McCain on Obama – “Has Done Well!”

AP has the coverage of John McCain’s appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation”.  Arizona’s maverick Senator expressed his opinion that President Obama had “done well” in his first five months in office, achieving all of his legislative goals.

It was strange to read that–especially for a politician running for re-election in a Republican primary–McCain felt that the down side to Obama’s success was that it had come with little or no Republican support.

So, McCain doesn’t want Obama to fail, thinks he has done well so far, and laments Obama’s lack of GOP support?

Combine all of that with McCain’s support for other pieces of Obama’s agenda (closing Gitmo, global warming, “comprehensive immigration reform”, embryonic stem cell research, etc.) and you start to understand why Republicans are so anxious for Len Munsil or J.D. Hayworth to get into this race.


  1. PUH-LEEZE! Every SA reader, read the link and see for yourself how manipulative this post is!

    If truth is too much to ask, can we get some perspective, please…has Obama done well in getting his goals achieved? Yes. Such an answer does not convey agreement or approval. In fact, Sen. McCain said it has happened with “little or no Republican support”. It proceeds to say, “McCain also is critical of Obama…” and goes on to other topics where the Senator criticizes Obama.

    If I ask you if Janet Napolitano did well at getting her legislative agenda passed…you would have to answer, yes. Does that mean we supported or approved of her? Absolutely not!

    AZ Insider is taking a play out of the Chewie Sofur book of how to manipulate any story to suit your purpose.

  2. No one is asking for Len Munsil to get into the race, other than maybe Len himself. He would do about as well as McCain’s last opponent. On the other hand, J.D. Hayworth served 12 years in the House, published a book on immigration, developed a national profile and has hosted a radio show that many conservatives swear by. He could at least make it interesting.

  3. Harold Hough says

    I went to the CBS website and downloaded the transcript of the McCain interview. His comment wasn’t complimentary of Obama. And, the whole answer indicated he didn’t support Obama. The AP twisted McCain’s words to make it sound like he supported Obama. That’s a typical mainstream media trick that SA should have been aware of.

  4. Antifederalist says

    I couldn’t care less whether or not the post is manipulative on exactly what McLame said. The kicker is the last paragraph that outlines where the Senator agrees with the NObama. No self-respecting Republican should have those positions.

  5. AZRep

    If JD Hayworth couldnt win a district with a plus 17 republican voter registration advantage how is he going to beat McCain in a primary? The guy I guess would make it interesting in the sense that the race would be comical. The guy is such a dumb blowhard and would implode in the debates against McCain the same way he did against Mitchell in 06.
    The guy is a joke and should stay on the radio.

  6. McCain has served this country and I respect him for that and am greatful for his service. It is time though that he step down and let next generation take his place.

  7. kralmajales says


    I couldn’t be more delighted to hear that JD Hayworth or, unbelievably, Len Munsil might take on McCain. McCain has been a worthless Washington insider and his ranking as on of the worst Senators for bringing money to their state proves it.

    I would LOVE to see the intra-party challenge some here hunger for.

  8. Red Yawp says

    This post does not fit in with your normally thoughtful pieces. Anyone that watches the full clip for more than 10 seconds will realize that McCain spends 90% of the time disagreeing with Obama. He is simply trying to disagree without being disagreeable. McCain has spent the last week railing against Obama’s Iran statements, including this interview… the last thing that he is doing to giving Obama a pass.

  9. Sonoran Alliance has been steadily losing credibility for the past few months. This post has sunk to a new low and eliminated any credibility that was left. Anyone who reads the full interview can understand why.

  10. Well, AZ Rep, I am not Len…….but, I did vote for him for Governor…..and would now strongly to encourage him to mount a challenge against McCain. We need a STRONG CONSERVATIVE voice coming forth from this State in Washington, not one who will continue to “compromise” and sell our values out.

  11. Red compromise is how you get things done. Reagan signed an amnesty bill. He spent 165 billion to bail out social security.
    He raised taxes 4 times from 82-84. One year after is tax reductions he restored 1/3 of them the next year and then had a $100 billion tax increase the largest since World War II. Reagan raised taxes in 1983 with a gasoline tax and once more in 1984, this time by $50 billion over three years, mainly through closing tax loopholes for business.

    Am I saying Reagan is a moderate? Of course not, he was a true conservative and stood for core conservative values, but he knew sometimes you need to compromise to get what you want.

    The republican party today is too rigid and this is why it continues to go down a path of failure.

  12. In response to AZRep –

    Actually, there seem to be lots of people urging Len Munsil to run, beginning with Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit (, who makes a pretty compelling case for why Munsil would be viable. Just reading the comments and the results of the Gila Courier poll (, it does appear that there is widespread grassroots support for Munsil, who did pretty well in winning a statewide Republican primary with very little money in his first run for office. Undoubtedly many people are urging Hayworth to run as well. Hayworth does have some strengths, as noted, but also some weaknesses – he has not run and won a statewide primary, and he did lose a heavily Republican district despite the power of incumbency and despite outspending his challenger. I think many conservatives would be pleased to support either Hayworth or Munsil against McCain.

  13. Oberserve says

    Reagan was clear when he signed the amnesty bill. He disagreed with doing so and agreed to it only if it were a ONE TIME occurence.

    Therefore, no, anyone now who supports amnesty, like McCain and Ann (post #1), is going AGAINST what Mr. Reagan believed.

    Where Obama and McCain agree is on amnesty. They both agree with it.

  14. kralmajales says

    No matter how you spin it, which was extremely weak Observe, Reagan pushed for and signed what you call amnesty. He was not forced into it, he believed it, he signed it, and it was done. He did so because he was Gov of California and therefore knew what it meant to millions of people in the United States, millions of farmers, millions of others who employ people and millions of families.

    Ronald Reagan did what he thought was right. Funny, you all would hang him now and now you revise history to suit your fantasies of who he really was.

  15. Mystery solved! Case closed! No more wondering about why statewide the GOP is trailing in voter registration, can’t win even in majority districts (CD5), and is going broke….despite poll after poll showing the majority follows our platform with agreement.

    Too many would rather spend their time destroying others who threaten their ability to be the holder of all things truly Republican/Conservative. Who cares if you distort the truth, assign beliefs where they don’t exist, or cause a complete melt-down of our party….don’t you feel better as a person for having the ability to take a cheap shot? At least you have something to show for your work.

    Who cares if you have never taken a chance to try to do a good thing but just sat behind your monitor, shaking your fist, and keeping score….just waiting for the next chance to lie and deceive. But all in the name of what is good and “right”.

    100% compliance, that’s all that is acceptable; it is who designs the matrix that is scary! Revisionist history is perfectly acceptable if it justifies the end result.

    So far…how’s that working out for ya’? Let’s see…2 terms of Napolitano, Goddard, Obama, Giffords, Kirkpatrick, Mitchell….hmmmm….what will 2010 bring?

    If anything helps us, it will be the failed polices of the Dems that will be cause our gains…and it will be in spite of ourselves.

  16. kralmajales says

    Hey Ann,

    Good points all. I agree, but for this:

    “If anything helps us, it will be the failed polices of the Dems that will be cause our gains…and it will be in spite of ourselves.”

    You must be talking federal, because it is state GOP policies that are really angering people now. Politics is local.

  17. Roto Rooter says

    The state Republican party is in the toilet and guys like Pearce are the “floaters” unwilling to go down.

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