McCain Up By Double Digits Over Hayworth


More bad news for Camp Hayworth.  After failing to meet another fundraising milestone despite heavy advertising, all the major news outlets are reporting polling numbers that spell big trouble for the ex-Congressman.  The separation of Hayworth and Jason Rose over, according to Rose, Hayworth’s unwillingness to pay the price of his services may be more of an inability to do so.  In  the money raised department, McCain out did the Abramoff scandal plagued former sportscaster by a greater than 2-1 margin.

The results of the poll show Senator McCain is leading in the GOP Primary 52-37 in a head-to-head matchup with Hayworth.  When asked about his ability to stay in the race with such low numbers by Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Hayworth dodged the answer with the stale line about the only poll that matters is the one in November.

Here are a few of the reports:


The Hill

Salon Blog

Phoenix Business Journal

Daily Caller


CQ Politics



  1. Ann,

    Just a question how do you feel then about mccains vote for TARP. Quite the expansion of government or his support of medicare part D also a vast expansion of government…

    Your positions sound great the same way john mccains do on the campaign trail but your vote for mccain like john mccains votes imply you believe something different.

  2. Stephen Kohut says


    If you truly believe what you state above then you are backing a candidate for Senate that is anathema to your positions. Your action of who you back is all that is needed to determine what you truly believe. Your actions paint you as a RINO regardless of the nice words on your beliefs.

    Regarding JD, show a single post of mine where I indicate I am supporting/endoring JD. There are none. While I am no fan of JD I will take on the McCainiacs whenever their commentary qualifies as “the pot calling the kettle black” regard either challenger.


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