Michael Monti Top Vote Getter in Tempe, Shocks Establishment!

CONTACT: Julie Lind

Michael Monti Defies The Odds, Emerges As Top Vote Getter In Tempe Primary
Business owner takes on self-described “politician” in general election

(Tempe, Arizona) Despite being outspent by a professional politician who has been on the Tempe City Council for nearly a dozen years, business owner and candidate for Tempe Mayor Michael Monti has surprised many, receiving the most votes in the Tempe Mayoral Primary and moving on to the general election.

Michael Monti’s first entry into politics garnered 8112 votes. He will face Mark Mitchell, a self described professional politician, in the May 15th general election.

Mitchell has been under fire for spending more than $14,000 in taxpayer funded travel over three years; for falling to release earlier travel records; and for his refusal to disclose any gifts of meals, travel or tickets he may have received after nearly 12 years as a City Councilman. Monti has teamed up with Mayor Hugh Hallman and County Attorney Bill Montgomery to propose Tempe adopt the strictest gift ban and reporting rules in the state so that people like Mark Mitchell can no longer abuse the taxpayers.

Monti, owner of Tempe’s iconic Monti’s La Casa Vieja said, “University City, Friendly City, Innovating City, Lake City, and now Surprise City. I am honored so many Tempe residents gave me their vote. Our campaign has been based on a policy platform designed to improve the quality of life in Tempe through responsible spending. It’s a platform based on what years of operating a business have taught me. I want to use that knowledge to benefit my hometown.”

Monti is not the only candidate to run a policy based campaign. Former Councilmember Linda Spears also ran on the issues. Monti said, “It speaks volumes that two of the three people running for Mayor of Tempe decided to make this campaign about policy and issues, not about a title. Mitchell is the son of a former Tempe Mayor, Harry Mitchell. Ms. Spears and I may not be in agreement on every issue, but we both understand that good government demands innovation not vague statements. She ran a thoughtful, intelligent campaign and I sincerely hope that she will continue to contribute to the community.”

Having gathered enough votes to enter the general election, the Monti for Mayor Campaign enters its second phase. Look for more platforms and more endorsements in the coming weeks.

“It’s going to be an extraordinary two months. Anyone interested in donating and volunteering for an exciting cause can email us at info@monti4mayor.com , or log on to www.monti4mayor.com,” Monti said.

Michael Monti, owner of Tempe’s historic Monti’s La Casa Vieja, co-founded Local First, Arizona. He is also active in the Tempe Diablos Charities, and is the youngest inductee in the Arizona Restaurant Association’s Hall of Fame.

His campaign is based on bringing private sector ideas to government, fiscal responsibility, civic involvement, economic opportunity, and innovation. His proposals include:

  • Financial incentives for city workers who save tax dollars
  • The creation of the Tempe Community Corps to increase volunteerism, and aid Tempe neighborhoods
  • Partnerships with ASU and the business community to bring more jobs to Tempe
  • The creation of a public swimming beach at Tempe Town Lake, paid for by the private sector
  • Partnerships with the ASU College of Nursing to aid Tempe seniors
  • Encouraging businesses to embrace eco-friendly projects such as the Blink Car Charging Stations at Monti’s La Casa Vieja
  • A ban on texting while driving in Tempe
  • A ban on gifts for elected officials and enhanced reporting requirements

Arizona leaders and organizations that have endorsed Michael Monti include:

  •  Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman
  • Tempe Council Member Onnie Shekerjian
  • Tempe Democrat and Former Council Member Barbara Sherman
  • Tempe’s first elected Mayor, Rudy Campbell
  • The Tempe Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
  • Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
  • Congressman David Schweikert
  • Former Tempe City Council Member ‘Hut’ Hutson
  • Former State Rep. Laura Knaperek
  • Tempe Democrat Carl Hayden
  • Former Tempe Councilman Joseph Lewis
  • Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane
  • Barry Goldwater Jr.

To visit the Monti4 Mayor Website click here or log on to www.monti4mayor.com (@monti4mayor).



  1. Congratulations Michael! Now on to the run-off to win!

  2. Wow, car charging stations, private funds to build a public beach, banning texting while driving, asking for increased volunteerism through a local variation of Americorps.

    It’s heartening to see Barack Obama’s agenda being embraced by Republicans. Especially in Arizona.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      If Obama throws in a delicious steak I may embrace his agenda

    • Conservative American says

      I think it would be good if B. Hussein Obama ran for Tempe mayor this year instead of running for president. See if you and Tiny Elvis can talk him into it!

      BTW, somehow, after over three years in office, B. Hussein Obama hasn’t brought any of that to Tempe, has he, LOL! 😉

  3. Ha, this is a great lesson in campaigns giving in to the temptation to leave out important facts, like election results. Monti got THREE more votes than Mitchell, with 8,112 to 8,109 in the unofficial vote count.

    • Three more votes is still three more votes. Plus, if you listened to anyone from the Mitchell campaign or to prominent Tempe Democrats before the polls closed, they were running around saying that there would be no question that Mark Mitchell would be in first place. They were predicting Mitchell would come close to getting over 50% of the vote and winning outright in the first round. So, for Monti to not only be close to Mitchell but also be ahead by even just three votes is indeed a shock to much of the Tempe establishment.

    • Conservative American says

      Hey, Wilson, if you don’t like the way the American system works, go somewhere that has a system you do like. You might try the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

      • I was clearly criticizing the press release. It left out important facts. Now I’m a suspected communist?

        • Conservative American says

          Did I say that you are a suspected Communist? Quote me where I said that.

          What I said was that if you don’t like the way the American system works, go somewhere that has a system you do like. You might try the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

          You’re whining about winning by a few votes. Hello, Basketball, THAT is how our American system works. Don’t like it, hit the road or shut your trap.

          • Shut my trap…hmmm.

            • Conservative American says

              That’s an Amercian colloquialism meaning, “fall silent”.

              • I guess I will, now that Mitchell got 277 more votes than Monti.

              • Conservative American says

                So is the American system of who gets the most votes, even if by one vote, okay with you now?

              • First you tell me to shut my trap, then you ask me another question. No I’m not okay with what you call the “American system” and neither is the law or the Constitution.

              • Conservative American says

                Wilson wrote: “No I’m not okay with what you call the “American system” and neither is the law or the Constitution.”

                Really? Where is the law or The Constitution not okay with it?

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