McCain Could Resign?

Mike Sunnucks with the Business Journal of Phoenix has written a speculative piece on the possible resignation of John McCain from the US Senate as early as this summer. A vacancy would require Governor Janet Napolitano to appoint a interim replacement from the Republican party.

Of course, the Republican choice would be retiring Congressman John Shadegg which would allow him an advantage as an incumbent as the position of US Senator is added to the 2008 ballot.

But with her sights on the US Senate, Napolitano would likely prefer appointing a weak Republican or RINO. In fact, Sunnucks cites possible replacements including RINO’s, Grant Woods and Deb Gullet.

Such a resignation would continue the huge shift in the political landscape as elected officials and newcomers vy for positions.

Incidentally, SA ran with this very speculation on Monday.


  1. Didn’t Grant Woods re-register as an Independent? That would knock him out of the running.

  2. I need a little help.

    As a casual observer of Arizona politics, I was visiting with a very trusted friend who informed me — if true — of an absolutely destructive, development occurring from McCain and Kyl.

    My friend claims that McCain and Kyl have instructed the National GOP not to give any support to the AZ GOP and instead funnel support to the liberal Pima County GOP organization where they have more control. Also, Jim Click has hired Nathan Sprawl (sp?) to head up the money coordination and distribution with the Pima County GOP.

    This is in reaction to Randy Pullen publishing the official AZ GOP position on immigration that both McCain and Kyl got clobbered over with their support of non-amnesty, amnesty bill.

    I do believe that McCain and Kyl have a deep animosity against Pullen, especially McCain. Have they been hurting the state GOP’s fund-raising efforts.

    What I don’t know and why I’m asking for help, can anyone confirm or deny what my friend has told me?

    I am hoping it is not true, because that would be petty beyond the pale. I donate to the AZ GOP because I want conservatives elected but don’t have time to follow every issue.

  3. Just Win Baby says

    That sounds about right Karl. Not sure about the Pima County part, although Sproul is active there, but Kyl (and probably McCain) have been working against the AZ GOP, getting event speakers to cancel, etc. Nasty business, but that’s just how some people play the game.

  4. History matters says

    Bottom Line “Karl” is this. When Pullen won by just 4 votes last year it was during a very tender transition time for the Arizona GOP. There was an opportunity to unite the party but true to what was predicted by many of his detractors he divided the party.

    How ? one of the first things he did was attack Kyl and McCain on immigration and go on the national news throwing gasoline on the fire by telling America how bad they were on the issue, showing an obscene cartoon drawing that was sent to the party office.

    He forgot or never understood his role and then went on to answer questions about what HE thought should be done on immigration. Maybe he thought he was elected to represent us in Congress or the Senate..not as a State Party Chair.

    Just as the party leadership is there to help elect Republicans- arguably they are also there to keep our existing elected Republicans in office. Honoring and supporting the Delegation should be if not job 1, very high on the list.

    Pullen got his 15 minutes of fame and used what could have been a time to demonstrate by his own actions, how cooler heads should prevail, alas, he did not lead by example.

    He had alot of detractors going into his Chairmanship role…if he was ever beat up by them as some people may think , it was Pullen himself who picked up the bat and finished himself off.

    He gets it from both sides- from the lunatic fringe of the party he has not been outrageuos enough and for the others who rallied against him, he fell right in line with what they said he would do if elected.

    One might assume he regrets his actions but there has never been a public apology that I have seen.

    I hope the party will work together with a single purpose and loyalty to the delegation is very important.

    I hope Pullen has grown to understand that. It is unknown if there will be another opportunity for him do a course correction but if it does present itself, I hope he leads by example and be a voice of reason for the angry mob…not their spokesman

  5. Frank Cameron says

    Well, who would be the TOP Republicans she should replace? We know she’ll post a milk toast RINO who will step aside for her, but in a fantasy world, who would be best?

