Michelle Ugenti Rocks the House!

Here’s a great video of Legislative District 8 House candidate, Michelle Ugenti, speaking at the Carefree Tea Party meeting on March 27th


Watch for Michelle to be a superstar in the Republican Party here in Arizona!

Go Michelle!


  1. Michelle Ugenti, another breath of fresh air, thanks.

    That Tea Party went well but there are dark clouds on the horizon.
    The ‘Crash the Tea Party’ thing referenced at ://Pajamas Media /instapundit/97408/ is not good.
    As http://tigerhawk.blogspot.com/2010/04/subversion-or-anti-subversion.html#6257130759099447417
    TigerHawk said:

    “Plants have already happened, just not organized ones. Regardless, perhaps organizers (or attendees) need to have a few signs that say “Liberal Plant, not a REAL TeaPartier” and be on the lookout for these double-secret spies. When one is found, then pull out your signs and stand next to the plant. No violence or physical actions, just isolate and embarrass.”

    They tried lying and know that won’t work anymore because everybody has a Flip Ultra Camcorder or something like it from the GEEKS. So, the next escalation will be plants, impostors, and saboteurs, portraying themselves as Tea Party members. They will be acting out the lies we have already heard.

    In order for Michelle and the rest of us to overcome these portrayals we must be disciplined and be prepared.

  2. Hah! ANOTHER Conservative SBWRB. “Seriously Babe-alicious with Real Brains.”

    The Democrats can have sour-puss Garofalo, Bella Abzug, Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano and this Liberal Left come-hither delight:


  3. nightcrawler says

    I agree DSW. Michelle is very impressive. As a person, one cannot help but like her. She is the total package.

    Like the CD3 race, LD8 has more candidates than spectators at most debates. Using a business analogy, there are simply no barriers to entry. John Kavanagh is an excellent representative who should walk to victory, that leaves one seat remaining among the countless candidates.

    There are several accomplished individuals seeking that seat. None have the charisma of Michelle.

    LD8 is a moderate district demographically, the Dems tend to leave it alone. The million dollar question is can Michelle use that charisma to get votes on her home turf. LD8 isn’t the land of the tea party nor does it have the demographic of the hard core anti-illegal immigration contingent as does LD18.

    I would like to know how Michelle stands on social issues before making up my mind. There is more to life than immigration.

  4. Cola drinker says

    Did some jackass really yell out “nice legs” before she even started to speak? For an angry white lady, I was surprised she let that one slide.

    She said let people call her a racist. Mistake.
    She said work with Mexico to establish incentives. Mistake.
    She let Russell P. write her speech. Duh.

  5. Cola Drinker: It seems there’s more than cola in your drink. Michelle Ugenti is a rising star. She gave a great speech and doesn’t need suggestions from you how to handle comments from the crowd. She’s smart, gorgeous, and conservative–my three favorite things about a woman.

  6. Let me get this straight. You’d ask me to vote for her solely because she’s a “babe”? Do you realize how ignorant that sounds? Oops. Forgot. This is SA. Of course you don’t.

  7. LD17 Says:
    April 12th, 2010 at 6:06 pm
    Let me get this straight. You’d ask me to vote for her solely because she’s a “babe”? Do you realize how ignorant that sounds?

    Sounds really ignorant since not a soul said you should vote for her solely because she’s a babe. We just all noticed she’s a babe, in the most reverential connotation possible. And that Conservatives run to Babes while Liberals run to … Femme Fatales like Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano.

  8. Soon, everyone will know the truth about you, how you tried to manipulate the tea pary movement for your political gain.

    Soon enough, the truth catches up with you.

    I dare you to hide from the truth.

    You will be defeated!!!!!

  9. I do not know who “Elizabeth” is but I suspect that is not her real name. The verbage sounds very familiar, however, but I will not speculate for fear of offending, if I am not correct. But, whoever Elizabeth is, she is very mistaken. The fact is that the Tea Party, especially the one I belong to, has actually sought Michelle and she has been endorced by the the movement as a true, honest and forthright conservative…the type of candidate that all of the Tea Parties are seeking. So the only person that “…dare…to hide from the truth.” is our friend Elizabeth. Stand up, if you are real, and identify yourself. My name is out there for all to see as is Michelle Ugenti’s. Where are you?

