McCain claims amnesia then flip-flops on proposed largest tax increase in Arizona’s history

In an article recently posted on the front of the Arizona Guardian website, McCain claims amnesia about the biggest proposed tax increase in Arizona’s history, crafted by Governor Brewer to appear on ballots May 18, which will up Arizona’s sales tax by 18%:

he hasn’t “given much attention” to the governor’s 1-cent sales tax referral or knows how he intends to vote on one of the state’s most pressing issues.

Then, barely a few hours after JD Hayworth issued a statement this morning against the sales tax increase (below), McCain issued a joint statement with Sen. Kyl declaring he is against the tax increase.

It is extremely disturbing that McCain had no clue about this proposed tax increase in his own state, which has probably been the biggest issue in Arizona politics over the past year, with a perpetual showdown at the State Capitol between Governor Brewer and the Republican-dominated state legislature over it. Governor Brewer won recently and finally got it referred to the ballot a few weeks ago. McCain is frequently accused of ignoring Arizona in favor of the national scene so this comes as no surprise to Arizonans. In fact, McCain recently told voters that he was going to run for Senate based on what he can do for Arizona in the future, not what he’s done in the past.

Lucy FootballIt is almost as disturbing that McCain was able to decide within a few hours his position on what is probably the most high-profile, divisive political issue facing Arizona. Unlike principled conservatives, McCain has a poor record on taxes, so it’s not like he could easily come to a quick conclusion opposing the tax hike.

Governor Brewer has endorsed McCain and strongly supported him. Now McCain is throwing her under the bus by opposing the tax increase, which she had staked her career upon. Obviously terrified by conservative JD Hayworth, McCain is back to flip-flopping into a conservative while he’s running for office. He flip-flopped on regulating vitamins last week, changing sides to oppose a bill he had originally sponsored with a Democrat. Does he stand for anything?The only thing he seems to be consistent on is flip-flopping.

Hayworth Opposes Largest State Tax Increase In History On May Ballot;
McCain “Not Sure” Of Vote 
PHOENIX, ARIZONA.  MARCH 8, 2010. In a story just posted at, 24-year incumbent John McCain again shies away from Governor Jan Brewer’s endorsement and says he does not know how he’ll vote on the largest tax increase in Arizona history which will be on the May ballot.

“I honestly have not paid that much attention to what this initiative is and what the rational for it is,” McCain is quoted as saying. 

His conservative challenger, J.D. Hayworth, is opposed to the tax hike. 

“I realize that John has spent a lot of time in Washington during his three decades there but to claim you don’t know about the largest tax increase in your state’s history, or how you’ll vote on it, shows just how out of touch he is with Arizona,” Hayworth said. 

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, the Second Amendment, pro-life and pro-family issues and illegal immigration, McCain has engaged in transparent election year flip-flopping.

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in pork, proposed a $300 billion bailout formortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.  And despite 28 years in Washington McCain now claims he was “misled” on the bank bailout vote despite expressing no such concerns at the time. 

Most recently the incumbent introduced big government legislation with Democrat Senator Byron Dorgan that would strip away consumer  choice and crush small businesses selling vitamins and health supplements in a giveaway to big drug companies.
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  1. It is far past time for McCain to leave. He’s served in the Senate longer than almost anyone, and if anyone thinks he deserves his position due to his POW status, that’s fine, but it’s been 24 years already. His record continues to slide the longer he’s in office, his American Conservative Union rating has plummeted to an alltime low of 63! He voted for half of the bailouts, and become part of the problem. We can’t trust him on how he’ll vote on any particular issue, because he’s always changing his mind. The only issues he seems to be pretty certain about, illegal immigration and campaign finance, either the voters or the Supreme Court have disagreed with him on. I don’t see how Arizonans can support someone this wishy-washy any longer.

  2. Amy McClelland says

    John – They are on to you! That “I can’t remember” trick only makes their point. Retire before it’s too late.

  3. Pamela Mills says

    Is it senility or lack of integrity? Take your choice….Either way he is wrong for Arizona. We deserve better!

  4. The Mole says

    Did he flip before he flopped? Give John boy a break. He is still trying to remember his Party registration.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    He’s doing the “Kerry” which John practiced when he almost got picked as the Dem VP candidate in 2004.

  6. Too bad, JD, your campaign is already doomed because, well, it’s you running.

  7. Annie Oliver says

    That seems pretty swayed to me. I mean, McCain came out with a statement in a timely manner. Plus, he’s got endorsements that say otherwise, in regards to him not being taxpayer-friendly. I think you all need to be less biased. McCain’s been sticking up for fiscal conservative values since day one.

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    Yeah he’s stuck up for fiscal conservatives, which explains his repeated no votes on the Bush tax cuts, yes vote for $700B TARP, ongoing support for cap and tax, and on and on. With help like that who needs a Debtocrat.

  9. Annie:

    How did McCain’s support for Cap n’ Trade, McCain-Kennedy and votes against tax cuts support fiscal conservatism?

  10. John McCain just received the National Taxpayers Award for the 3rd MOST FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE MEMBER IN SENATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is by no accident, this is not b/c you people want to call him old, this is not because you all want to say he flip flopped, this is not b/c he has amnesia…this is b/c he has and always will be working for the people of Arizona and the people of this Nation. Make no mistake that John McCain wants this Nation to continue being great and he will continue serving the people.

  11. JD Hayworth has received many awards in his days…let us remember them… biggest boozer, second biggest blowhard, dumbest member in Congress… oh, but you think he is good for the job??? WHY AND HOW!!??? he is a BLOWHARD, as is Obama!

  12. Stephen Kohut says

    McCain = cap & tax = amnestry = TARP = anti first amendment = anti second amendent = RINO

    Is that easy enough for you to understand MelissaRoondle?

  13. Jeremiah Wallace says

    McCain gave an HONEST statement and I can respect that. I understand the frustration of my fellow Arizonans but let’s be clear headed here, John McCain overall has always had a conservative record. Yes I said it and I’m sure in 20+ years of doing anything most of us have made a lot of different decisions, some might consider “flip flopping”. This is how I see it, you take every situation as it comes, weigh your value system, look at it from every angle and then decide. It screams red flags to me if a guy thinks his way of thinking is right 90%+ of the time. We live in the most diverse country on Earth, and one of it’s most diverse states. Get off your high horses and start thinking people.

  14. A lot said in the article, a lot to address. In regards to the supplements bill, McCain’s recent decision of non-support for the bill ensures its death. What this proves is that McCain is responsive to the people of Arizona. He is not an ideologue but instead, refers to the public. That is a true representative, one that shows humility and listens to the people. McCain heard the people speak, and he acted to serve those voices of opposition. This “flip-flop” should prove McCain’s responsiveness to Arizonans as a representative of the people. Could it be that “flip-flopping” really is a testament to political responsiveness to the people? At least he has the character, lack of pride, and humility to represent Arizonans.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    The words humility and McCain don’t fit in the same sentence. Arrogant, nasty, back stabbing, entitled? Yes. Humble? No. Not that I’ve ever witnessed.

    If McCain is responsive to Arizona than explain McCain-Kennedy Amnesty in a state that has voted over 70% yes on every ballot initiative to combat criminal aliens? If McCain respect’s our rights than explain McCain-Feingold, now gutted as unconstitutional by the SCOTUS. If McCain respects our opinion then explain his statement that John votes based on his opinion and not that of the state.

    That’s not humility or conservativism. That’s an arrogant RINO.

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