Meet Wally the Wallet

Arizona Federation of Taxpayers

The AZ Federation of Taxpayers are offering free tickets at Wally the Wallet’s table for this Saturday’s luncheon.
Email Tom Jenney to claim it quick at

Please join us for the Arizona Taxpayer Awards Luncheon
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tom Jenney from Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity:

Wally The WalletWhen I was down at the Legislature the other day, I met Wally the Taxpayer Wallet. He was very angry, because the politicians have left him feeling empty. Having spent themselves into a $900 million budget deficit, some of the politicians are talking about going into debt in order to keep on spending.

I cheered Wally up by telling him about Saturday’s Taxpayer Awards Luncheon. I told him he would meet 300 grassroots taxpayer activists from around the state, as well as a few legislators and local government officials who have been looking out for him. I also told him that if he came, I would let him present an Empty Wallet award to the most pro-tax, pro-spending, pro-bureaucrat legislator in the state.Walley The Wallet

The good news is that Wally had enough money on his credit card to pay for a table at Saturday’s luncheon. If you are one of the first seven people who e-mail me at, you will get a FREE SEAT at Wally the Wallet’s table. You can hang with Wally, cheer him up, and hear from an all-star line-up of presenters who will inform and entertain, including Congressman John Shadegg, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, and representatives from the Institute for Justice, Medical Choice for Arizona, Arizona School Choice Trust, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, and the Goldwater Institute.

The 2007 Friend of the Taxpayer awards luncheon will be held Saturday, December 15th, at the Scottsdale Plaza, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m., the event begins at 11:30 a.m.

Lunch will be served.

To RSVP online, click here.

For a printable mail-in registration form, click here.


  1. Ah yes. Another high-priced luncheon for the Plutocrats at which they’ll congratulate each other for being “fiscally responsible” while they feast on special-interest tax breaks that do far more to put government into the red than any programs that benefit people.

  2. This is fairly conservative group. You’re thinking of a liberal organization that supports light-rail or some other big government boondoggle.

  3. I am proud to be associated with this group on the political action committee side (Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee). This organization best represents the fiscally conservative wing of the GOP.

  4. Passonate Moderate says

    You really need to start looking at voting records. You might be surprised at who votes for these “special tax breaks”. Let me give you a clue, it’s not the right.

  5. PM: I have looked at voting records. Some Ds cast a cynical vote in support, but on the whole, these priorities are pushed by the extremists who control the Legislative leadership. They’re giving away the store to the special interests.

    I’ll give the Rs props for consistency. From the federal level down, they’re happy to put our grankids in debt to buy favors today from the guys with the deep pockets.

    And yes, some Ds are happy to belly up to the trough too.

    Once again, that’s why I like Clean Elections. I agree that it hasn’t taken the wealthy out of the game entirely, but I dispute those who say it hasn’t taken lessened the impact of money on politics.

  6. Don’t bother Sam with the facts. He’s got a story and sticking to it: “Republicans bad, Democrats (almost) always good.”

    Amazing how lefties consider people who want to take your money and spend it on their own pet projects to be generous and caring. But people who don’t want your money are greedy fat cats.

  7. Passonate Moderate says

    Next time you look at voting records, keep your eyes open. Most of the time, when money is being handed out, the majority votes for it except for 2 on the left and 5 on the right.

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