Mike Barnicle on John McCain

From the mouth of liberal, Mike Barnicle today:

Everyone was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

Some things are just plain sacred.


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    The correct comment would have been that McCain showed no fear of Obama because if he lost, as he did, he was still a sitting Senator and it was only a lost opportunity, nothing more.

  2. That’s exactly right. It was simply a lost opportunity, a safe gamble.

    Can’t stand the discredited media hacks like Barnicle resurfacing as retreads in other venues. His comment was pathetic … his usual shallow drivel dressed up to mascarade as a erudite sound-bite.

  3. Pragmatic Conservative says

    It is interesting none of the Dem’s big guns have jumped into the Senate race. Their polling must show McCain a clear winner in the primary and they know they can’t beat him in a general election. Their only hope for Rodney Glassman would be if JD won.

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