McCain and Right to Life

Red Arizona has posted a story on the satisfaction of Right to Life and the NRA with regard to Senator John McCain. Now once upon a time, I was able to speak on official authority of the organization and its political action committee on the satisfaction of Arizona Right with John McCain. At the time, it wasn’t good and I can tell you that both the state organization and especially the national organization had problems with McCain. This was primarily based on his advocacy of McCain Feingold which hamstringed grassroots organizations from putting out voting records on candidates. NRLC and its state affiliates were not happy with McCain on his support of destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation which has now been proven ineffective compared to its far more ethical and feasible adult stem cell research. I even went to Senator McCain and suggested a way to put himself back into the good graces of these organizations.

Fast forward to 2008 and Senator John McCain is now the Republican nominee for President and slowly the cultural conservative base is realizing that they need to get behind him if they want to prevent a liberal judicial takeover.

However, as someone who watches the pro-life movement’s activities especially on elections, I have not seen any advocacy for Senator McCain. In fact, the most recent political activities have only been in a National RIght to Life Political Action Committee endorsement of Fred Thompson and an Arizona RIght to Life PAC recommendation of Mike Huckabee. Since then, no endorsments have been made to my knowledge. Arizona Political Heat  even confirms this.

At this point, maybe some clarification needs to be made by Red Arizona, the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee and the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. Until then the jury remains out on the satisfaction quotient on Senator McCain.

Finally, before some McCain supporter takes me to task over revisiting this old pro-life vs. McCain schism, I suggest they call McCain’s campaign office and suggest that his campaign request a straight talk meeting with pro-life leadership and try to find some common ground.


  1. DSW let me say just 3 words that will solve your problem here: President Barack Obama

  2. Hey TonyGOPrano, I’m voting for McCain. I’m just saying that if he wants to shore up the base, he better sit down and meet with them ASAP!

  3. RedArizona CONFIRMS to our great friends at SonoranAlliance that National Right to Life HAS endorsed Senator John McCain for President of the United States.

  4. I stand corrected. Thank you Red Arizona for bringing clarity to the post. I also checked after my post and found this:


    What is very interesting in this is that NRL PAC is using the word “Supports” instead of the word “Endorses.” I have never seen them not use the word endorse so I have to wonder if there is some parsing of words going on?

  5. Yes, DSW, the NRL PAC was very clearly parsing words with this statement: “The choice for president is clear. National Right to Life PAC supports Senator John McCain for election as President of the United States and strongly opposes both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

    …they didn’t add McCain’s name to the name of their PAC… or put his image in gold-leaf on the front of their building either… clearly they are only 99% on board with Senator McCain… and that last 1% is still fence-sitting because, well, that Obama is just so darn nifty when he uses all those big words.

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Well, Obama, as a state senator in Illinois voted against a measure requiring hospital personnel to care for babies born ALIVE after an intended abortion.

    I believe McCain trumps this lily-tougued demon in EVERY way.

  7. Senator Obama’s lead consultant, David Axelrod, tried to organize a multi-million grassroots campaign to allow Illinois hospitals to refuse to provide treatment for poor people. The Obama campaign isn’t just anti-life, they’re inhumane… and soon, America will understand why Obama’s brand of “change” doesn’t offer “hope” at all.

  8. Sean, if you’d been around the pro-life movement (NRLC) for the last 15 years, you would know there has been some bad blood between our senior senator and the NRLC. Of course, they’re parsing words but at least they’re not sitting on their hands. They know Obama would be bad for the judiciary and sanctity of life public policy for years to come and despite McCain’s voting record (which is actually pretty good with the exception of four issues) and his difficulty to work with, they are asking their members to support his bid for President because the alternative is unacceptable. I will be voting for Senator McCain and I will be asking others to do the same, but let’s just say there was no courting nor honeymoon. Let’s hope the marriage gets better over time.

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