Michael Nowakowski for Phoenix City Council

Tomorrow is election day in the city of Phoenix, and voters need to get out and support Michael Nowakowski

Michael’s relentless focus on fighting crime has earned him the endorsement of all five major police organizations.  He’s a business leader with over 30 employees, and his community service includes the Police Chief’s Advisory board, the Juvenile Justice Advisory Commission, and founding the Anti-Graffiti Task Force, among many others.  Michael has also been active as a Little League Coach and a youth minister for his church.     

Michael’s opponent is Laura Pastor, as in the daughter of Congressman Ed Pastor.  On the Encanto Planning Commission she voted twice to allow payday lenders into her own neighborhood.  She is on record saying that payday lenders, as well as strip clubs and liquor stores, should be treated equally with other businesses.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have poured into this race on her behalf, mostly from out of state special interest groups who have business before her father’s Appropriations subcommittee.  Her contributors also include Lynn Woolsey, the liberal San Francisco bay area Congresswoman whose major initiative has been to revoke the Boy Scout charter.  Even her former job at the Community Colleges was bought by her father with taxpayer money; the Arizona Republic has extensively detailed how Congressman Pastor secured millions of dollars for them, before, during, and after the hiring process, which resulted in Laura’s hiring over more qualified, but less connected, candidates.  Her father’s clout is the only reason there’s a race here, and if she wins, there’s little doubt she’ll be a seat warmer until her father decides to hand his seat over to her.

This is a non-partisan election, and common sense voters of all stripes who would like to see a more fiscally responsible city council, who is willing to crack down on crime need to get out tomorrow and vote for Michael Nowakowski. 


  1. I have always been in favor of this kind of mudslinging in elections, because it helps me determine who the biggest exagerrator is. I would oppose Pastor for all the right reasons, but we’re not presented with any of those above. Instead, we should oppose her because of payday loan stores, her family connections, liquor stores, campaign funding sources, and her role as an education bureaucrat. Sorry, but none of those things alone make her clearly a liberal, except maybe the education bureaucrat part. There has got to be more. I guess that’s why non-partisan elections always seem to help the Democrats.

  2. Nowakowski runs Radio Campesina and organized the illegal alien marches in Phoenix. Is this who Sonoran Alliance supports?
    He runs the radio station that has DJs condemning anti-illegal alien efforts.
    I guess when the fire fighters and Reister Communications lay down the law everybody bends to their will, including you.
    Laura may have not been a republican, but she was far less dangerous than Michael.
    You guys are stupid!

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