McCain Obama’s 2012 Campaign Manager?

Tipping my hat with a thanks to Seeing Red for bringing this excellent analysis to our attention.  Following the events of last Saturday, I felt it was especially necessary to re-post this article “Obama 2012 Campaign Manager: John McCain” as published in “The American Thinker”.   Author Jeannie DeAngelis kicks a field goal from 65 yards out straight and true.

It’s clear as 2012 approaches that a similar blueprint of calling attention to a failed presidency could help unseat Barack Obama from the Oval Office.  Yet rather than continue to turn up the heat to accomplish that goal, one particular politician appears to be confused about what side of the aisle he should sit on.  That politician is…yes, you guessed it: that poster child of bipartisanship, the always civil and moderate John Sidney McCain.

Thanks Johnny!


  1. The Avenger says

    It is no wonder why Barry was so bold about amnesty in his State of the Union; Johnny boy has his back!

  2. …and these folks are in a huff about Morrissey. No one is better suited, positioned, willing to undermine the GOP like John McCain.


  3. Anybody know why John McCain did not endorse Ron Carmichael while Jon Kyl did endorse him?

    It is an admission John McCain is poison to Republican voters who are paying the most attention.

  4. #4: I’ve wondered about Carol as well as those who write for SA. Did Randy during his years as chair ever sit them down and ask them to cool it? They only want to take down GOPers who don’t pass their litmus test. That’s not a recipe for growing the party.
    (Answer: We don’t want to grow the party if it means sacrificing our principles and the Constitution! The GOP is rife with liberals! The AZ delegation in in cahoots with the Mexican government!)

  5. Sam Gerard says

    Another point to show the close alliance of McCaniac and Obummer, is that they both OPPOSE earmarks! Both apparently believe that Congressmen and Senators (other senators, that is) should have NO HAND in determining where all the monies confiscated from the taxpayers are spent!

    Here’s Johnny and Big Ears really share the belief that only THEY are best equipped to spend our “investments”!

  6. No "Kluteless", no time says

    I see “Clueless” Klute is exposing his ignorance again!

    The Medicaid system in Arizona is better than 99% of the medical insurance plans in OUR state. And it’s NOT good enough for ‘Kluteless’ (short for Cluless Klute) that the system pays for illegals to have the best insurance that my money can buy, while I have to pay for my own expenses?

    Well, why don’t we buy all the ‘poor’ a new house? How about a brand new Cadillac? After all, a computer & wireless internet, food, cable, transportation just isn’t enough! Why should we stop there? We can force the rich (only conservatives, that is) to move into smaller homes and use the proceeds to provide ‘little mansions’ for the ‘deserving’ little goths, with a home they can be proud of, as well!

    Well, All these ‘little geniuses’ need to do is confiscate all the wealth from the greedy rich; after all, as Obastard says, they don’t need it all! Really smart, Really smart.

  7. Don’t drag family members into the comments!

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    @Klute, we’ll just send you the medical bills for those poor organ transplant patients ok? Its one thing to sit and criticize and yet another to offer a solution. We’re still listening pal.

    @Bill, you’ll *never* pass our “litmus” test. The AzGOP is not a big tent. See RR’s remarks on the subject before proclaiming yourself a common sense conservative.

  9. Pragmatic Conservative says

    There are quite a few pictures on the web showing President Reagan embracing Gorbachev, what is your point? Would you conclude, based on those pictures, that President Reagan is a communist?

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    @Pragmatic RINO #12: no, actions speak louder than words and Reagan’s actions proved your snarky remark to be what it is.

    The individual currently occupying the White House by his own actions coupled with the actions of McCain the Manchurian Candidate, prove the case of this post.

    @Klute, you are not alone. My medical bills have totaled well over $100K and guess what? I didn’t ask the public dole to pay for them! I manage to buy my own health insurance which is a hefty portion of my income. I suppose I could rely on the public dole, but I wasn’t raised with that as a family value.

    @Billy re: #5 above, you’ll never get it will you Billy? Perhaps you should return to the grocery business and depart politics?

  11. Anti McCain says

    Anyone who believes Juan McCain was truly running against Barry Sotero in 2008 is smoking some crack that was smuggled across the open border with Mexico. McCain was the globalists 2nd choice to replace El Presidente Jorge Boosh. They wanted Barry O, and they told Juan to do everything he could to throw the election and that he did.

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