McCain Wins Potomac Primaries

Senator John McCain Wins Potomac Primary

Congratulations to Senator John McCain on his wins in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The vote counts were as follows:

John McCain – 160,574 for 55.12% of the vote and 16 Delegates
Mike Huckabee – 84,961 for 29.17% of the vote and 0 Delegates

District of Columbia:
John McCain – 3,929 for 67.73% of the vote and 16 Delegates
Mike Huckabee – 961 for 16.57% of the vote and 0 Delegates

John McCain – 244,135 for 50.06% of the vote and 60 Delegates
Mike Huckabee – 198,247 for 40.65% of the vote and 0 Delegates

Total Delegates:
John McCain – 821 Delegates
Mitt Romney – 282 Delegates (commited)
Mike Huckabee – 241 Delegates

Meanwhile on the Democratic side, Barack Obama appears to be gaining incredible momentum leading many to believe that the next set of primaries/caucases will cause Hillary Clinton to finally call it quits. (SA believes Clinton will exit within the month but not without first making some deals.) Looking at the voter turnout of the Democrats for Barack Obama should cause grave concern to Republicans.

Democratic Popular Vote (Includes MI & FL): 20,442,860
Republican Popular Vote: 13,583,370

Popular Vote by Candidate:
Barack Obama – 9,687,411
Hillary Clinton – 9,620,020
John McCain – 5,311,193
Mitt Romney – 4,157,681
Mike Huckabee – 2,768,875

Watch both rallies and compare:

First John McCain:

Now Barack Obama:

Please tell us that the GOP is not in trouble!


  1. That’s a start… Now where is the giant McCain picture with the “McCain Wins!” headline?

  2. Hey, I think it is just fine. Does that count as a disagreement?

  3. Your point is not lost. There is more than just a different point of the event; McCain was holding his post-primary victory speech, late in the evening, in a hotel while Obama was at the University of Wisconsin for a pre-primary rally. It shows a clear difference of purpose; one is about taking care of business the other is about trying to define what his business is.

    There is no doubt McCain will have to change his game to appeal to some but the polls show Obama and McCain grabbing within 2% of each other in the college vote.

    This is not an audition for cheerleader-in-chief but a very serious and difficult job requiring someone with skill and abilities that have been tried, tested, and tenacious. A mere three years in the Senate will seem weak very soon.

    Then comes the reality of the war. Remember the ad ran against Jim Talent and others? It featured a girl about 6, a teenage boy about 17, and a young mother in her mid-30’s. They all told of some sort of debilitating or life-threatening event to occur that, but for the miracle of stem cell research, will cause their sure demise or lifetime of misery. Then the words, “Why does Jim Talent get to decide if I live or die?” head tilt, and soft eyes staring at you from the face of a beautiful child. Hugely affective.

    Now imagine a mother, father, wife, child, with a photo and a flag asking for a chance to make their sacrifice worth it, the sacrifice made for you….the voter. Roll out an assortment of generals, admirals, and colonels making it clear that the enemy will not quit just because we do, and they will not be satisfied to keep the battle on their soil.

    Sure the anti-war crowd will have theirs too…but if you are betting on who is wrong, which way will people go?

    When a litany of events is made the subject of comparison, events that John McCain did not just endure but overcame with valor and vigor, how he has governed with surety of purpose and outcome, while Obama was doing what? What has he done besides give great speeches when he had the chance. His voting record, his bills sponsored…his lack of real ability and credibility. How many “no vote” can one accomplish and actually think a record will never count?

    We are more than OK.

  4. “When a litany of events is made the subject of comparison, events that John McCain did not just endure but overcame with valor and vigor, how he has governed with surety of purpose and outcome, while Obama was doing what?”

    Well, a lot of that time he was probably still growing up, attending college, attending law school, etc…

  5. Life experience matters, what were his?

  6. These are the arguments that will need to be made in the coming months. Perhaps time will wear on all the “hope mongering” and lack of specifics presented by Obama but just like in 1992 when Bush senior ran on experience against a young upstart governor from Arkansas, well, we know what happened and I strongly urge our party to learn from history. Obama is on a tidal wave and we can only hope that time will break its momentum.

  7. “Life experience matters, what were his?”

    One of the problems with McCain is that he has had so much life experience that his life is close to over. There just isn’t a lot of it left.

    Ann, you sound like a 30 second attack ad. Call Hillary, she could use some ideas.

