Mecum Arrested

Straight from the Arizona Republic:

The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was charged with reckless driving and criminal speeding Wednesday after a photo radar camera caught him driving 109 mph on Loop 101.

Brett Mecum was arrested by Department of Public Safety officers around 10:30 a.m. at party headquarters in Phoenix in connection with an April 10 incident.

DPS Spokesman Bart Graves said Mecum was driving a blue 2008 Ford Mustang eastbound on the 101 near 59th Avenue. The camera caught him going 44 mph over the posted speed limit of 65.

Mecum, 30, was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail. He became executive director of the party Jan. 1 following the resignation of Sean McCaffrey. Mecum had previously served as the party’s political director.

The party did not respond to a request for comment.



  1. Has he resigned yet? I read the story on, and a friend also sent me an article about it in the yellow sheet report today. What a disgrace and an embarrassment to the republican party. don’t see any way Pullen can recover unless he asks Mecum to resign.

  2. Hometown guy says

    A lousy, terrible, really bad, no good day for Brett.

    Brett came to Arizona one step ahead of the lynch mob that was ready to drive him out of NY politics.

    Nobody I’ve talked to today seemed to have any remorse for Brett, cuffed, frog marched out of his office like a common criminal and tossed in the slammer (where he posed for a new facebook picture). The lack of sympathy for him is pretty telling.

    Brett is a paranoid guy who saw everyone around him as either a threat who had to be eliminated or someone who could be used to advance his political career.

    After driving his new car in excess of 100 miles per hour, an extremely dangerous act that could have killed someone, and should, by all rights, result in his immediate termination, as well as time in jail and a permanent criminal record, it seems that little Brett’s career is over before it even began.

  3. GOP insider says

    The Republic is reporting he was driving 109 mph back on April 10. I don’t see how the state party can keep someone that reckless on any longer. He always struck me as an extremely arrogant guy who thought he was better than everyone because he worked for the state party. He didn’t seem to realize that no one else thought he was that special. What else had the guy done other than work for Pullen? Nothing other than milk the Republican Professionals for easy women – he wasn’t the classy kind of guy who would actually take a woman out on a real date. Really UNprofessional and offensive to the women in the group. I’ve heard numerous women complain about how he treated them – he thought he was too good for everyone. He’s blacklisted in NY so he can’t go back there. I think his political career is over.

  4. I want to know why a guy driving a 2008 mustang is living in a house with 2 roommates, owned by the parents of one of the roommates? They’re all over age 30.

  5. This has really put the State Republican Party in a quandary. Do they force Mecum to resign to stop the bleeding? Or do they let him stay, watching him take hit after hit in the media? Who knows if the Attorney General is going to prosecute him or not, considering it’s photo radar, but even the speculation over it is going to be nonstop headlines. Then you know the Democrat Party is going to demand a campaign finance investigation of Mecum’s hijacking of the Republican Professionals PAC and bank account which he transferred to his roommates who had been removed from the board. Then the sexual harassment stuff involving his roommates, which Politico Mafioso is threatening to release, and that could escalate into a bigger scandal for Pullen because he’s denied even knowing about it, which Mafioso asserts is not true. My money’s on Pullen asking Mecum to resign.

  6. Anonymous says

    Brett Mecum is a liability to the Arizona Republican Party. He has consistently demonstrated a lack of judgement. Perhaps this shows a lack of judgement on the part of Randy Pullen to employ people like this. Brett has never learned how to “win friends and influence people” and has constantly pissed off people in this state. The GOP needs to be a “big tent” and the Brett Mecums of the world scare people away from the party. He needs to be fired ASAP!!!

  7. Brett is a failure says

    Brett Mecum, arrested for endangering the lives of other people on the road (driving his new Mustang 109 miles per hour), will now be punished severely for his careless disregard for other people.

