Mesa Councilmen Kavanaugh On Domestic Partner Registry

Hat Tip to Mesa Issues for going “straight to the horses mouth” on the Mesa Domestic Partner’s Registry being proposed by Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh.

According to the response submitted to Mesa Issues Kavanaugh believes:

the registry is an equitable way to ensure visitation rights for unmarried couples. It also is helpful for the medical community by minimizing the risk of conflicts over who has access to patients in their facilities. (Read the entire letter.)

At this point, Kavanaugh has asked the Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board to study the proposal and make recommendations.

A visit to the City of Mesa’s Human Relations Advisory Board website provides the following information about the Board:

The Human Relations Advisory Board advises the City Council about racial, religious, ethnic, cultural, disability or other human relations issues affecting the City of Mesa and delivery of City services to Mesa residents, businesses, and visitors. The board recommends policies to eliminate discrimination and prejudice and to promote mutual understanding and harmony. The board serves as a public forum for citizen input on human relations issues. Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers, 57 E. First Street, or at other locations throughout the City. Members are appointed for staggered terms of three years and represent the City’s diverse population. Call (480) 644-5033 for information.

It also provides a list of the current members of the Board as follows:

  • Terry Benelli, Chair
  • James May, Vice Chair
  • Ana Cadillo
  • Robert Carlston
  • Renee Coelho
  • Rory Gilbert
  • Lisa Hudson
  • John Matthews
  • Douglas McCarter
  • Mark Tompert
  • Everette Woods, Sr.

Based on the description of the Board, members of the public can provide input to the Board at the next meeting which will be held on Wednesday, January 28th at 6 PM.

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