McCain’s Millions Buy Misleading Washington Ad

JD Hayworth for US Senate

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Arizonans won’t be fooled by Beltway-style drive-by negative campaign tactics”

PHOENIX, AZ (March 17) – J.D. Hayworth’s campaign manager, David Payne, today issued the following sharp rebuke of a new television ad by incumbent Senator John McCain attacking Hayworth for supporting the 2005 Highway bill, which included wasteful earmarks like Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere,” but which also included $833 million for border security programs.

“After 28 years in Washington, John McCain has learned Washington’s tricks, raking in millions of dollars to buy typically misleading negative ads that distort the records of his opponents. Sorry, Senator: Arizonans won’t be fooled.”

“Having been a Congressman for 4 years before he began his 24 years in the Senate, McCain knows full well that under House rules – unlike the Senate – individual Members lack the power to amend massive appropriations bills to eliminate individual projects, however wasteful they are.”

McCain also knows that the 2005 Highway bill included $833 million for badly-needed border security programs.

That’s probably why McCain’s own supporter, conservative Arizona Republican Representative Trent Franks, was compelled to join J.D. Hayworth and 411 other Representatives (including 217 Republicans) in supporting the bill, which was supported by the Bush White House.

“Now that Rep. Franks has joined J.D. Hayworth as the latest victims of John McCain’s Beltway-style drive-by negative campaign tactics, we would welcome his switching his endorsement to support a consistent conservative, J.D. Hayworth.”

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  1. If the Highway to no where became law that means that John McCain voted for it too, or it means that he voted against border security. Which is it John? Besides, estimates of the annual costs for just one of your pet projects–amnesty–will be $61.5 billion for education, health care, and incarceration. By 2020 the cost of these three services will increase to $106 billion annually. So. How much did the old highway cost us? Instead, we need a new highway bill. If you’ve been on Capital Hill for 24 years it’s time to hit the highway.

  2. Hey, what happened to that attack ad twisting McCain’s service and subsequent torture into a grotesque parody of what a decent person would do?

  3. Oh my…this is classic.

    The duplicitous press release strikes again.

    This is not about the ad or the highway bill, those are just the vehicle used for JD to publish a press release for the sole purpose of calling out Trent Franks!

    He is trying to drive a wedge.

    Since EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN MEMBER of the delegation have endorsed Sentor McCain…JD has nothing to lose by pushing them farther to MCain and every thing to gain if he can divide the fold.

    Cute, real cute. But…just more rope.

  4. Dear Representative Franks:

    JD Hayworth is calling you a victim. How do you feel about that?


    A constituent

  5. Ann:
    According to Rasmussen’s latest poll, I’m not sure if it is establishment endorsements or McCain’s negative ads that is bringing his poll numbers down. Whatever the reason, keep it up.

  6. Jeremiah Wallace says

    Actually McCain’s numbers are up if you count from the first time the poll numbers we released about a month ago… but anyway, I really don’t think McCain has anything to worry about.. He is the better and more fit candidate, by responding to JD’s foolishness he’s almost giving him credibility… I think we’ll all see the truth about JD come out as the vote draws nearer and nearer.

  7. Annie Oliver says

    “Arizonans won’t be fooled by Beltway-style drive-by negative campaign tactics”

    umm, pretty sure jd pulls the exact same tactics… the only difference is that mccain’s ads are actually rooted in truth and jd’s are completely fabricated.

  8. Negative campaign attacks? Did JD not put forth a tacky ad of McCain as a blue Avatar? JD’s behind in the polls as is doing everything he can. He’s pathetic.

  9. JD has nothing else to go run on. He cannot offer AZ anything. JD has proven to be nothing more then a blowhard with no morals and now has proven to Arizona and the Nation that his intelligence is lacking. McCain is what we need. McCain has fought an amazing fight against this administration on key issues like fighting for our Nation’s Security, fighting against Obamacare, fighting against the massive spending…we need McCain!

  10. Stephen Kohut says


    Did you get your HC talking points from McRINO? Amazing fight? Spineless rollover is more like it. This is especially true since McRINO’s DC staff was adament that he wanted to improve the bill and pass HC reform all the way through December right up to the 12/24 vote at which point he had suddenly always been against it.

    Neither McRINO or any of the GOP Senators did all they could have in HC. If you want the truth of what they could have done then read Sen. Gregg’s 12/1/09 “Minority Rights” memo and my redstate blog on HC. When I talked with Kyl’s DC staff today on HC they rolled out the “we did everything we could” mantra again which got promptly shoved back down their throats and to which Kyl’s staff finally agreed they didn’t. Let’s try honesty and not campaign talking point falsehoods.

  11. It’s so much easier to rule a pretend world than the real one.

    I wish I could have heard the phone call where Mr. Kohut randomly called DC in the midst of the Healthcare Take Over and schooled Senator Kyl’s entire staff until they relented and succumbed to his wisdom and authority. They must know that he is taking over the whole state of Arizona single-handedly without having achieved any elected office at all.

    Anyone buying this?