    Remember when Randy was issuing a press release a day demanding that Napolitano condemn every Democrat who did anything wrong anywhere at any time? “AZ GOP calls on Napolitano to condemn (Fill in the blank). If a New York Governor, Louisiana Congressman, or Coroner from Blue Balls Pennsylvania did something bad, the party was immediately wasting time and energy demanding that the Democrats call them out.

    Where is Randy’s big mouth now? I know Brett gazes at him with the Nancy Reagan stare, adores him, refers to him as “Chairman” in all circumstances, and carries his water when nobody else would, but that shouldn’t buy him a pass.

    While Brett is innocent until proven guilty, that same standard does not apply in determining someone’s fitness for important political office. Remember, Brett called for William Jefferson and Elliot Spitzer’s condemnation before any criminal charges were ever brought.

    Randy needs to speak up, right now, and condemn his dangerous and criminal activity. For goodness sakes, someone could have been killed.

  8. Matt Sh. says

    Could you please publish the booking photo? It’s quite fetching…

  9. Instead of doing the right thing, and resigning, Brett is begging the AZGOP to back him up, and issued this press release a few minutes ago (how sad considering all of the victims who have died from drunk drivers going 108 mph in the middle of the night like he did)”

    “Earlier today I was confronted by two officers of the Department of Public Safety who asserted that according to photo radar equipment that I was travelling at a high rate of speed. The incident in question took place nearly one month ago. I have not had an opportunity to review any of the evidence in this particular matter. As a consequence, I have entered no plea in this matter. I expect to and look forward to having an opportunity to see all the information DPS has collected and I will evaluate that information prior to entering any pleas in this matter. I have every expectation that this matter will in no way compromise or effect my ability to do my job as executive director of the Arizona Republican Party as we continue forward right here, right now, with our aggressive plan to register more Republicans and enhance our fundraising.”

  10. Having never met or been around him and not a member of any political party, I wouldn’t be telling the truth that I’ve never heard of him. I have and it’s never been favorable but I chalked it up to gossip…it’s moot at this point.

    He’s a liability because he showed more than just a lapse of judgment. In this critical time the Arizona Republican Party needs to be quick and decisive in removing him. It can ill afford the distraction his negligence would cause if he stayed on.

  11. Brett is a failure says

    Brett is dissembling. You were not confronted, you were ARRESTED. Cuffs slapped on you and taken to the 4th avenue jail against your will, and involuntarily processsed, fingerprinted, and posed for what must be the fugliest mugshot photo in American criminal history.

    This is a huge distraction and embarrassment for the party.

    It comes on the heels of serious allegations of shady and unethical behavior regarding the Republican Professionals, covering up sexual harassment and illegal campaign finance violations.

    Brett is the laughingstock of Arizona politics. If he had a shred of decency, he would resign and let us move on.

    Randy needs to show some leadership here and hire an executive director who does not engage in reckless criminal behavior.

  12. 109 & feelin' fine says

    Mecum has issued a press release. He never said he got arrested – he was merely “confronted” by DPS. I guess we now enter pleas when confronted by law officers. Mecum’s press release also makes a shameless pitch to register more Republicans and CA$$$H.

    When will it ever STOP? See below.

    For Immediate Release May 6, 2009
    Contact: Matthew Roberts Phone: 602.957.7770 Cell: 518.369.9636 Fax: 602.224.0932


    Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum issued the following statement:

    “Earlier today I was confronted by two officers of the Department of Public Safety who asserted that according to photo radar equipment that I was travelling at a high rate of speed. The incident in question took place nearly one month ago. I have not had an opportunity to review any of the evidence in this particular matter. As a consequence, I have entered no plea in this matter. I expect to and look forward to having an opportunity to see all the information DPS has collected and I will evaluate that information prior to entering any pleas in this matter. I have every expectation that this matter will in no way compromise or effect my ability to do my job as executive director of the Arizona Republican Party as we continue forward right here, right now, with our aggressive plan to register more Republicans and enhance our fundraising.”

