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Jon at Exurban League pick-up the topic before we did but we could not let this pass. Remind me to never seek an endorsement of Sonoran Alliance by the New York Times. What they give they can take away.



  1. Could Huckabee be sticking around to pick up the ball in the event McCain fumbles?

  2. Thanks for the link! When McCain lies with dogs, he can’t be surprised to wake up with fleas.

    However I think that a fight with the Gray Lady will help McCain more than it will hurt him. Nothing unites a conservative party like a common liberal enemy.

  3. Might help him with the party but it might weaken his support among Independents.

  4. Look for those that have been less than willing to support McCain to join the right in a common enemy. Hannity is already on the move as is El Rushbo. This will rile up the base that has been sitting on their hands wondering if he is conservative enough. Faced with the reality of a very scary Obama and a less scary but just as dangerous Hillary, they will rally.

    Hillary is failing, there has to be something to prop her up and this may be such an attempt. They sure can’t go after Obama, there is not just smoke but actual fire in his past, but he is teflon at this point.

    The Times has done McCain a favor.

  5. Mr. Amnesty doesn’t address the facts of the NYT story. He doesn’t deny his aides came to him and told him to break things off with his mistress.

    Just like “he understands us now”..he’ll ask democrat border state governors for certification their borders are secure.

    Change the accusation and deny, deny.

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