McCain Wins Florida

 John McCain

Congratulations to Senator John McCain who scored on all 57 delegates or 36% of the vote in Florida tonight. Romney placed second with 31% and Huckabee 4th with 13% of the vote.

While the AP is reporting that Mayor Rudy Giuliani will drop out and endorse McCain tomorrow, the race is still not over as 1,191 delegates are needed to lock up the nomination. Mathematically, McCain holds 7.8% while Romney holds 4.9% and Huckabee holds 3.3%. However, a lot can change in the next seven days as the remaining candidates sprint for Super Tuesday.


  1. kralmajales says

    and…Giuliani drops out and will endorse McCain.

    It begins…conservatism is about to be crushed.

  2. kralmajales says

    I think what we are seeing is pretty good news for you all though. Despite the anger at McCain, he is very likely to get support of moderate/business GOP that like the President’s bill on immigration and that don’t like extremism.

    The funny thing is that John McCain really is conservative…but this will look like a loss for evangelical, social conservatives…and Rush Limbaugh.

  3. kral, quit smoking crack! The Mack is back but the Mack has been conservative before conservativism was cool (apriori Limbaugh.) Ask Senator Phil Gramm if the Mack is a true conservative.

    Kral, how about that race war going on in Democratland? Why is Silky Pony still in the race? How does it feel to be on the recieving end of the Clinton-smear machine? When did you stop beating your wife?

    The author of this blog is correct, the race is far from over. Mitt is still competetive and a great candidate. This race has got me muttering prayers. Let’s just pray for our country.

  4. Should McCain win the nomination, he will probably have to go begging to real conservatives to get out and vote. Many will wonder what’s the point and stay home on election day.

  5. kral, 

    Since conservatism is an idea and a concept it will be pretty hard to crush. Also there was not really a solid conservative in the top tier of candidate. If you think beating Romney by 5% is a repudiation of conservatism then you need to read up on the topic.

    McCain is a lot of thing but a solid conservative is not one of them. This is not a loss for Rush because he was not on the ballot and his audience has not left him. Come Wednesday he will still live in a large house in Florida and still have access to a Gulfstream.

  6. “Come Wednesday he will still live in a large house in Florida and still have access to a Gulfstream.”

    And in the end, that’s all Rush cares about, because he knows his didiots will always be there for him, no matter how many wives he divorces, no matter how many sex tours he takes to the Dominican Republic, no matter how many pills he pops.

    He is the quintessential example of the shallowness of pundit conservatism.

  7. No matter how many times he raises $2 million for charity in one auction, plus his own $2 million to match.

  8. DSW
    “Many will wonder what’s the point and stay home on election day.”
    Wow, that’ll really help out the dem’s, they would perfer all us R’s to stay home. That’s like a vote for them! That will show them!!

  9. Lynn
    “Wow, that’ll really help out the dem’s, they would perfer all us R’s to stay home. That’s like a vote for them!”

    For many of these folks they won’t be able to tell the difference between McCain and the Democratic nominee => McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman. Shall I go on. I’m just telling you what I’m hearing…

  10. You’ll be able to tell if Hillary or Obama gets in.

  11. Like I said before, voting for McCain will be like taking a bullet to a limb instead of the head.

  12. Soooo… throw an occasional bone, and all that hyprocrisy and moral failure is cool.


    Pundit conservatism. Gotta love it.

  13. Guess I would rather be limping than dead.

  14. 2 words…
    “President Clinton”
    or worse…

    3 words….
    “First Lady Bill”

    I did love Mitt’s line during the debate about his concern with a Clinton in the White House with nothing to do….

    No Nominee is going to mesch completely with all coalitions of the party. The GOP is made up of many peoples that agree on most things, not all. Right now the most important issue is Iraq & the war on terror.

    Do you think that staying home & not voting, in essence voting for Hillary, is what the troops that have put their lives on the line for us would want you to do?

  15. Well, I must admit that I was wrong as wrong can be! I really thought that Romney had worked the early ballots, spent so much on ads and that conservatives would see him as the only way to stop McCain in Florida.

    It didn’t happen. Dick Morris said on Fox tonight that the GOP electorate has become more moderate. If that turns out to be more than just a Florida phenomenon, especially with Rudy endorsing McCain tomorrow, than I may also be wrong about it being time for Democrats to get ready to run against Romney.

    Here is one thing I think I will be right about, however: If McCain is the nominee, his running mate will not be one of the other candidates, nor will it be Lieberman. He will need a younger person on the ticket with him to make the kind of generational statement Bush sought to make with Quayle. I’m not yet sure who that would be, but the person also should not be another member of Congress. Are there promising young GOP governors anyone can think of to fill that bill?

