Meet Senator Al Franken

Meet Minnesota’s newest US Senator.

A Minnesota State Elections Canvassing Board has just certified the election recount results giving Franken a 225 vote edge over Republican Norm Coleman. But the election may not be over quite yet as Coleman files a complaint/suit with the Minnesota State Supreme Court over ballots which were mishandled and excluded from the count.

Based on video footage of Franken, it is clear that the man is not fit for office. Really, would you want this guy serving as dog catcher or even a local school board member?

There may be a silver lining to this cloud that hangs over the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The Minnesota election fiasco could actually be a blessing for the GOP as Republicans regroup for 2010.


  1. Oh, that video can be topped. Try a collection of some of Franken’s best photos – including the new Senator wearing an adult diaper, running around with a satellite dish on his head, and even proudly holding up a thong:

  2. a thong!!! oh no!!! what will we all do!! and he made jokes on SNL?!?!?! We’re all screwed!!! he wore a diaper and a satellite dish on his head for a sketch comedy show?!?! good luck Minnesota! thank goodness none of our Senators tell jokes or write satire!

  3. Well, granted, AL Franken’s not a white guy singing about a “magic negro” funny, and he’s not letting loose with a string of expletives on the Senate floor (where it’s perfectly acceptable)…

    I see Republicans are keeping the humor strike going. Perhaps it’s also time to change out the stick up your… After all, America voted for change.

  4. I am not sure why you would show this… I just watch it and think how did norm coleman lose to this guy?? Is the republican party this pathetic that they cant beat this guy? What a joke of a senator and what a joke of a campaign must he have run to lose.

    Not sure why you want to remind yourself of that. It might be time to move on from 2008

  5. The election is far from over. After the re-count several districts had more votes tallied than people that voted! In a few months, the rightful winner, Coleman, will emerge.

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