Mesa Issues vs. Mesa Issues

It appears the blogosphere is heating up amongst Mesa Bloggers at the same time the race for Mesa mayor is heating up.

Apparently, there are two blogs focusing on Mesa Issues and get this, they’re called “Mesa Issues.” Actually, one of the blogs did change its name to “Mesa Issues and Politics” leaving the “real” Mesa Issues blogsite holding the original title.¬†Nevertheless, each blog seems to have sided with or against¬†a specific candidate for mayor.

Mesa Issues seems to be stumping for Scott Smith while Mesa Issues & Politics has taken Smith to task but said nothing about Rex Griswold or Claudia Walters.

In all this confusion we have to wonder if another blogsite will soon surface that is supportive of Claudia Walters.

Until then, we have added both Mesa Issues blogsites to our blogroll links.


  1. I did a search on what the blog has said so far in the race. Its pretty interesting that you called it pretty good back in September when you said be on the lookout for reliogious overtones. If you read the history on the real Mesa Issues you will see that the copycat site originally had a negative post referring to Smith as LDS candidate. They changed it later for one reason or another. So even the local Mesa race has its underhanded religion bashing. I’m a little surprised its being done on fake blogs.

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