Thoughts on Mesa on Crandall and Gascon

Take a moment to visit Thoughts on Mesa and catch up on two hot topics:

It appears that the Mesa Police Department has lost its “Accredited Status.” This means that Mesa’s Police Department is no longer following the standards established to assure it’s citizens that it meets the established criteria as set fourth by national and state commissions. (read more)

Also, some fireworks flying between Representative Rich Crandall and supporters of the ECA tax credit. Apparently, Representative Crandall is attempting to redirect ECA money to other means to balance the state budget. (read more)


  1. Casual Observer says

    Mr. Crandall is not the first to eye these funds. Others, including Linda Gray, have been trying to get control of that tax credit money for years. They would call the band trip to Ireland a paid vacation and completely ignore the relevancy of exposing a child to a world otherwise never seen.

    Folks give their tax credit checks to many programs in order to buildup the opportunity for kids to be a part of something they would otherwise never experience. There is a great amount of learning that takes place outside the four walls of a classroom; on the playing fields, the band, choir, and drama stages, ROTC, Close-Up, and FFA, among many others, that all offer great experiential learning relying on tax credits to survive.

  2. Clarification says

    To be clear, the articles are on “Thoughts on Mesa,” not “Mesa Issues.”

  3. Corrected. Thanks for the clarification!

  4. It is wonderful for a child to go to Italy, but when we can’t balance a budget, it seems to me that this is some place to start. It is silly to pay for kids to travel and not be able to pay teachers. As a family, do you take an expensive vacation or pay your mortgage when your funds are low? We have to prioritize.

  5. The Real Mesa Issues just posted a great story the completes the circle on the Mesa PD AND MCSO. Pretty funny and it will be interesting to see if Thoughts on Mesa responds.

  6. I asked a couple of friends who are police officers about this. They said yes Mesa PD has lost its accredited status. They said the status is important because it gives the clear written instruction to police officers and the community in the form of directives which are kept and that the public can review. They said that by moving away from these directives the police chief and his staff can begin to set up investigative units which don’t have oversight except to the police chief.

    It also goes to the manner in which police evidence is collected and handled. It goes to the matter of how traffic stop are conducted and matters relating to how investigation are conducted and so forth.

    The question being posed I gues would be why is Gascon going away from something that builds public confidence.

  7. A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in your field.

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