MCRC Hits Back

Here is the latest mail piece in the War of District 18 put out by the Maricopa County Republican Committee on behalf of Representative Russell Pearce. The piece takes a direct hit at Nathan Sproul and Mesa Deserves Better while revealing some interesting info about his track record and practices.


  1. It is strange how they attack Nathan Sproul. He isn’t running for office. I guess they also don’t care about Pearce’s connection with racists either.

  2. Good point Joe. If Sproul were a Dem, this would have been no biggie and the Repugnant would not have condemned it.

    That crap is par for the course for Dems.

  3. The Shadow says

    Pearce and his crowd won’t be happy until all illegals, and those who disagree with them, are rounded up and put in gas chambers.

  4. The whole point of The AZ Republic and Janet helping Russell Pearce right now is they know that with Russell Pearce in office it only helps the liberals. He is a black on the Republican Party. Period.

  5. This piece condemns the deliverer of the hit pieces (Sproul) and the intended beneficiary (Gibbons). It makes perfect sense and is exactly to the point.

    I’m no fan of the Arizona Republic. But, if even the Republic doesn’t think Sproul’s attacks have a leg to stand on, then they probably don’t. It’s not likely that a left leaning paper like the Republic would give Pearce a pass just to be nice.

  6. Mr. J,. I’ll remember that whenever I see a Republican endorsed by the Republic.

  7. just curious says

    ummm, let me get this straight. It is wrong for Sproul to go after Pearce with accusations that smear his character, b/c the ends don’t justify the means. But, Pearce and his supporters can go after Sproul with accusations that smear his character. How do you explain that? Just curious.

  8. Sproul is the committee attacked Pearce. If you’re being attacked by someone who displays no character or decency, then that point is valid and the voters have a right to know which scumbag is filling their mailbox with lies.

  9. I find it wrong for Pearce to go after Gibbons based on a third-party mailing. It shows that Pearce is willing to use half-truths just to win.

  10. Great job Tom Husband and MCRC. You are right for pointing out what a scum bag sproul is.

  11. Why is SA silent on the Tony Bouie LIED story? Is it because Bouie was your cover boy for two weeks? Who has orders in to SA to cover-up for Bouie? BOUIE LIED TO THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC editorial board and to The Capitol Times. This news was covered extensively by your “good friends” at Seeing Red AZ. Your silence is deafening. SA is showing their bias for Bouie (or against Seel, is it?) by not covering the major BOUIE LIED story. Bouie told The Arizona Republic and The Capitol Times that he was a registered Republican in Florida. Only when curious LD-6 voters checked with Hillsborough County Florida elections did we learn Bouie DID NOT register Republican there, he registered democrat there. Bouie caught lieing to The Republic and to The Capitol Times and that deserves no mention by SA? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  12. Patriot, Why are you mad at the messenger for exposing Russell Pearce as scum bag he is? No amnesty for illegals! No amnesty for Pearce!

  13. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Frankly, the questions about Bouie are valid. What say you, SA?

    As to the Sproul condemnation – how do I say this nicely? You get what you give? Reap what you sow? Lay with pigs, you get muddy? How about, he is a do anything for a price kind of guy with zero moral character and less Christianity than my athiest neighbor. At least my neighbor believes in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. This guy headed up the Christian Coalition? The term “money changer” keeps popping into my head.

  14. Dear Mr. Patriot,

    I just happen to be watching the only Patriots I know & they are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wow. I’m having a deja-vu! It’s almost like the LD6 race. Maybe it was a master plan by the elite that own the NFL channel. There is a hidden message in the game scheduling for Arizona fans and voters. The Bucs are spankin’ the Pats! Watch out now.

    I can verify that one of the real Patriots (#__) has been laughing at the stuff the fake ones have been pulling. True story. LOL


    The silence of the make-believe Bouie story is PAYBACK to the Wacky Pachys for the desperation of their game plan.

    It’s the last game of the season. The “home” team is down 42-10. They were heavily favored to win (only in their own mind, of course). The visiting team is Division I, the home team is Division II.

    There is only 1:10 to play in the 4th quarter.

    The “home” team has it’s second-string quarterback in. He’s a bench warmer, has been on scholarship for 5 years (redshirt year included) and is out of eligibility after this, his true senior year. He won’t even be graduating with a degree.

    The remainder of the “home” team is exhausted and is tired of losing to better, stronger teams.

    Coach H. calls in a Hail-Mary pass on 4th and long. The QB throws a brick and it hits the visiting team QB, who is standing on the sideline. The “home” QB strolls off the field knowing that he just threw the last pass of his career. The visiting QB straps up, comes in and runs out the clock. Game Over.

    Sound familiar?

  15. Bob, the only make-believe part of the Bouie story is that he will be a reliable Republican vote in the legislature. I predict another Pete Hershberger or Clancy Jane if Bouie is elected. Neither the Republican Party or State of Arizona need that.

    The rest of your story is a flawed analogy.

  16. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Bob, your story would be better if we didn’t know you so well. You are always looking for an argument, when, if I recall correctly, you don’t have any firm beliefs, just anger.