    Paid for by the Arizona Republican Party

    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee

    Brett Mecum
    Executive Director, Arizona Republican Party
    3501 North 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016
    602.957.7770 (o)
    602.224.0932 (f)

  13. 101 = Speed Limit? says

    OK, everyone needs to calm down.

    Maybe Brett saw the 101 sign and thought that was the speed limit. If that’ the case, he only had the mens rea for doing 8 over the speed limit. At least that’s what I gather from watching Matlock.

  14. To be driving that fast at 12:30 am, it looks like that he may have been happy with meeting some guy, or gal, whatever his preference it’s hard to tell his preference because of his living situation, now that he has his new car. We’d all love to drive fast after seeing some hot babe or hot dude drunk in the middle of the night (bet he’s thanking his lucky stars it was just a speed camera, and not a real live police officer that could have given him a breathalyzer). But we don’t do it. After a great date, we drive home responsibly or take a cab. Mr. Mecum obviously didn’t. Thank goodness for the citizens of Glendale and Phoenix and wherever else he drove that he didn’t kill anyone.

  15. Someone needs to start a new website to help the poor guy, after what I saw on Channel 3 tonight about his arrest.

  16. Elwood Blues says

    See this is what happens when you have too many fast women and fast cars!

  17. Does this guy not have any friends at all? You guys are brutal! : )

  18. clear day fog says

    I was working on a project this evening , I found this definition of Brett Mecum;
    insolent, haughty, arrogant, imperious, magisterial, dictatorial, arbitrary; high-handed, high and mighty; contumelious, supercilious, overbearing, intolerant, domineering, overweening, high-flown.
    flippant, pert, cavalier, saucy, forward, impertinent, malapert.
    precocious, assuming, would-be, bumptious.
    bluff; brazen, shameless, aweless, unblushlng, unabashed; brazen, boldfaced-, barefaced-, brazen-faced; dead to shame, lost to shame.

    That about sums Brett up!!

  19. Grumpy Gus says

    Yikes, so harsh, people. However, he did say “effect” when he meant “affect” in the statement. And I think he’s wearing the same shirt in the pic above as he is in the mug shot. Also, I could not keep a straight face reading his last sentence about registering more Republicans. I think it was his “moving forward aggressively” that got him in trouble in the first place.

  20. Anonymous says

    Brett Mecum and his roommates are the laughing stock of Arizona politics. This guy has a rap sheet longer than Manson. The only thing he is killing though is the Republublican Party. He needs to step down and work somewhere that doesn’t require customer service skills. I hope he is better at politics than he is at driving. Can’t obey the laws but he wants to dictate them to others. You are finished in this state!!!

  21. That's not all... says

    It’s been said many times, him and his buddies/housemates are the laughing stock of AZ Politics. Come on Jeff, 0 for 2, time to find a new profession. And Brett, you were ran out of NY politics, I think you better get ready for the same treatment here in Arizona. As for the allegations of women and stealing the Republican Professionals PAC, here’s the details:

  22. azmesan says

    What we should be more concerned about is DSP & Reflex using realtime video to now issue tickets.

    Not if Brett was speeding. We’ve all done it.

    and you from the Republican Proffesionals. I went to a couple of your meeting and all they are is social and drinking hour.

  23. ArizonaFirst says

    In response to Bill’s comment.

    Brett does not have any friends. His behvior has caused his former friends to distance themselves from him and therefore you will not see anyone coming to his defense. His has burned too may bridges becasue he has bulldozed his way over people to get to the top. Brett and his 2 roomates Ryan and Jeff are manipulative and have been so towards people in the Party their own LD20, the Republican Professionals and their unethical joke of Jeff Dial’s campaign.

    I dare you to ask anyone involved with the groups I just mentioned and you will not have many people coming to their defense, in fact you will most likely get a personal story of their bitter account with these losers.

