M.I.A. Giffords Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Balance The Budget

The invisible Gabby Giffords, who perpetually proclaims herself a “fiscal-conservative-blue-dog-democrat-who’s-always-looking-out-for-the-residents-of-Arizona”, just announced yet another bill to balance the federal budget.

Snort of the day: Not wanting to put too much pressure on herself and her fellow congressmen, the bill would not take effect until 2020.

WASHINGTON – “Arizona families and businesses struggle every day to make sure their expenses don’t exceed their earnings,” said Giffords. “Balancing a budget is not a complicated concept. Yet over the last decade it has proven difficult for the federal government to grasp. This amendment is intended to change that.”

Giffords is one of 33 original co-sponsors of legislation introduced today that would make a balanced federal budget a requirement of the U.S. Constitution. Arizona and 48 other states have a similar requirement in their state constitutions.

The amendment would:

• Require Congress to produce a balanced budget every fiscal year beginning in 2020.

• Require the president to submit a balanced budget in his or her annual transmission to Congress.

• Prohibit outlays for a fiscal year from exceeding total receipts for that fiscal year unless Congress, by a three-fifths roll call vote of each house, authorizes a specific excess of outlays over receipts (in cases of emergencies).

Read the whole thing here.

And don’t forget that Gabby is also a big supporter of PAYGO. Again from her website:

Giffords, who last week was named the most centrist member of Arizona’s congressional delegation by the respected National Journal, has been a strong supporter of pay-as-you-go legislation. Known as PAYGO, the legislation requires future spending increases or tax cuts to be paid for with either cuts to other programs or new streams of revenue.

And that’s working out really well too.


  1. Sam The ShamWow says

    I agree. Tax money is gathered for the benefits of the highest quality of society, including defense contractors, oil and financial interests, investors, and creative incentives for campaign donors, not squandered on the squalling, unkempt, filthy middle class. As the Lt. Gov. of South Carolina put it, “if you feed them, they just reproduce more.” The middle and lower classes have grown dangerously powerful, and pruning of these out of control subsidies and the reduction of the US population surplus is the most important issue in gov’t today.

  2. Harris Shirley says

    Two problems; 2020 and not today, and why can’t they balance the budget without a Constitutional amendment?

    Perhaps there is another agenda here?

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    Gabby reminds me of Anne Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchell and all our other Debtocrats. They borrow and spend like drunken sailors and then they say that WE THE PEOPLE have to save ourselves from their actions. Much easier to just give all of them the boot.

  4. SuzanneC says

    I am in total wonderment at what these people will do when they feel their jobs are in jeopardy. They come home to campaign one way, and go back to Washington to vote another way. What Gall, it is their policies that have put our jobs in that same jeopardy.

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