McCain way ahead in Arizona

The Social Research Laboratory at NAU has released a poll showing McCain way ahead of both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. Not even close.


  1. 20 points….and getting bigger all the time. Very nice!

    BTW Mr. Obama, I am not bitter. I have values that I truly believe in and do not need you to explain my passion as a poor substitute for a quality government where I can place my faith.

  2. Iris Lynch says

    What the media has NOT MENTIONED is his earlier words in the same sentence that they (small town PA.) are basically scapegoating people who are not like them along with immigrants. Could he mean blacks and Hispanics? Oh, no. Could he be racist? Why would I ever think that? Could he have been brainwashed by Wright?

    Somehow, I think we’ll never know.

  3. Antifederalist says

    One state, Arizona, does not an electoral college win make. As in 2006, the Republicans are in trouble because the party has betrayed its bedrock principles and true, small-government conservatives. Thanks to a nearly universal franchise, Obama WILL be our next president. Mr. Baeher’s article on RCP makes a good solid case: Because Dummycrats are PUMPED and conservatives are suppressed, and because Obama can raise cash McLame can’t, Republicans will be soundly defeated in this election cycle…AGAIN! I hope you moderates who elected McLame are proud of yourselves! Enjoy your loss! When you bother to nominate TRUE conservatives, maybe conservatives will join you at the ballot box. Until then, the Kum Bye Ya, party unity tripe ain’t convincing us. We’re been betrayed by too many moderates for us to fall for it anymore. BOB BARR `08!!!!!

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says


    Way to cut off your nose to spite your face. Hope you’re happy with the SC Justices appointed by Obama. Be prepared to have socialized medicine, and hope you don’t like guns, you’re not going to have any.

  5. Antifederalist says

    Boomer Gal,
    It’s not conservatives who are betraying the party, it’s the moderates. We might as well have Dummycrats at the helm if McLame is the nominee. He’s in lockstep with them on immigration, the 2nd Amendment (remember, our goon of a Senator tried to “close the gunshow loophole”), the First Amendment (campaign finance reform, an outgrowth of his entanglement with the Keating 5), global warming, and more! His ACU ratings have NOSEDIVED in the last few years. If the trend continues, he will be voting more often with the Dems than with the Republicans. And as far as judicial nominees, I remind you that he was part of the fence-sitting Gang of 14 who blocked the use of the nuclear option on nominees AND he criticized Alito for wearing his conservatism on his sleeve. Don’t tell me he’s going to give us conservative nominees because he won’t! He’s going to nominate judicial nominees who share his depraved world view. Moderates like McCain do NOT have a good record on nominating justices. Bush Jr. tried to give us Harriet Meiers. Only because conservatives raised cain did Bush Jr. cave in and appoint Roberts and Alito. The moderate Ford gave us the liberal Justice Kennedy, even Reagan gave us the fence-sitting Justice Stevens. Reagan also gave us O’Connor who betrayed conservatives on the life issue. The moderate Sr. Bush gave us the liberal Justice Souter. Granted Bush Sr. also gave us Thomas. At best moderate Presidents have been a mixed-bag on justices, at worst, they’ve been disasters. Please, tell me how I’m supposed to be excited about a candidate who will most likely give us the likes of a Stevens, Souter, or Kennedy, is in lockstep with the socialists on WAY too many issues, is a volitaile old man…(and the list goes on and on)?? Again, sell your Kum Bye Ya snake-oil elsewhere. I was burned by it in 2006 and I’m not swallowing it again.

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