Mesa Police Chief tells everyone not to worry about Mexican drug cartels

The U.S. Justice Department considers the Mexican drug cartels to be the greatest organized crime threat to the United States.

Testimony of Janet Napolitano before U.S. Senate on March 25, 2009

There were 5612 people murdered last year in Mexican drug cartel related killings, and the murder rate this year has increased by 50%. 1000 have been killed so far this year. The cartels are seeping into Arizona and the U.S., and the State Department has declared Mexico the most dangerous country in the world after Pakistan. Both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University issued warnings to their students this year about going to Mexico over spring break. Obama has imposed sanctions on the Mexican drug cartels. In one February sweep, the feds arrested 50 drug cartel members WITHIN THE U.S.; their presence here is increasing.

U.S. authorities are reporting a spike in killings, kidnappings, and home invasions connected to Mexican drug cartels, and at least 19 Americans were killed in 2008. The governors of Arizona and Texas have asked the federal government to send additional National Guard troops to help those already there supporting local law enforcement efforts against drug trafficking.

So it was astonishing to read Mesa Police Chief George Gascon’s article in the Arizona Republic today asserting there is nothing to be concerned about. Gascon, who is against local enforcement of immigration laws, having turned Mesa into a sanctuary city, wrote in an op-ed titled Why Cartel Violence is Unlikely to Affect You “it is important to understand that the kidnappings and violence related to human smuggling and the illegal-drug trade is not likely to spread into the general population.” Huh? Does Gascon think the ruthless drug cartels, which murder their victims in cruel, inhumane ways, care about “collateral damage?”

The cartels are murdering law enforcement and politicians. How many of us have family involved in law enforcement, prosecution or friends who are politicians? I have plenty of relatives and friends involved in both who are now potentially in danger. If Gascon is not concerned about the drug cartels, then he is going against our own federal government’s concerns, and neglecting the safety of his police officers. No wonder Sheriff Arpaio feels responsibility to do crime sweeps in Mesa.

Gascon writes,

For the most part, the narco-terrorism violence being experienced in Mexico has not crossed the border and probably will not for the following reasons:

Unlike Mexico, most U.S. law-enforcement professionals are the product of well-designed hiring, selection and training systems created to ensure police personnel are effectively screened, trained and supervised to enhance police performance and reduce public corruption.

Apparently Gascon dismisses the U.S. Marshall who was recently killed by the drug cartels as just collateral damage.

It is unfortunate that Gascon permits his pro-illegal immigration viewpoints to control his attitude towards protecting Mesa from crime. Fortunately, Sheriff Arpaio doesn’t.

For more information, check out the wikipedia entry on the Mexican Drug War.


  1. Seriously Chewie, do you even read articles? I mean, every single one you post on is a diatribe of idiotic points. Are you really that dumb or just have zero reading comprehension?

  2. Substance please! Roger, we know you’ve gone on a rampage against Chewie, ever since Chewie exposed your friend Chuck Coughlin for being being Brewer’s tax increase. But please lay off the personal attacks. Don’t waste our time if you’re just going to engage in ad hominem attacks. Explain please what is substantively wrong with the post. I agree with it, I think Gascon is an open borders proponent and to tell people they don’t need to worry about the drug cartels flies in the face of reality.

  3. Reading Gascon’s editorial it seems he is suggesting we should look objectively at the problem and deal with facts instead of hysterical calls for action. Clearly this approach is too much for Chewie.

  4. Megan, I railed against Chewie long before his equally idiotic post on Coughlin (who I’ve never met). Did you read the article? He took the quote and tried to apply it to every situation regarding immigration etc. If you read the article, Gascon references the fact that the “war” is less likely to occur here since our police officers, judges, etc are not corrupt like they are in Mexico. There is a reason they have gained so much power. While we are the kidnapping capital of the country, most of the victims in this case are not residents here and Phoenix was not their final destination. It just happened to be their first stop.
    Chewies comment underneath Gascon’s picture is a perfect example of why Chewies posts are idiotic. Mesa PD in the normal course of business arrests more illegals than MCSO ever has with their sweeps and they but drop houses on a weekly basis.
    Chewie posted a story about ONE US Marshall who was corrupt out of thousands as an example of how is somehow right. Compare that with entire police forces, chiefs of police, and national enforcement leaders who are on the take in Mexico.

    How about a few quotes from Gascon’s article.
    “These incidents almost exclusively affect people involved in the drug trade and human smuggling.
    Therefore, it is paramount that we recognize the scope of the problem and encourage an honest and open public dialogue. Our reputation and economic well-being depend on it.”

    I like this one when talking about fighting this crime. The info-sharing stuff he talks about by the way is all of the good things that Joe refuses to participate in
    “Robust information-sharing protocols, coupled with the hard work of committed cops, are making the Valley safer.”

    I guess if Chewie was a little more honest in his titles I wouldn’t have such a problem. I think he’s so obsessed with getting people to recognize him and his posts he feels the need to write things that are either blatantly wrong or just lies sprinkled with enough truth that you actually believe it.

    We won’t even get started on the fact that when presented with the lies that he’s told, he refuses to post any follow ups, retractions or responses.

  5. Chewie’s also links this comment:

    “Apparently Gascon dismisses the U.S. Marshall who was recently killed by the drug cartels as just collateral damage.”

    A US Marshall who had apparently fled to Mexico while under indictment for stealing from the US Government and for weapons charges. Not exactly Marshall Dillon, and slightly undercutting of Chewie’s whole point.

  6. Roger,

    Even the illegal immigrants who are held hostage in the U.S. as part of these kidnappings have family here in America – and many of their families are legal residents and American citizens. Those families will suffer the loss of their illegal immigrant relatives. Don’t they count?

    Gascon has an agenda, which is to ignore illegal immigration to the peril of everyone else – even ironically the relatives of illegal immigrants.

  7. As I suggested to Chewie, go back and read the article. He is addressing the fact that the bad news might be doing economic damage to the area because of the fear that people will be effected by the violence.

    He didn’t say no one is affected. Read the title, unless you’re an illegal sitting a drop house reading the Republic, his article was addressed to the residents and out of state visitors of Arizona.

    It’s been proven time and time again most drop house victims have destinations other than Phoenix.

  8. All of you people are idiots, and think the only person who understands you has to be white like you. That’s white blindness!

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