  16. Mark Sanford, SC

  17. Sanford, or someone like him, would bring most if not all of the conservatives back to the fold.

    Klute all of us fail morally. That is why God sent his son to earth for our salvation.

    Lynn and ThinkRight we are not recommending that anyone sit out this election. Only positing that some might. The war is certainly important but the moral fabric of the nation is equally relevant. It would also be nice if we stopped mortgaging our future to the Chinese and Europeans.

  18. “The war is certainly important but the moral fabric of the nation is equally relevant.”

    And Gulfstream jets. Don’t forget the preservation of our precious Gulfstream jets.

  19. The race is basically over. McCain, for all of his many flaws, is still better than Hillary or Obama. I know that isn’t saying very much at all, but there’s no way I’m spending four or eight years listening to either one of them. That means I’m voting McCain. I’m not loving it, or even liking it, but I’m doing it. Simple as that!

  20. Republican Spartan says

    I’ll hold off on the pity party until after I see someone hit 1200 delegates. There’s too much potential for some wheeling and dealing down the stretch.

    Rudy will drop out with no delegates to offer McCain but Huckabee will have enough to make it interesting if neither McCain nor Romney can break the 1200 mark.

    Then, you gotta consider Ron Paul who will most likely have 100 or so delegates by the time the campaign ends. Not enough to be significant unless McCain or Romney needs his help to win the nomination.

    there are far too many variables left in this thing and several dynamics at play that have not happened in recent history.

    Then of course you have to look at the fact that McCain was forced to accept matching funds, severely hampering him in a drawn out process and eventually the general election.

    Romney on the other hand has unlimited cash at his disposal (so does the Hildebeast and Obamarama). McCain will come out of this whole thing weak and bruised with no money to stave off the Dem attacks and the media eventually turning on him, easy pickings for the Dems.

    Time to start selling off your stocks, start buying gold and Euros and burying your assault weapons in the back yard, it could be a long four years.

  21. I think the time to sell your stocks passed a few months ago.

  22. According to exit polls conducted by Fox, 42% of those voting yesterday said that the Crist endorsement was a major influence on their vote and they voted for McCain over Romney 58 to 23 percent.

    The Cuban Americans voted for McCain in even higher numbers than that two days after their Cuban American hero, Sen. Mel Martinez endorsed McCain.

    This vote was won by Crist and Martinez, not McCain. All the pundits who said that they normally do not believe endorsements mean anything said that these endorsements meant the whole ballgame.

    Gotta wonder what was offered by the McCain Campaign to get them on board at the last minute.

    Next Wednesday we’ll know if this is momentum or another bump in the 2008 roller coaster.

  23. Before you read another word, please do not interject anything but absolute concern for this country first and the party as a contributor to what makes it great and keeps it so. I am not glib, glee, or even glad about any of the ugliness and dissension around eveything from an occasional LD chair right up to the POTUS nominee. I have no agenda for anyone other than myself and the role I play as a true believer in our Republic.

    That I felt it necessary to write all of that explains why McCain won last night and will win the nomination, and the election in November. That I, a lifelong pro-life, strong on defense, fiscal conservative have been referred to in less than flattering terms in regard to my “true conservative” status. That callers to Rush or Sean, when presenting a viewpoint of even subtle difference, are treated as vermin.

    Those in the party, or outside of it such as the TV/Radio pundits who often clear their status as Independent, who have so often and for so long imposed their heavy hand onto the minds and actions of others are feeling that rebuttal.

    It is as right for me to judge best who will keep this country safe, protect our economy, and appoint judges that will maintain the sanctity of the Constitution as the one vote of Mr. Limbaugh.

    The difference…when all is said and done the resulting actions of the new president will have a huge impact on my ability to earn a decent living, feel safe in my home and streets, and provide a country for my children and grandchildren that is like the America I love. They will have another 4 years of material to keep them alive and pumping fuel into the private jet. The egocentricity has worn thin.

    That the response for Rush is his home and Gulfstream is the absolute example of why his one vote and one person means absolutely nothing to me. I am clearly not alone. Mercenaries believe in their cause but care not for those who will be affected by their actions beyond their own interests. The “cause” being the operative word. Just what is “the cause”?

    Conservatives, yes conservatives, want a strong military. They believe the courts will be fine. Immigration will be what it is, but no doubt something will be done. They have been managed to death and told what to think and feel in order to comply. They are sick and tired of it.

    That I have made my disgust over the yellow button well-known and been met with such anger is our own little example of this at work. Wrong is just wrong, hard work and dedication to a cause is not entitlement to destruction. Years of broadcasting the message of the right wears out when it begins to call you out as the thing wrong with this country.

