Harris Endorsed…

Aug 29, 2006 Mike Harris was recently endorsed by the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans, and Arizona Right to Life. This shows the incredibly wide bandwidth of support we continue to receive.

Now I have to laugh and cry at the combination of the endorsement – homosexual Republicans and right to lifers. But the more amazing thing in all this is that today, Mike Harris issued the following statment again via email and on his website:

Although my beliefs are pro-life, I truly don’t know when life begins. I do know that unwanted children are a tremendous burden on society.

This does not reconcile with his earlier statement nor does it reconcile with itself. First, there are no “unwanted children.” Over 1.5 million couples are waiting to adopt and that statement is simply overly subjective. But his later statement also demonstrates a serious and damaging lack of knowledge of the issue. How can someone say their beliefs are pro-life but cannot reconcile that with simple science that is taught beginning in Jr. High? In fact, the survey that was sent to him in January stated the obvious – that a new and unique individual life begins at conception.

So why would Mr. Harris post an endorsement via his email announcements? Either he or someone on his committee is terribly naive and did not read the AZLIFEPAC candidate tracker correctly or he is attempting to deceive the voters by claiming the endorsement. This is nothing new in the pro-life movement as candidates quickly realize how important a pro-life endorsement is because 3-5% of voters are single issue voters on the life issue.

I’m going to read the email statement as an act of ignorance and give him the benefit of the doubt that he misread the candidate tracker. I hope he sits down with his campaign committee and explains that he did not receive the endorsement and that he will provide a correction.

As for me, I am proud to endorse Len Munsil for Governor.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    This link should say it all. There is a reason Harris was endorsed by John Greene on March 31st.

  2. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    Shane – Could your “Judith Connell” rants on Sonoran Alliance in late July have anything to do with your leaving AZ Right to Life? Just wondering.

  3. I don’t know.

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