  24. wondering says

    So I’ve heard rumblings that he was run out of New York, but why?
    Anyone know the real dish on why he had to flee his beloved home state?

  25. Brett is a failure says


    He’s a narcissist who believes that everyone must either obey him or be destroyed by him.

    Brett is always badmouthing someone, spreading lies and gossip, undermining people he perceives as threats (anyone who is involved in politics).

    Brett also has no discernable political compass. It all seems to be a power game to him, rewarding supporters and crushing enemies.

    I was once at a conference and met some New York politicos who, once they found out I was from Arizona, were lining up to tell me how despised Brett was in NY, and how he has not a single friend in that state.

    If he were a decent guy, he should still be forced to resign. In that case, however, it would actually be a tragedy instead of being so pathetic.

  26. I must say, I like his Twitter avatar the best.

  27. GOP4EVER says

    I’m glad no one who commented previously here has ever made a mistake. I’m glad you all are perfect. It’s very likely no of you know Brett Mecum, have met Brett Mecum, or have spent time with Brett Mecum. It’s very clear none of you work as hard as he does to elect Republicans to office, or you wouldn’t be tearing down another Arizona Republican in such a mean-spirited and petty way in a forum such as this.

    George W. Bush had a DUI and used cocaine, but we elected him President. Most of you hacks probably even voted for him — after defending him against DEM attacks of the sort you’re making against Mecum here. Shame!

    Who cares if you wish you had Brett’s job? Who cares if you wish you had Brett’s car? At some point, Brett will apologize for the embarassment this has caused and the attention this has diverted from the bigger picture of winning more elections… BUT WHEN WILL ALL OF YOU???

  28. Walt Stephenson says

    It would seem you folks have lost sight of the fact he was charged with a crime solely on the basis of a mechanical device with no human involvement. You have convicted him and some of you have executed him just like the Democrats and ACLU are famous for doing.

    You folks claim to believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but it is apparent some of you are hypocrites.

  29. NoonewishestheyhadBrettscar says

    Whhhhaaatttt??? There is someone that is standing up for Brett Mecum?? For the record…I don’t think anyone wants his job as water boy for the Chairman and I’m certain noone wants that billy badass car.
    Brett Mecum, Jeff Dial and Ryan Ducharme are absolute degenerates to the Republican party..
    They don’t have one conservative bone in their body -breaking the law, then blaming other people. Or how about the Republican Professionals story?? It’s disgusting! They tried to ride the coat tails of the group, wait until it was successful then go ask Daddy (aka Pullen) to make it theirs. Selfish children.
    I would never wish ill upon anyone…I don’t have to. They dug their own graves and then Brett “sped” them right into it.
    Good luck three amigos.

  30. GOP4EVER says

    If the Politico Mafioso/Jeff Vath crowd spent as much time addressing the ills of Democrats as they did tearing down people in their own party, Arizona would be a truly red state. Of course, it’s easier to attack conservatives by attacking Randy Pullen and his staff than it is to actually work to win elections. Sloth remains one of the seven deadly sins and once again, I’ll say it: Shame!

  31. Walt Stephenson says

    I am not standing up for Brett Mecum or Randy Pullen but I am standing up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

  32. Brett is a failure says


    Brett has asked for other politicians to step down who were charged with a crime, not convicted (William Jefferson, for instance).

    It’s beyond a reasonable doubt to convict, but not to remove someone from a high profile position of authority.

    He will soon have to plead guilty or lose at trial, and probably spend time in jail. Should he retain his position then?

    4EVER, the commenters on this site know Brett well. Hence the vitriol.

  33. wondering says

    Brett is a failure:

    I’m aware of Brett’s reputation and Modus Operandi, however, I’m still cloudy on what exactly went down in NY. Was it merely more of the “same old same old” or were there specific incidents?

