McCain-Huckabee ’08?

Now the talk is all about Huckabee remaining in the race in order to guarantee a VP role with McCain.

If there is a deal in the works, does this now make a McCain nomination more palatable for core conservatives?

Given the Ancient Mariner’s age, do Huckabee conservatives continue to vote for him knowing they’ll have to be patient four years in order to get what they really want?

Or, do Huckabee conservatives throw all their support behind Romney and hope the GOP’s nominee remains conservative?

Then again, will conservative wake up this fall and realize they’ve nominated a Democrat in GOP clothing?


  1. I understand that the pundits on Fox News are speculating that Mike Huckabee is staying in the race to split votes off from Romney. I am part of no plan and I say Mike Huckabee will sweep the South and control those delegates. If anyone that professed to be Conservative should have left the race, it should have been Mitt Romney who lost Iowa after outspending Mike Huckabee 15-to-1.

    State Senator Jack Harper
    Arizona Chairman, Huckabee For President, Inc.

  2. Get a clue senator. The ethically challenged governor from Arkansas is only in the race at this point to be the hatchet man for McCain. His appeal to the average republican voter is limited (but valuable in this close race between the two frontrunners).

    Besides, your lame attempts to impugne Gov. Romney smack of nothing more than desperation from an inconsequential political wannabe.

    Good luck with your fantasy-land cabinet position dreams.

  3. I initially planned on voting for Huckabee in the primaries. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Huckabee does not have a chance in this race.

    Now azslim, those are some harsh words about Senator Harper. On the flip side senator, I will be voting for Romney.

  4. You’re right Josh. I apologize to the senator for my comments. But anyone who thinks that Huckabee is “conservative” hasn’t really taken a close look at his actual record of accomplishments. I’m sure the senator understands that, as he would like to carry the mantle of a conservative as much as anyone else at the AZ Legislature. Unfortunately for him, Sen. Gould isn’t going anywhere.

  5. AZSlim,

    I have no ill will toward you or Mitt Romney. I just want to stand for the values that I believe in. The Second Amendment, the sanctity of life, controlling the border, and reforming our tax code. Regardless of Huckabee’s success/failure to accomplish these issues, I intend to take my values to a state-wide race in 2010. If these are issues that you believe in, I’ll welcome your support.

    State Senator Jack Harper

  6. Robert Leguillon says

    Mike Huckabee is the best candidate in my eyes. Unfortunately, noone paid attention when he was holding a solid second in EVERY national poll. Mitt Romney did not overtake Huckabee in ANY national poll until after the media had been calling it a “two man” race between Romney and McCain for quite awhile. The Pygmalion effect (self-fulfilling prophecy) kicked in, and we now have the “two man” race that the media started. As a devout Huckabee supporter I can tell you that neither my vote, nor most other supporters’ votes that I’m aware of will be cast for Mitt Romney. I won’t be childish and vote for Clinton, but I’d sooner see John McCain in the White House. Romney is neither believable nor likeable, and his baseless attacks on Huckabee alienated the Huckabee voters. Sorry Mitt, I’m voting for Mike on Super Tuesday, and John in the national. McCain/Huckabee ’08…. I’d LOVE to see it.

  7. state senator jack harper says

    Huckabee won West Virginia.

  8. McCain/Huckabee ticket only makes sense. I heard rumors that if McCain gets elected that he will give Ron Paul a cabinet position, such as Secretary of State..even more enticing.

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