    A hardball in the face wins no fans. I would never feel it wrong for one to have opposition to a candidate or elected official. Much the contrary. It is the manner in which they present their position and deal with those who would disagree that has caused the great divide.

    The big loser last night was not Giuliani or Romney. It was conservative talk radio and the pundits who refuse to accept that there are minds out there, connected to real people, that have the same ability as they do. One vote.

  24. There will be no radical changes no matter who gets elected President. Nothing gets done without both Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. Yesterday the House passed an economic stimulus package crafted by Pres. Bush and House leaders of both parties. In his last State of the Union address, Pres. Clinton proposed a Medicare drug benefit, but it took Pres. Bush and a GOP Congress to pass it.

    As president, Gov. Romney would work as well with liberal Democrats in Congress as he did with the liberal Democrats who controlled the state legislature in Massachusetts; together they got things done.

    Pres. Bush’s immigration proposals have received more support from Democrats than from his own party.

    In the general election campaigns, Republicans always move left and Democrats always move right. Most people are in the middle and more and more identify with neither party.

  25. McCain/Feingold, McCain/Lieberman, McCin amicus brief against the RTL, the Gang of 14, but most of all, McCain/Kennedy. If love of our country is uppermost, and his idea is to have uncontrolled access to America – which is his foundation, he just can’t say it now and have a chance to win the nomination – what does that do to our country.

    I do not fear the downfall of our country by an attack from the outside, I am very fearful of the downfall of our country that would occur internally as a result of the policies that Juan would implement and the irrational behavior patterns that he has demonstrated throughout the length and breadth of his career.

    I believe the Trojan Horse is already within the gates of Sovereign America, and that we must remove it before we go to sleep and find our throats cut by its infiltrators.

  26. Ann, You are correct. That couldn’t have been said any better.

  27. nightcrawler says

    On both the Republican and Democratic side of the political fence there has been one large miscalculation. Yes folks, the voting public does have a brain. Bill Clinton thought he could inject the race card into the minds of southern white voters. Truthfully, many here in Arizona on the Republican side attempt to do exactly the same thing under a different coat. At the end of the day, the voting public are not sheep or ignorant. The do the research and do care about character and issues. I was wrong about John McCain, I believed his campaign was over six months ago. Clearly, he is a better choice for America than Clinton or Obama. That said all of us in the GOP need to step and and swallow or pride and give our GOP candidate our full support. That’s right, take off the button. Put on a bumper sticker, put up a sign in your yard. Chest pounding self-righteous babble needs to turn to action. Taking your ball and going home is not an option.

  28. If John McCain wants to win back the core conservatives he has to make them one promise: Nominate core conservative judges and justices. I believe that would go very far in restoring the base. He would need to meet with high profile conservative leaders (Limbaugh, Dobson, NRLC, etc) for anyone to trust him on this issue. In the meantime, these core conservatives are probably going to shift completely to Romney and make one last effort to beat McCain.

  29. DSW

    THere is one more core question that McCain must give the right answer to. Will he forsake his Amnesty position, complete the border fence, employ workplace enforcement, eliminate all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities?

    We can have core conservative judges and justices, but if our Sovereignty and rule of law is sold down the river to the reconquistas, nothing else matters.

  30. Dan Campbell says

    We are with Governor Huckabee all the way!

    Sweep the South Governor, we are behind you 100%

    We Like Mike!

  31. What an idea, Ann,

    I should accept propaganda from The American Thinker with such world wide renowned leadership as Chantrill, Hoven, Kern, Shiver, Dunn, Lifson, etc.

    If you read all of the contributing writers that are posted on their site, there is not one recognized conservative in the lot.

    So their point is that a Republican Senator can sell out his Republican leadership and 48 of his fellow Republicans in a grandstand sell-out with the Democrats and that is actually a positive that should make grass roots Republicans support him for President.

    I do not accept the premise that I should throw away 20+ years of personal interaction with the Senor due to experts who have not known him as we in Arizona know him. What a crock.

  32. I prefer this from Hugh Hewitt’s site today:

    “I think what will happen across the country is that conservatives will give a good thought to whether or not they want to hand the party’s nomination over to Senator McCain. He has not been their champion over the last several years,” Romney said in an interview Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    “I think there will be a movement within the Republican party to coalesce around a conservative candidate. Mike Huckabee, of course, might stay in, and that might be one of the reasons he does so – is to try and split that conservative vote.”

    We will also not have an occasion next week where two politicians like Martinez/Crist have the influence that those two have.

  33. Cactus Wren says

    Lynn Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 9:26 pm
    “Many will wonder what’s the point and stay home on election day.”

    Wow, that’ll really help out the dem’s, they would perfer all us R’s to stay home. That’s like a vote for them! That will show them!!