  10. ArizonaTeaforMe says

    I like Michelle Ugenti’s message, but my concern is her inexperience. What is her experience, by the way? Someone else wrote here that her speech was written for her. What are HER opinions? How effective will she be in the legislature if she doesn’t know anything beyond what someone wrote for her to say? How will she be effective with 2 babies at home (and I thought I heard she has another baby on the way?!). I think Michelle might want to raise her family and get some more life experience before tackling the larger issues that affect every one of us here in Arizona.

  11. I don’t know who “Elizabeth” is either, but sounds like she knows something the public might be interested in knowing about her accused actions. I certainly would not want to support a candidate that tried to take advantage of the tea party for their own political gain. That sounds like more politics as usual…

  12. Hey Wes,

    How can you say the “tea party movement” has endorsed your candidate. Speak for yourself, please. If you or your tea party endorses her then state who your tea party is and be clear of what tea party has endorsed her so there is no confusion among the voters. As I understand there are many different tea partys in the phoenix valley, and I’m sure they don’t want to be misrepresented. If, I’m not mistaken, sounds like you are giving your candidate more of an endorsement than she really deserves! Maybe Elizabeth has a story, because what you are claiming sounds very much like an exaggeration to me, and maybe a little manipulation yourself to give Michelle a desperately needed edge in the race.

  13. Jane,
    The Tea Party Group I was referring to was the AZ 2010 Project which issued a vetting survey to every candidate running for State and Local office in Arizona. Check out our web site at http://www.az2010project.com and see all of the results of this survey. Michelle scored high on this survey and has spoken before this group as well as the North Phoenix Tea Party and was very well received. I mentioned that she was sought after, which is true, however we have not yet completely endorsed her or any other candidate, for that matter. I expect that she will be endorsed within the next couple of weeks…so you are correct, technically I misspoke on that point. As to the comments by “Elizabeth”, if she has something to disclose, by all means I ask her to do so. It is my opinion that Elizabeth is a liberal with no facts to support her position on Michelle and is casting false accusations because she fears that Michelle is a front runner and the liberals do not want to run against her in November. The Michelle I know is as pure as the driven snow and has nothing whatever to hid from the Arizona voter. Do your homework…I have! Do not just take my advice, find out for yourself however. I am confident that you will come to the same conclusion that I have. Oh, by the way, Michelle is not running in my LD…I am in LD6…but I will support any qualified conservative candidate, no matter what district they are in. We need every one we can elect if we are to save our State and Nation. If you know Elizabeth, please get her to put up or shut up! Oh…I forgot about your comment regarding the “…desperately needed edge…”. Michelle already has the ‘edge’ you speak of in who she is and what she stands for. The only “desperation” I see is in those who oppose her. She is truly a rising star in our conservative movement. Take your ‘shots’ at liberals and RINOs, not at true selfless people like Michelle. If you are a conservative, beating up on our ‘own’ is self defeating and plays right into the ‘left’s’ hands. We want to win in November and we will win with the likes of Michelle Ugenti! Our only problem is that we do not have enough truly dedicated candidates like Michelle in all of our other districts…but we do have them and you will see who they are when you go to the web site noted above.

    PS: What Tea Party are you in?

  14. Lee Earle says

    AZTFM: “… my concern is her inexperience.”

    As someone who prefers the original intent of our founding fathers, a citizen legislator who is ‘of the people’ is a breath of fresh air. I’ve had enough of ‘experienced’ professional politicians to last me another lifetime.

    If Ms. Ugenti has no experience in back-room dealmaking, it’s a good thing.

    Should Michelle lack expertise in triangulating issues for personal gain, what’s not to like?

    If her lack of ‘worldliness’ translates into representing the desires of her constituents as opposed to bending to the will of ‘experienced’ vote-trading R.I.N.O.s, then it’s good enough for me.

    “Someone else wrote here that her speech was written for her.” If true, where’s the beef? Candidates working with speechwriters? Gasp! And why in the world would a thinking person trust the conjecture of “Someone else” over something as trivial as whether she sought expertise to polish her presentation?

    “What are HER opinions?” Until you can document that her remarks are at odds with her positions (ya know, with links, references, quotes), I’ll accept her presentation at face value.

    “How effective will she be in the legislature if she doesn’t know anything beyond what someone wrote for her to say?” There’s a lot of thin soup being boiled from that bone. Exactly what, other than psychological projection, is your basis for positing “…if she doesn’t know anything…”? An anonymous, heresay assertion is hardly a sufficient foundation upon which to build a strong argument. Try harder.

