McCain lost 94k votes in 8 years

In 2000 John McCain lost South Carolina to George Bush 42% to 53%. That year McCain received approximately 237,888 votes. Fast forward to 2008 and the news reports that McCain won South Carolina with 33% and 143,224 actual votes. That is 94,664 fewer votes than in 2000. This lack of a majority only indicates that this race is still wide open and it is too soon to anoint one or another of the Republican candidates.

It will be very interesting to see where voters turn as more and more Republicans drop out of the primary. Will they swing over to McCain or get behind an anyone-but-McCain alternative? Only time will tell but this little item might be a hint of things to come. Thomson supporter in Georgia shifts to Romney.


  1. kralmajales says

    What the loss of votes indicates is that turnout is low, overall, for the GOP in state after state. Check it out. This is emblematic of what many are saying…the GOP is not exciting voters much at all.

    This has little at all to do with John McCain, who still won the state and Mr. Romney doesn’t even register in the most important Southern state in the process (arguably).

  2. You know I am rather disgusted by this blog’s penny ante smears about McCain. So rather than retaliate by the same means. I will praise Mitt.

    The thing I admire most about Mitt Romney is that he turned Staples, Brookstone, Domino’s, Sealy Corporation and Sports Authority. Mitt almost beat Teddy Kennedy in 1994. His father marched with Martin Luther King. He saved Massachusetts from the democrats in replacing Jane Swift. As Governor, Romney balanced the budget and stood as a voice of sanity against the cacophony of gay marriages. His campaign in Michigan was brilliant. McCain really should have won that state, but when Romney said he would save the auto industry – even I had to give him a double take and conceded street creds to him on economic issues. Least among his accomplishments in my mind in a very impressive life resume is the Olympics, but it is still noteworthy as the Olympics prior to Romney had been a haven for European bribe takers, second in corruption only to the Oil for Food scalawags.

    A man who can boast of a 113% internal rate of return understands the economy and if the economy becomes the issue for Feb and March, then Romney’s hand will be increased.

    Now let’s face some facts, Romney’s early victory strategy failed but is flexible enough and has the resources to develop a strategy of “be where they are not” strategy which may win him the nomination. Romney is not very well respected or liked amongst the other men running against him. If we are looking at a brokered convention he must make nice yet at the same time fight a four front war and decapitate a perceived front runner.

    Mitt also has to connect with voters. All of these candidates must engender a fierce loyalty to their constituents. You look at Hillary or Obama supporters. They have a visceral loyalty to their candidates. The voters see themselves in Hillary (a woman scorned), Obama (what a guy!), McCain (real American hero), Huckabee (guy next door), Thompson (guy from Law and Order), Rudy (9/11): Mitt has to break out of his image of this plastic Ken doll with the perfect life and perfect wife. In a sense, Mitt’s persona is a bit like Algore – wooden. Romney can overcome this not by running away from this persona but by amping it up. If Romney can give speeches like the one he gave defending his Mormonism, he can become the next JFK.

  3. James,

    Since when is citing facts a smear?

  4. az gnat,

    Using your logic, Huckabee gained 128k votes.

    Check your numbers – fewer SC Republicans voted in this primary than they did in 2000. Plus, McCain had to compete with 6 others for votes as opposed to only 2.

    Citing facts becomes smear when you try to spin it. McCain won SC hands down. Just give it up!

  5. Kral,

    I guess you missed the turnout in Nevada… More than 44,000 Republicans caucused and only 10,500 Democrats did. (Even with the chance to caucus at work!) This is a state that has 5,000 more registered Dems than Republicans. So much for lack of enthusiasm from Republican primary voters.

  6. Sean Noble-

    The excerpt below is from Monday’s Las Vegas Sun. You have apparently hired GW Bush as a math tutor:

    The Nevada State Democratic Party had its big day Saturday, achieving, by most metrics, an astounding success, turning out more than 116,000 people to caucus.

    That’s more than 10 times the number of Democrats who participated in the party’s caucus four years ago.