    You want Republicans to prostitute their votes.
    Hey, pimp your own if you want, but NO PRICE will buy mine.

    Having a liberal Republican in the WH would be WORSE than having a liberal Democrat.

  34. nightcrawler says

    Hey now, let’s not get carried away.

    “Having a liberal Republican in the WH would be WORSE than having a liberal Democrat. ”

    You cannot be serious. What about all the other races that need GOP support ? Staying home on election day makes you a defacto Democrat.

  35. Just to clarify the position of Cactus Wren and many other people I know, one doesn’t have to stay away from the polls on election day to forego making a choice in one race.

    Many grass roots activists are committed to electing more Republicans in 2008 than in 2006, but they will not sell out their integrity to vote for a person who has a track record of being willing to work with the extreme left of the Democrat Party to give away the Sovereignty of this country.

    Having a liberal Republican Governor was one of the hardest things I have had to explain to my church and other conservative friends and her actions were reasons many left the Party.

    It is the Republican elected officials that do not act as Republicans that cause huge numbers of voters to feel there is no real difference between the parties and leads to the increase in independent registrations.

  36. nightcrawler says

    On the surface that makes sense if the concept is to preserve specific conservative ideals for the GOP. “The Platform”. In the meantime, a true liberal in every sense of the word will be dictating policy and judges that will affect our children for decades. It is a form of political suicide. “I’ll show you, see what happens when the true conservatives don’t vote, next time you will listen to us”. Well I am here to tell you “next time” might be decades or never. Look at the changing demographics. Look at the lack of youth at the MCRC and the State mandatory meetings. The party is looking like fat guys in funny hats riding on tricycles.
    Remember those ? (Actually we have a fat guy in a kilt and a Wickenburg version of Denny Crane) If we have a chance to keep the White House, we must take it. You will have a lot more to explain to your church with Hillary Clinton in office.

  37. kralmajales says

    This will raise total ire again, but I truly and strongly believe that McCain’s choice will not be Sanford but Lindsey Graham. I said it back in the fall because he would help deliver SC and because he is a rising star, but doesn’t overshadow John.

    Mark me down for this one, k?

  38. Lindsey Graham is a huge supporter but will not do the job McCain will need. Look for a younger person with less national stage presence and more Governor-ish experience.

    Michael Steele is an option but may not be seen as a winner since his last outing was not successful.

    Look for someone who is young(er….(ok, that is not exactly a disqualifier in this case but you get the point), impeccable conservative credentials with preferably a more acceptable immigration record, and charismatic. Name recognition and regional draw is a must. Remove the doubts, offer hope for the future, and serve as a buffer.

    If it weren’t for the dynasty issues, Jeb would be a good one.


  39. Cactus Wren-
    Like I’ve said before, if you believe that, et ready because things WILL be alot worse if a dem gets in.
    I’m not against Romney, but I am surely oppposed to a dem getting elected.

  40. “Looking forward to the next presidency, we see that Justice Stevens is 87, Justice Ginsburg 74, Justices Kennedy and Scalia 71, Justice Breyer 69 and Justice Souter 68. Perhaps all will be sitting in January 2013. Perhaps all will be retired. Voters who care about the Supreme Court ought to assume that the next president will have an impact on the future course of the Supreme Court greater than any president in modern times. The Court of course affects every aspect of American life, from the conduct of the war to the protection of the unborn, the right to worship and speak freely, the right to bear arms and the right to be free from intrusive governmental oversight. The Court can chose to protect private property or, as has been the case for decades, almost completely ignore this foundational right. The Court is the country’s future in many respects, and the president is the keeper of the court.” —Hugh Hewitt

    On this note we need to be very concerned…

  41. Lynn is right – the salient question is Do you trust John McCain to appoint members to the Supreme Court?

    Even his supporters at the Wall Street Journal say that his convictions are personal and not ideological. If you do not have an ideological foundation as to the prime tenets of our American philosophy of government, you are an easy target for the Kennedy, Feingold, Lieberman crowd. John McCain has a record of being coopted by them against the American people. He has also said that Samuel Alito is too conservative, but he has never said that Ginsberg is too liberal.

    In addition, he refuses to back down from his open border position, merely saying that the public wants border security first. The public wants much more than that. The want the border secure, workplace enforcement, the end to Sanctuary Cities, the elimination of free education,, free health and tax rebates, and the elimination of cross border anchor baby misuse of the 14th Amendment. John McCain has never indicated that he was in alignment with the American public on these issues and, finally, even admitted that if last year’s bill should appear on his desk, he would sign it.

    Remember LaRaza, LaMecha, Reconquista and who McCain has as his hispanic advisor – a person who supports all of these anti-American positions.

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