  17. Sproul isn’t in office- Pearce is. Much to your chagrin- you can’t kick him out of office.

    It seems like alot of folks on here just hate the ground he walks on, as you repeatedly talk about on this blog. Your hate will not make you strong.

    Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  18. Pricinct. Get a dictionary. It’s PREcinct.

    I’m not looking for an argument. I have my opinion and I express it. Just because I cannot be made into a hypnotized drone repeating the mantra of the the MCRC doesn’t mean I’m not a Republican. To quote a hilarious movie, “Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!”

    Once you place more importance on having values instead of living them, you’re finished. As a group, the MCRC and the EGC have drawn a line in the sand. What they don’t realize is, the tide is rolling in and the big waves are coming.

  19. I can honestly say that I have no idea WHAT Bob in DV is saying or trying to say. I can’t understand why someone who is using a nickname that conceals his identity has to speak in code? Why now just say what needs to be said? What a wierd guy.

  20. SPhx, please reference my above post. It’s weird not WIErd. You and #17 could go in together and spend maybe $10 each for a big red Merriam-Websters.

    I had to go over this again the other day, but here’s the THIRD and LAST time I give a remedial lesson on my secret code pseudonym.

    I’m BOB. Real name. Big guy. I live in DV, also known as Deer Valley to the thousands of people who live here. Been here forever. You’ve probably seen me around LD6.

  21. Richard Wayne says


    The line was originally drawn with the McCain/Feinngold/Kennedy/Comprehensive Immigration Reform deepened with the Kyl misleading of the voters, followed by the McCain purge of PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN who have worked for years for all Republican candidates.

    When the MCRC/EGC responds, you blame them. It is like blaming the US for WWII because we responded to Pearl Harbor.

    We could have guessed you would support the Patriots, you have a habit of supporting liars and cheaters.

  22. Richard,

    Again this weekend, please re-read my post. For Heaven’s sake. I’m not supporting the Patriots. I just happen to know one. My post supported the Bucs, Richard. How in the world could you get that twisted up?

    Also, try the LD6 fact-checking machine and get the inside scoop on Pearl Harbor. My Grandpa was on a Black Ops mission. What stories he told. Where were our aircraft carriers? Enough said.


    There is strange genetic code of people on this blog who cannot comprehend the ENGLISH words that are written. It’s like they have a transcriber in their head that goes on autopilot and puts a dyslectic spin on everything just posted.

    Maybe we need EFL classes for the masses – English as a FIRST Language.

  23. And as the MCRC fights fellow R’s, spending precious resources, the D’s are laughing their heads off!

    Between the robo-calls for PC’s and this, the MCRC and EGC is a disgrace…Nero would be proud. The state party should step in and yank them up by the collar for such destructive actions; their silence is incriminating.

    Every LD has a full slate of Dems running. They are well financed, well organized, and united. Is our state and county leadership working to support candidates and offer solid campaign backing in order to keep our majority in both houses while trying to rebuild the Republican brand in our state? No, they are worried about PC contests and infighting in 2 or 3 districts.

    So, what’s next…super-delegates? Because, of course we can’t be trusted to have a brain and make a rational decision on our own!

    The bullies on the playground are beginning to wear out their welcome. I predict a revolt in LD, County, and State leadership elections. Long time, devoted, hardworking R’s have become sick and tired of being labeled unfairly, pushed aside, and blatantly embarrassed by the abuses of some of the current EGC members and party leadership everywhere from LD chairs to the state party.

  24. Ann,

    Great post.

    It is really grotesque to see how members of the MCRC EGC are also in many so-called ‘grassroots’ organizations together. The same 25 names are listed on member roll after member roll of fringe groups. You and I both know they gossip and tattle about who is more “Right”.

    They can take all of the talk of honor, patriotism and devotion to God and country and take it on a hike. It’s all for show. Most of them don’t live like that in their own lives – only when they get the adrenaline rush while they have an audience.

    I’ve seen them in action and they are giving the AZ GOP a very bad name. They should be embarrassed and if they’re not – they will be soon.

  25. What’s your last name Bob?

    You see, there are a lot of Bob’s in Deer Valley, so you DO have anonymity here. And your post was strangely written. One might think that so many people failing to understand it would be a hint to you that it was poorly written. Naturally, you blame it on everyone else for failing to figure out just what the heck you meant with all of that garbage.

    That said, I’ve now seen your posts on some other threads and they’re pretty hostile, argumentative, and some are just downright ugly. I really don’t need to know what you mean in your strange posts because I just don’t care anymore.

  26. You know Ann, the Secretary of State lists all of the candidates who are running, so if you check there first, you won’t post nonsense like “Every LD has a full slate of Dems running. They are well financed, well organized, and united.”

    I haven’t looked at all of the LDs, but I checked some that seemed familiar and on the Senate side alone I confirmed that there are no Dems running in LD8, LD19, LD21, LD22, etc. I haven’t checked all of the races or all of the districts, but your claim that every LD has a full Dem slate is false.