    “How will she be effective with 2 babies at home (and I thought I heard she has another baby on the way?!).” We really couldn’t care less about what you “thought” you heard. Try sticking to facts. To your attempted point, aren’t we beyond the ‘a barefoot & pregnant woman’s place is in the home’ paradigm? Today’s workforce is full of competent, professional women who also happen to have children. One might conclude your concern conceals a hidden agenda.

    “I think Michelle might want to raise her family and get some more life experience before tackling the larger issues that affect every one of us here in Arizona.”

    Obviously, Michelle does not agree. Nor do those who support her candidacy. Wishing is not thinking.

    To ‘Elizabeth’: Please explain how one is being manipulated when one agrees with a candidate’s position in the first place. What is this “truth” (3 mentions) you are apparently so anxious for everyone to learn? Until you choose to identify yourself and offer linkable, factual data for everyone to consider, you will be regarded as nothing more than a troll at best and an opposition saboteur at worst. Absent any proof, your insinuations will remain laughable and subject to the derision they deserve.

  15. These comments are quite entertaining. You guys sound like grumpy old men.

    Challenging Michelle’s lack of experience is fair in this world of politics. Do we forget our very own president had “No experience” and look what we are dealing with now. I think it is irresponsible to think that Michelle’s lack of experience in politics is somehow a breath of fresh air. Let’s not get caught up in her looks gentlemen.

    Yes, nobody wants career politicians, but we certainly don’t want any novices who can’t find their way around either, there is too much at stack here in our community.

  16. Lee Earle says

    Jane: “These comments are quite entertaining. You guys sound like grumpy old men.” Damning-with-faint-praise by describing the comments as “…quite entertaining” is little more than an attempt to minimize and diminish. Likewise, the “…grumpy old men” ad hominem response.

    Whether I am grumpy, old, or a man has little bearing on the subject at hand.

    Equally, the “Let’s not get caught up in her looks gentlemen” remark comes across as another try at obfuscating the issue. I, for one, didn’t write a single syllable about Ms. Ugenti’s appearance – although I would be hard-pressed to describe her as anything other than attractive.

    Personal character is far more important than experience. There are myriad politicians who possess abundant experience but show no positive aspects of personal behavior, discretion, or morality. Most of us will recognize several who fit that description.

    When a person shows sufficient character, I’m comfortable that he or she won’t make hasty or inappropriate decisions due to inexperience because his or her disposition will be on what is right rather than what is easy or familiar.

    If a candidate displays integrity when confronted with tough choices, that’s preferable to a more ‘experienced’ politician who avoids risk through fence-straddling equivocation.

    There will always be opportunities to seek wise counsel when one lacks experience in dealing with certain legislation. However, when fortitude, ethos, and temper are present, I trust that person to choose appropriate mentors and associates as required.

    Quite often, ‘experience’ is nothing more than habit borne of repetition and may not lead to the most economical, efficient, or expedient result. Indeed, many of our current legislators are quite experienced – at overspending, ignoring the will of constituents, and bellying up to the government trough.

    In fewer words, my support goes to those who have shown themselves to be responsible, intelligent, and trustworthy in their personal dealings. Experience – especially that of working inside the political ‘machine’ – can be a high negative as well.

    Michelle Ugenti does not boast of a background in politics. In these days of shady deal-making and crossover compromise, I consider that an asset.

  17. It is interesting how both “Lee” and “Wes” have dismissed “Elizabeth’s” comments on how she claims Michelle tried to manipulate the tea party movement for her political gain. Maybe she is just making that up to be destructive, but maybe there is some truth to that statement…aren’t you a bit curious? Maybe you two need to vet your candidate a little better before you give her too much credit about having such integrity and being trustworthy…

    Let me ask you this…what has Michelle done in her lifetime that makes you believe she has the integrity and trustworthiness you believe a politician should have? What tough choices has she made that so impresses you…anyone can say how conservative they are and answer a vetting questionaire in a way that makes them sound conservative to please those she seeks endorsements from…I think you need to take your assessment about her or any candidate to a deeper level.

  18. Bob Gilbert says

    I believe both Wes Harris and Lee Earle are misinterpreting Elizabeth’s comments. It is they who are manipulating Michelle Ugenti to further their own political agenda.

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