    What’s more, the party apparently picked up 30,000 to 40,000 new registrations on Saturday, said Jean Hessburg, former executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party, hired by Nevada Democrats as a caucus consultant. Those new voters could swing the state sharply into the Democratic column in the November election.

  7. az gnat,

    Unless you want to talk about how democrats are galvanized, it is obvious for everyone involved that this is a non-story. You seem to want to blow up Romney at the expense of McCain. How about thinking critically about this election and analyzing the candidates’ positions? How about showing some class?

  8. each election cycle is different…there is no comparing GWB vs McCain in 2000 to 2008 with 5 or 6 candidates splitting the vote.

  9. Kralmajales says

    Dang it, well said Thinkright

    …and what I said in my first post…

    As to GOP turnout and the big win for Romney…I suspect that he galvanized mormon voters as well. Impressive too. That should help him in other states like Arizona, Idaho, and Utah.

  10. Frank Soto says

    Fred Thompson is out of the race:

    Who do you think he will support.

    Sorry Ann.

  11. Kralmajales says


    I was rushing to post this. Thanks! You beat me! (smile)

    Sorry Ann… I do always respect people who believe in a candidate, work for them, and believe in them until the end.

    As for who he will support…wow…that it a toughie. The southern in him could go Huckabee, but I am betting he is a bit more establishment grounded, so I am betting he goes Romney…

    I would not be surprised if he goes McCain though…really…served in the Senate with him, they aren’t that far apart on issues in the past, etc.

  12. Kral,

    I am sad to see him go, but I suppose it was inevitable. Fred does not like le Huck and no one like Romney. He will be for no one or J-Mac.

  13. Kralmajales says

    I like the J-Mac term!!!!


  14. Well….. I appreciate the sentiments, thank you.

    I don’t know where to go yet; I do know I have no desire to play hop-scotch, follow-the-leader, or Simon says. I don’t have a lot of time to decide how to cast my primary ballot…. I, of course, have some leanings but I am torn. My husband is full throttle for his 2nd choice.

    Calling all who care to give me your best shot at making a case for your candidate to fire away! Positives comments, please. If you have a negative, back it up.

  15. kralmajales says

    Hi Ann,

    Liberal speaking here…but let me try to persuade you. John McCain is the best opportunity for the GOP to win the Presidency and in Arizona would benefit GOP races below him on the ballot. Expediency.

    Despite what people say about some of his more pragmatic votes (McCain-Feingold, Stem Cell, torture..), the guy says and does what he believes. He doesn’t pussy foot around…he tries to explain, educate, and frankly LEAD. Some disagree, but that is what leaders get when they lead.

    Furthermore, on social issues, taxes, and the like, he is a conservative that makes me shake in my boots.

    I could go on to trash the other candidates, but I won’t this time.

  16. Ann,

    Well, if you really like Fred, you may want to cast your vote for Romney – a Romney/Thompson ticket is more likely than a McCain/Thompson.

    Of course, Fred just made hisself a pitcher of iced tea and he’s just commenced whittlin’ on the front porch, so maybe not.

    I promise that’s the last time I make fun of Thompson – until Romney gives him the VP slot.

  17. Klute.

    My precious mother is a southern gal, so tread carefully. And to be more realistic, it would be sweet tea.

    Why Romney?

  18. Ann,

    I’m a Southerner myself. Heck, my stepmom taught at Jefferson Davis Elementary. But Fred totally is sterotypcial white Southern politican. All he needs is a white suit and a fan to keep himself cool to complete the image for me.

    But Romney’s going to need someone to reenforce his conservative bonafides. He’ll need someone to give him the South, because he can’t pull it off on his own – and he’ll need a big name. Thompson would be his first choice, my guess is Haley Barbour would be his second (although Barbour’s got some baggae that might cost them the Great Lakes – cozying up to the CCC, sending his kid to a school that was founded by segregationists, going to an all-white country club).

    Upon reflection, I don’t think Thompson ever wanted to be President – he’s got the mindset of your classical Veep.

  19. I hereby pardon the Soggy Bottom boys

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