  34. Please Leave says

    GOP4EVer: it is actually the Randy Pullen Crowd and Co. that are spending their time dividing the Republican Party. They have missed countless opportunities to go after the Democrats and have instead created in-fighting within their own party taking stances against some of the most respected Republican leaders in the state. You want to look to them as leaders? Be my guest. Don’t come crying to us and call your friends not true conservatives for supporting these losers and jokes in the party. They are an absolute embarrassment to the whole establishment! They Dems are probably having a hay-day with this and you know it!!! You should be ashamed for voting Pullen in office. I assume you are one who’s in that crowd that supports Randy and will do so until the end. Well my friend, please know he won’t stand up for you, in fact he will turn around and bull-doze right over you if that means it will get him ahead.

    WAKE UP GOP4EVer! If you only knew that if you didn’t try to make sides that we would all be friends at the end of the day becasue we all stand for the same beliefs and all have the same goal of getting Democrats out of office and Republicans in. But we sure as heck don’t want people like Brett and Randy running our party into the ground!

  35. GOP4EVER says

    BIAF, I sincerely doubt you know Brett at all, otherwise you wouldn’t be comparing a speeding violation with Bill Jefferson’s getting INDICTED after being CAUGHT with $80,000 of FBI money hidden in his freezer or Eliot Spitzer ADMITTING to having unprotected sex with hookers he transported across state lines. Last time I looked, Mecum hadn’t been indicted only charged.

    Moreover, he was charged with something a justice has already said is unconstitutional (those idiot boxes on the highways) and the county attorney has already said he won’t prosecute based on. This is why in Pinal County they kicked those RedFlex violations of our rights right out of the county and are catching evil-doers the old-fashioned way: with the dedicated men and women of law enforcement.

    I’d only add that I have no idea about the Republican Professionals silliness on Jeff Vath’s website, except that when Vath isn’t attacking Brett Mecum, he’s attacking Randy Pullen… and when he’s not attacking Randy Pullen, he’s attacking anyone else who dares call themselves conservative in this state (read: someone who wants the laws followed, the border secured, life protected, et cetera).

    MEAN WHILE… back in Gotham City, there are real dangers lurking that they anti-Pullen crowd would rather ignore, preferring instead to focus their vitriol on Brett Mecum at a time when perhaps all good Christians instead might want to keep him in their prayers. What dangers might those be? Well, did anyone here notice that President Obama just set his sights on stripping Arizona’s second largest employer (Intel) of a lion’s share of its profits? Maybe those jobs are worth discussing more than Mr. Mecum’s driving troubles. Did anyone notice the Democrats are targeting their voters and ours over the budget, trying to make every single Republican look like a blood-sucking-fiend for even considering balancing the budget with anything other than massive tax hikes? Maybe we should be spending our time trying to protect those legislators Brett and the AZGOP team helped elect last year? These are but a couple examples of things more important than tearing down one of our own.

    …or you could continue as I know you will. It’s still something of a free country. Just understand the price of your actions and the precedent you set: the next time someone makes a mistake, it might be YOU.

  36. GOP4EVER says

    Please Leave,

    Randy Pullen IS chairman, whether you voted for him or not. You can spend his term fighting him and giving Dems a victory, or finding ways to work with him and go kick some DEM you-know-what.

    Pretty much the choice is yours because Pullen already won his election. From the outside, you can scream into the wind like you’re doing here and you’ll succeed at doing nothing but dividing folks, creating enmity, generating bitterness and getting very few folks elected. BUT, work from the inside and you’ll probably find that you would have a voice and can make the party a little stronger in your own way.

    Again, it’s your choice. One, you get to sit at your computer alone in the dark… The other, you actually have to work for our party, our state and our future. It’s not an easy choice — but it’s an important choice.

  37. Veritas Vincit says

    to: all of you self-righteous pompous judgmental people who’ve posted previously and since: Shut Up.

    You who is without transgression may cast the first stone.