    As for them being united, you are also way off the mark, but you can’t know what’s going on in every district, so its an honest mistake. They’re certainly not united in LD10, LD14, LD16, LD20, LD23 or LD26. Heck, even where they don’t have primaries they still have problems. Have you checked out LD13 recently?

    Still, you’ll make fewer errors if you don’t just parrot Emily Bittner-DeRose’s press releases. I recommend doing just a bit of fact-checking first? Her stuff really isn’t all that reliable.

  27. GlendaleGOP says

    You missed some Tim. Ann was also wrong in LD1 where there are no Dems running for the House at all, LD8 where only one Dem is running, LD18 where they only have one Dem, LD21 where they only have one Dem, LD22 where they only have one Dem, and a whole host of districts where they have filed $500 threshhold candidates to offer mere token challenges.

    But other than all of those districts on the House side (I don’t know much about the Senate races) as well as all the ones you mentioned, Ann was dead on! Full slates everywhere for the Dems!

  28. I have to admit that I am a frequent reader, but I generally avoid posting because so many of the posts relate to races or candidates that I am working with. That said, from time to time it is worth adding my two cents.

    In this case, Ann’s post really short changes the terrific job that the Arizona Republican Party did in recruitment and training throughout 2007 and into 2008. The GOP landed its top recruits in several LDs and avoided primaries entirely in several key targeted LDs like LD5, LD9, LD10, LD11, LD17, and LD23. That does not happen by accident.

    Most of the remaining primaries have been very civilized and tame. The House races in LD3 (3 for 2 spots), LD26 (3 for 2), and LD30 (4 for 2) have all been muted affairs with the candidates and their campaigns running positive campaigns.

    Additionally, the GOP is running candidates in districts that we have often failed to compete in in years past. Both in Phoenix and in Tucson, quality Republican challengers are making ultra-liberal Democrats finally answer for their extreme voting records.

    Sure, some of the few remaining Republican primaries are more than a bit spirited, but that will happen and its not always a bad thing. Nor is it unique to the Republican Party.

    I understand that its the messy primaries that are going to attract the attention of the blogs, but even five or six noisy races out of the 90 seats at stake remains a very small number.

    Ann, Bob and many others will likely be pleasantly surprised at the gains made by Arizona Republicans on Election Day.

    Now, let’s get back to work!

  29. Ann,

    You call the EGC & MCRC a disgrace and say somebody should yank them up by the collar.

    If our delegation in Washington was following the will of the people. Was doing something about immigration, that was not amnesty. Was watching out for the tax payers like they should be. Was not supporting Democrats in races.

    You wouldn’t see this going on. You would see a united party. But frankly money and getting reelected is more important than hereing what we the people are saying.

  30. If all Republicans had the same level of hatred as the EGC and MCRC, the party would be united. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen.

  31. SPhx GOP,

    Have a cup of coffee this morning. Please.

  32. IP Freely,

    I’ll buy your coffee this morning. High-five.

  33. Tim, et al,

    My reference came from this site, a couple of posts below this one. Yes, I admit not every LD is actually a full slate. However, that is their intentions and they are doing everything they can to get it done.

    Distracting the topic with accusations of this or that does not change the reality. The actions of the EGC and MCRC are just plain wrong!

    CQ, how much money are you making at the hands of the EGC, directly or indirectly? The campaign management you offer is some of the same bad stuff that appalls voters and gives our side a black-eye.

  34. Ann,

    I noticed that the same mailing house (USPS Permit #546) that put out CQ’s Carl S-E-E-L’s junk mail is the SAME one that just put out the MCRC EGC mailer that comes to the rescue of “RusSEEL” Pearce. (pun intended)

    Maybe our friends here at SA could start another thread about “Strange Bedfellows Part 3”. I sure hope that no MCRC ECG $$$ accidentally slipped into the SEEL campaign.

  35. There are more than a few IE questions to be asked among CQ’s clients this go ’round. Clean Elections will be busy!

  36. kralmajales says

    Split split split…

    Leads to lost elections and poor funding of candidates.

    Right Bruce?

  37. Hey- evidently the MCRC has plenty of $$. Why else would they play in this race? If I were a donor to the MCRC, I would be upset, becuase I’d hope that my money would go toward the defeat of Democrats not playing in a Republican party. My hope is that this was not sponsored by the Arizona Republican Party (which is a legitimate organization), or I would ask for my contributions back.

  38. That is a question being asked a lot these days. The MCRC is planning additional fundraisers and I have heard of several previous donors who will not participate because of this expenditure and what it represents.

  39. Average Voter says

    I’m disgusted to hear that the MCRC has endorsed Pearce. What a disgrace. Glad I never gave them any money.

  40. The MCRC says fundraising is way up. Curiously it wasn’t just because of the endorsement, it was because of Sproul’s attack pieces.

  41. Like It Is says

    Hey Ann, you mention a whole bunch of Clean Elections investigations are going to be going on. Any actual knowledge, or just some drive-by character assassination? You know, the kind that you go on other threads and denounce? Put up or zip up!

  42. Been perusing the campaign finance reports for Gibbons, and, no suprise, one of his major supporters is Margaret “Lynne” Pancrazi, a Democrat State Representative from Yuma.

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