MCRC Resolution #6 – Employer Sanctions

Here is the sixth resolution being offered on the issue of employer sanctions:

Resolution Concerning Employer Sanctions

WHEREAS, illegal immigration to the United States is a threat to national security, a cause of increased crime, endangers public health, and a burden to the taxpayer; and

WHEREAS, the greatest cause of massive illegal immigration into the United States are the availability of jobs for unauthorized aliens; and

WHEREAS, the federal government has failed to enforce sanctions against employers who illegally hire unauthorized aliens;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee does hereby firmly support sanctions against employers who knowingly hire unauthorized aliens and supports aggressive enforcement of the Arizona Fair and Legal Employment act;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that upon passage of this resolution, a copy be sent to all members of the Arizona legislature, the Arizona Congressional delegation and the media, as the official position of the Maricopa County Republican Committee on employer sanctions.

(Passed unanimously by the MCRC Resolutions Committee on December 12, 2008. David Braswell, Chairman)


  1. Betsy Ross says

    Are you all in delusion in the desert there? There is no central agency to remove business licenses of those who hire these illegals. Everyone who has lived in Arizona five years or more knows who hires them and where they are. Why is Sheriff Joe raiding putt putt courses instead of Danny’s Car Wash? Because those businesses who are profiting are paying protection monies in the form of civic donations to the police organizations in Arizona so as not to be raided. So how much did that employer sanctions bill cost the Arizona citizens that will never, ever be effectively enforced due to the political corruption going on there?

    Get the border secured. Sheriff Joe is costing Maricopa County residents literally millions in civil suits due to his vigilanteism, and misdemeanor violators are dying in his jails, while he rehearses for his television show. I think the citizens of Arizona truly have gone insane.

    A former 45 year Arizonan

  2. I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks

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