  38. former All-American Teen-age Guy says

    109 mph is not that fast. Remember when we used to cruise Metro Center, cruise Central Avenue, and race on Happy Valley Road? The legislature has criminalized fun.

  39. 109 & feelin' fine says

    My eyes hurt. I thought I started seeing red there for a minute.

    I see VV is back. I thought he/she/it had gone on vacation or something.

    VV, stay out of this argument. You’re not in the right generation to understand what Mecum has been up to. You couldn’t possibly have a clue. For those of us who do know and can bear witness, I have another traffic safety tip:

    Buckle-Up. The road could get real bumpy.

  40. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Brett Mecum “you are one pathetic loser” (I can hear Jim Carrey saying it in the background). I knew this guy was a jerk the first time I met him at an ASU College Republican meeting a couple of years ago. He is just one of those people who has an arrogrant, “I’m superior than everyone,” pompous attitude.

    The Party needs to get rid of scum like Brett Mecum and the people that condone/support his type of behavior (that means you Randy Pullen!). Read the story Political Mafioso published on him and his buddies- it’s quite enlightening. Guys like Mecum make me hate the GOP. He is not what we stand for. Get rid of him now!!!

    Brett Mecum + Randy Pullen = one gigantic man crush!

  41. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    And to you VV and GOP4EVER,

    Are you seriously telling the rest of us to “not cast the first stone?” I’ve never nor will I ever engage in such behavior. He is engaged in a completely irresponsible and reckless behavior and he be removed from his position. Is this the kind of leadership we want? Heavens, no!!!

    And GOP4EVER, to claim that WE are the reason the Arizona GOP is more divided than it should be is ridiculous. Pullen has routinely attacked some of our most esteemed AZGOP political figures since he became chairmanbearpig of the party.

  42. Anonymous says

    I have heard Brett Mecum call Randy Pullen “Mr. Chairman”. Yes Mr. Chairman, thank you Mr. Chairman. This is why we are scaring people away from the party. Brett is like Mini Me because he completes Randy. You need to remember who hired Brett. Birds of a feather flock together. Randy has consistently hired people that are introverted, can’t communicate effectively, push people awat from the party, and are down right disrespectful. In my opinion it is groups like the Republican Professionals that have brought people into the party. They have had 200-300 people per event for over 19 months. Maybe they have the right model for success, all you have to do is make things fun and interesting and people get involved. That is why Mecum and his a#$ clown roommates tried to hijack the group from Jensen. We need the right people running the show. We need “real” leadership now!

  43. 109 on the 101 says

    I guess it solves this mythbuster, you can’t outrun ugly

  44. Um, if you’re any public figure and you drive like that, you deserve jailing. Although, I think he should have been arrested for the tie alone. Good Gawd… men please– never wear a tie the color of Spongebob.

  45. It was funny to read Mecum’s statement. He used the word “effect” when he should of said “affect”. Whe he said that he wants to get back to registering Republicans it reminded me of Martha Stewart saying she wanted to get back to making her salad. These Dial and Ducharme guys sound like really bad apples. I have been to the Republican Professionals events and they are great. That Ryan Douche-Arm guy was very creepy. Going to bring my girlfriends to the next event now that they have been exiled!!! Brett Mecum needs to step down ASAP!

  46. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Nothing to do with the current problem, but I have met Brett many times and the person described here as arrogant and unable to commmunicate with people is not the person I know.

    He has always been very accommodating and pleasant in my interactions with him.

  47. Mecum must go!!! says

    GOP Boomer Gal: Obviously Brett Mecum is being friendly with you because you are a female and he probably wants to get in your pants. You don’t know the real Brett Mecum. He works very differently with girls than he does guys. He can’t communicate, talks down to people, screams at people that disagree with him, chases people away from the party, and makes the GOP look like a joke. We need people in the party willing to be more inclusive. This is karma. Brett has pissed sp many people off that he has almost no one to defend him anymore. His career in AZ is now over.

  48. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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