MCRC Resolution #3 – Sheriff Joe Arpaio/Andrew Thomas Commendation

Here is the third resolution offered by the Maricopa County Republican Committee regarding a commendation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas:

Resolution Commending Sheriff Arpaio and County Attorney Thomas

WHEREAS, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas were overwhelmingly re-elected to their respective offices in which they promised to continue their work to enforce immigration laws; and

WHEREAS, their re-election indicates the sense of voters that it is critical that elected officials enforce our laws; and

WHEREAS, the illegal alien population of Maricopa County is declining; and enforcement is a contributing factor;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Maricopa County Republican Party of the State of Arizona: That we commend Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas for their outstanding efforts to keep their Oaths of Office and honor the Constitutional rights of our citizens.

(Passed unanimously as amended by the MCRC Resolutions Committee on December 12, 2008. David Braswell, Chairman)


  1. George of the Desert says

    As someone who has to sit through this meeting on Saturday, I need to know why we have to vote on resolution to stroke the egos of these two gentlemen? I’m not being critical of their job performance, but this is a bit over-the-top. These are elected officials, not demi-gods.

  2. To quote “Judge Elihu Smails,” (Ted Knight in Caddyshack), “You will vote on these resolutions and like it!”

  3. Casual Observer says

    This resolution should be withdrawn and if not fail based on posts #1 and #2. What an insult and ego driven action. I’ll be in the lobby during this one just to avoid being nauseated!

    You can bet the MCRC vote was unanimous because otherwise…. well, who knows when the next round of investigations will start.

  4. Don’t sit in the Lobby, vote a loud Nay along with me and many others!

  5. AYE!

  6. I thought the 70-ft. golden idol of Arpaio was a nice touch. (/sarcasm)

  7. I think that the man who vehemently protested at the 1/10 MCRC mtg. at the end was out of order, and he did a disservice to his position by looking like a nutcase. However, I do understand his view and passion.

    Morever, it’s largely the leadership’s fault, because it’s one thing to actually construct this preposterous resolution, it’s another to cram it down our throats as one big block of resolutions with no real discussion. We know that everyone wants to go home at such a late hour, and this is what is always done at mtgs. as a political tactic/ploy. This is not acting in good faith toward the PC’s of one’s own party and, therefore, is divisive!!

    The committee was asking for this by being INSENSITIVE on this topic and going OVERBOARD. This is not the way to effect UNITY in the party.

    You don’t take a touchy subject and then try to railroad people. That is divisive and not promoting unity. Further, a commendation from the platform would have been sufficient, but this turned out all the contrary! :0

    If we want to create unity in the party, we must be willing to really HEAR our fellow Republicans and enter into dialogue. We all agree on so many things – why let certain issues such as this golden calf cause so much turmoil? And then look astonished that people are not just swallowing hook, line and sinker?

    I stood up and voted NAY just on principle! It doesn’t mean I’m a radical or a nutter! It means that you are going to have to deal with me as a genuine person and not play political games and insult my intelligence!

    Let’s work together and TALK things out.

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