  8. Attack ad? Oh my, when qualifications are an issue it is an attack? This could be fun!

  9. Wow! Keep this up and I will have to add you to the BLOGS FOR MCCAIN Blog roll…..LOL!

  10. Okay, so you put up a picture too, finally. But is that your version of a victory picture? What, did you Google “McCain” and “glare” to see what images you could find?

    I’m smiling, but I’m still serious about the differences between this coverage and your Huckabee Wins Kansas! coverage. If you’re just reporting the news, then you’ll have to be more even-handed, or EspressoPundit is going to have to start working you guys over too!

  11. LOL!

    Tim, I simply went to Fox News and pulled the photo of John McCain off the section they’ve devoted to him. You can see it yourself at:

  12. Wow, when I first saw the picture I thought it was an introspective, thoughtful look. Then I read Tim’s comment…now I see a glare. OMG, Tim is influencing me!

    So…I asked my 23 year old daughter what she thought of the photo. “It’s bad, he looks like a pirate.”

    Shiver me timbers and vote McCain!

  13. nightcrawler says

    I like the picture. Good choice. He looks like he means business. Younger than his years.

  14. Ann,
    If McCain has all of the stellar qualifications for the presidency, then it will not be necessary to even MENTION the qualifications (or lack of) of any other candidate. There is no need to tear down the other person when you are CLEARLY the better of the two.

    McCain is already on the attack because, apparently, he is having a crisis of self-confidence and/or self-esteem. Maybe he is worried about that his type of “qualifications” do not have mass appeal. Maybe he is worried that some of his off the wall statements have been remembered. He is right.

    Anyhow, I do not read this blog very often so I probably won’t be that much fun. I don’t spar with wing-nutters, in general. Sometimes, but not often.

    Maybe you can form “The Swiftboat Brother for Truth” unless someone has already taken that title and I suspect they have. I didn’t check.

  15. I just googled “Swiftboat Brothers for Truth.” No hits.

  16. Liza,

    You obviously don’t read this blog often. I am often on the receiving end of accusations of not being conservative enough or even a true R and have been told to join the D’s.

    I agree with your premise, however addressing issues is only seen as “tearing down” or a”attacking” if it is effective in alienating voters and you are the one losing voters. Yours is simply a preemptive attempt to discredit the other candidate by calling their actions derogatory in order to tarnish the opportunity for voters to really see the candidate fully exposed. Otherwise, it is called educating the people about the candidate. Perhaps that is your real concern. Obama and Hillary both are certainly using the “compare and contrast” approach to pointing out differences between them. Perhaps they are not qualified.

  17. No, Ann, in all honesty I feel that the Hillary Obama contest has been more about Hillary and Bill tearing down Obama rather than educating the electorate as to why he might not be their best choice. And, without getting too verbose about it, many people agree with me.

    The real issue between Hillary and Obama is that Billary, Inc. did not anticipate the meteoric rise of Obama and they were not prepared. After Obama won Iowa, and before Hillary won New Hampshire, they started taking what appeared to be almost random shots at Obama. However, they were not random. They were new tactics intended to create doubt about him and to downplay his strengths, as perceived by voters. These were things like Obama’s opposition to the invasion of Iraq and Obama’s amazing oratory skills. Obviously, it can be shown that Obama has less “experience” when he has not been on the earth as long as Hillary. The most repulsive of all the Clinton attacks so far was when Bill compared Obama to Jesse Jackson, trying to make the association that Obama is just another black candidate capable of winning a few states.

    I could easily argue that Billary has said nothing to educate voters about Obama. The Clinton attacks on Obama have been solely to discredit him and cast doubt on his abilities. The message is clearly this: “He gives great speeches, but what else has he got? Hillary has 35 years of experience. Vote for her.” Right now Hillary is running an attack ad in Wisconsin criticizing Obama for not debating her there. “He would rather give speeches than answer questions.” Ann, they have had 18 debates so far.

    Sadly, McCain has already started to echo a similar message about “experience” and “empty rhetoric.” He is free to do so and you are free to get on that bandwagon and do the same thing. You can call it whatever you like, educating voters or whatever.

    However, at the end of the day, what you might see is that something else might be happening here. Maybe this election is not going to be about which old party warhorse should run the country. Maybe it is about generations, maybe it is about passing the torch.

    You seem like a nice lady, Ann, so I will just tell you this. I am very, very open to what the younger generation wants and what they have to say and what direction they want to take the country. That is basically my position.

  18. Updated the photo with one from the actuall victory speech. Hope this helps Tim!

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