    My Top 3

    1.Randy Graf

    2.Jan Brewer

    3.Jim Weirs

  6. GOP Precinct Committeeman says

    HALLELUJAH FOR PULLEN! We supposedly elected r-e-p-r-e-s-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-n in Kyl and McCain. As in “represent the constituency.” Remember that old notion? Over 70% of Arizona voters vote against illegal immigrants at every opportunity. WE DON’T WANT IT! WE DON’T WANT ANY FORM OF AMNESTY! We want TOUGHER employer sanctions! Thank you Randy Pullen for getting it right for the 4 million and wrong for Mr. Kyl and Mr. McCain! We want Sancturary policies lifted. We want EXISTING LAWS enforced. We are not the loony fringe that Sen. and Sen. like to portray us as. We are your state. Rep. Shadegg GOT IT RIGHT! And it pains us to see Rep. Shadegg standing up for McCain now. “Alriigghhttt….we’ll give them their damn fence” You don’t hear words of contempt for the people like that from Randy Pullen! Build the wall before more innocents are killed by illegal aliens and stem the insane tide of property crime perpetrated by the illegals against YOUR fellow citizens. How soon do we get to vote for Randy Pullen again?

  7. History Matters says

    If is true that the State Party is in financial trouble I sure hope you have been out raising money from those “4 million people” who Randy Pullen has gone out on a limb for…

    If your sentiment represents that many people they should be lined up giving money to the State Party.

  8. HIstory Matters is either ignorant or revisionist. The state party is in no financial trouble. In fact, it’s doing better than it has for many years. But, yes, McCain and Kyl are playing their childish games as Karl described. It has been confirmed. And, no, like the Democrat attacks on Bush, you can’t blame every problem on Pullen. Despite his detractors, Pullen has been more than fair with all elected officials and candidates. McCain and Kyl made their decisions. McCain’s vindictiveness is well-documented and Pullen made it to his hit list many years ago because he had the nerve to disagree with him. The Party at all levels is having a problem getting money out of Republicans in Southern AZ. People are giving directly to candidates or sitting on their money. Pima County party would be defunct if Bruce Ash hadn’t bailed it out by stepping in to be the county party fundraiser. Bee is clearly in a world of hurt despite the $50k raised by an army of callers. People are stepping up to support the party, but some, like Ash, are focused on bailing out the county so it can become Bee’s non-existent campaign apparatus.

  9. nightcrawler says

    I need to stick up for Pullen. I believe that he has been trying to unite the party, not divide it. I was very pleased with the State mandatory meeting and with the State Platform. Randy emphasized unity and I believe he was sincere.

    Now getting back to the immigration issue. The grassroots had every reason to raise a stink. They had worked hard and spent time and treasure supporting candidates who pulled a 180 at the last minute. They felt betrayed and Pullen had an obligation to speak for those who help to elect him to the Chair position. I find no fault with him there.

    For the National GOP to ignore the hard working Republicans seeking a host of state level positions is shameful. We are an inverted pyramid. The Congressional delegation and National Committemen owe the grassroots, not vice versa. I hope what you are suggesting is just a rumor. If true, the fall harvest will not be bountiful for anyone.

  10. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Please do not confuse the job of a member of the US House with that of those in the US Senate. Every two years a district has an election that involves a whirlwind of impulsive behavior. With six-year terms, senators are institutionally far less susceptible to the whipsaw pushed and pulled by voters.

    Also keep in mind that every AZ state legislator and Congressman needs the party every two years to help get reelected. Gee, that creates a lot of loyalty. But US Senators only come by every six years, so they’re just naturally a lot less involved in the local party. They have something the others don’t: access to national money, attention, and interest groups that do most of what the state party would do otherwise.

    This partly explains the animosity between our Senators and the AZGOP.

    If you really want to empower the party you need to look under a couple rocks, the first one being non-partisan municipal and school-board elections. Let the parties get involved in those and you’d quickly build up a political organization far more powerful than what’s at GOP HQ right now.

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