  12. Stephen, if McCain was for Obamacare, then it would have passed…the simple truth is, if you turn on any channel, at any given time, you will see McCain fighting against Obamacare, I have watched it on several channels, I am not ignorant, I pay attention to what is going on, I want to know my candidates and your friend JD is no friend of mine, nor would he manage any good in Washington. JD cannot find anything good to say about himself, why on earth should I vote for him…and as for what I talk about, I have the ability to look at both candidates sites, watch the news-as anyone in AZ who cares would do, and pay attention to the scary crap that is going on in Washington… I care about my kids and what I stand for. It would be unfair of me to stay clear of politics. However, if you know a way for me to meet John McCain, shoot it over, I would love it and my voice is my voice, I pay attention, if that offends you…that is sad!

  13. ps, we ALLLLLL want healthcare reform, we do not want takeover!

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    I have to assume you can’t or refuse to read even though you seem able to type. Obamacare passed the Senate and the bill sits at the House waiting its approval. What do you think has been in the news? Is there some part of this you do not understand? The bill passes the Senate! McCain and the GOP Senate was utterly, repeat utterly ineffective at stopping it from passing the Senate before the Dem’s lost their filibuster proof 60 seat super majority. If McRINO and the GOP had used all their rights, objections to unanimous consent, etc. Brown would have been seated before the Senate passed the bill and we would not be in the difficult situation we currently face. Get a clue!

    I do not, repeat do not support JD. I prefer Jim Deakin. If you can manage to retain these facts we are making progress. If you want to kowtow to our entrenched RINO have at it. I’m sure he needs another sycophant that ignores the damage he has done.


    I suggest you get an education in the political process as you remain clueless. Politicians and candidates ask for PC’s help to support them. We get phone calls, emails, you name it asking for our support, our feet on the ground, our GOTV for them. We, in turn, tell them what the constituents in our precinct want, what their concerns are, what our position is on their efforts as our elected official. We don’t need them. They need/want us. Do they listen? The smart ones that want support to stay in office do. What do you do son? Are you just another keyboard warrior pounding away in futility? That’s what is certainly seems like so pound away to your hearts content while I work with fellow PC’s to line up and GOTV in the primary for the people we support. That’s how the game is played.

  15. I am completely aware of the political process, that’s why I called the hooey card on your assertion that you single-handedly turned the tide on the Kyl staff regarding the Healthcare issue when you “promptly shoved their ‘mantra’ back down their throats”. (#10)

    Not true.

    You know more than EVERY GOP senator and staff?

    Not true.

    That’s what I know.

  16. Stephen Kohut says


    For someone who is “completely aware” of the political process, exactly what do you do politically except clack away at a keyboard? All is hear is clacking. What you either don’t know son or refuse to read are the minority rights the GOP Senators could have used and didn’t. I’m sorry if they are beyond your comprehension.

    I didn’t realize that you are a party to my phone calls. Must be that aluminum foil hat you’re wearing. Your reception seems to be off however. Let’s try this again.
    Under pressure Kyl’s staffer agreed that the Senator did not do all he could, did not use the tools laid out by Sen. Gregg, and understood that his constituents find his disingenuous statements and lack of backbone unacceptable. He’s up for reelection in 2012. Elections have consequences. He will need the backing of the PC’s. Is this easy enough for you to follow? If not you may need to adjust you hat.

  17. You’re still proving that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Where do you find enumerated the “rights” of the senate minority that you keep talking about?

    If you’re talking about procedural options and rules of the senate, you cannot, in a single ranting phone call, work out how to handle such an extraordinary situation as we have currently in the Congress. You can move your pretend chess pieces around the board and make yourself the winner, but that’s delusional. Real senators have to deal with real people, real situations and the unknown.

    What likely happened with the Kyl staff, if you really got through to anyone of import, which I doubt, is that they simply acquiesced to your nonsense because they wanted to get you off the phone so that real constituents with real problems could get through.

    You then finally hung up and declared yourself the winner, king of all you survey, and then ran to your computer to blow about it. That’s just weird.

  18. Stephen Kohut says


    Since you seem to be dumber than a box of rock, we’ll do through this very slowly. As I have previously blogged on SA, on 12/1/09 Sen. Gregg issed a memo to all GOP Senators entitled “Minority Rights” in which he detailed ALL the tools available to the GOP under the Senate’s rules to slow down, etc. bills. Gregg’s memo has been posted and avialable on more web sites than I can count. (one link below). Sen. Kyl and his staff have Gregg’s memo. As Minority Whip Kyl is very well aware of the parlimentory tools they have available.

    For the rest Travis, just keep blogging away as another ineffective keyboard warrior. I’m sure your typing puts the fear of God into people. You do need to adjust your tin hat as your reception on my calls to Kyl seems to be a bit off. Try a tilt to the right and a sharper peak.

    I’ll go on supporting my constituents in my precinct and working on their behalf. I’ve got a county meeting to get ready for and GOTV to plan for the May special election. Try not to hurt yourself to much by typing while I’m tied up.

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