McCain vs. Clinton

I have to hand it to our senior senator.

Monday, he was confident enough to assert that he is the only Republican who could beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election next November. (read article)

McCain cited the latest Rasmussen poll that, at this moment in time, places him two points ahead of the junior senator from New York.

Reminder: It’s November, 2007 – exactly one year away from the election. As I like to say in the fast moving world of politics, a lot can change in 12 months.

McCain also asserted that he was a “proud conservative Republican” and that Mrs. Rodham-Clinton was a liberal democrat. This from a senator who has moved away from the conservative base over the last decade on the issue of free speech, sanctity of life, and federal marriage protection.

Something tells me that a lot more will change in the next 12 months.


  1. If John McCain is not on the Republican ticket when the general election comes upon us, the White House will fall to the Democrats.
    Mind my words.
    And with it will fall a lot of Republican seats in Arizona.
    Fortunately we need not worry about loosing the Senate and the House in 2008, our “Base” took care of that in 2006.
    Quit listening to the “Base” for heaven’s sake.
    Get real before it is too late.

  2. Horst brings up a very important point; not specifically relative to Sen. McCain. The strength of the R ticket and perceived strength of the Dem ticket will provide long coattails to the state candidates.

    If Shrill Hill is the nominee, her huge negatives will show up on election day. Voters will vote not only for the Republican presidential ticket but for the conservative state candidates as a buffer for the “just in case”.

    The next 4 months will be huge and the next 12 a political junkies dream….or nightmare.

  3. I agree with you Ann but I’m still not convinced that Hillary will be the Dems nominee. But even if she is, her negatives are too high for her to pull a majority of votes. A third candidate would make that possible and screw the GOP nominee much like Mr. Perot did in 1992.

  4. I am very open to the idea that someone other than Hill could be the nominee; especially considering the recent events.

  5. I am more concerned with John “Pretty Boy” Edwards. The last time a D was elected to the white house, and was from the north…John Kennedy. Running as a Democrat from the north doesn’t bode well.
    Also, I would like to give a shout out to Horst. WAY TO GO!!! Good common sense analysis …the base of either side basically cancel each other out because the parties are getting farther from real voters with each passing election cycle.

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