McCain and Keating: ‘Till death do us part’

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

McCain and Keating: ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

Background: McCain was one of five Senators implicated in the Keating Five scandal, accused of improperly intervening on behalf of the powerful Lincoln Savings and Loan Association chaired by Charles Keating. Keating’s Savings and Loan was under investigation, and regulators were recommending that due to unsound lending practices that were going to cost taxpayers billions, it should be shut down and seized by the government. Keatings’ Savings and Loan funneled $1.3 million to the five Senators’ campaigns. The Senate Ethics Committee investigated, and reprimanded three of the Senators. McCain was found to have exercised “poor judgment” for meeting with the federal regulators on Keating’s behalf. McCain defended his actions, “I have done this kind of thing many, many times,” and said the Lincoln case was like “helping the little lady who didn’t get her Social Security.” Of the five Senators, McCain was the only one who had close personal and social ties to Keating. Cindy McCain and her father invested $359,100 in one of Keating’s projects. McCain and his family made nine trips at Keating’s expense, three to Keating’s Bahamas resort and sometimes using Keating’s jet. The Senate Ethics committee did not pursue anything against McCain for failing to repay Keating those expenses until years later because it did not have jurisdiction, since those acts occurred while McCain was a Representative. The Phoenix New Times has labeled McCain the “most reprehensible” of the Keating Five Senators. The President of Common Cause was disgusted that the five Senators were let off the hook so easily, declaring, “The U.S. Senate remains on the auction block to the Charles Keatings of the world.” Several government reports implied that information during the investigation had been leaked from McCain to the press, which was damaging to three of the other Senators. The GAO investigator said, “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that McCain made those leaks. (from )

The Love Affair Between McCain and one of the Most Slimy Savings and Loan Chairmen in History

In 1986 John McCain wrote a political note – on official House of Representatives stationary – apologizing to Charles H. Keating Jr. for his campaign having listed his good friend and supporter as part of McCain’s Senate campaign finance committee.

Keating responded with a handwritten note – addressed to “senator,” seven months before McCain won his Senate seat – telling him not to sweat it, “I’m yours till death do us part.”

The back-and-forth came when McCain was still in the House but seeking a Senate seat, and the year before he and a handful of other senators met with banking regulators on behalf of Keating.

McCain wrote: “As you know, I am deeply appreciative of your friendship and support over the years, and I would not want to do anything which would offend you. Please accept my apology, and be assured that there will be no future repetition of this kind.”

Six days later Keating sent a handwritten note back assuring McCain he has done, and can do, no wrong.

“Don’t be silly. You can call me anything, write anything or do anything. I’m yours till death do us part.”

It’s another window into the close ties between the two men, which continue to dog McCain in his current campaign.

McCain has acknowledged extensive ties to Keating, who through fundraisers helped funnel $166,000 in campaign contributions to McCain for his 1982 and 1984 House races and his 1986 Senate race. McCain and his family also vacationed with the Keatings, and later had to reimburse Keating for the flights, acknowledging he violated House rules by not disclosing them.

He was rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee for the appearance of conflict of interest for attending the meetings with bank regulators.

Reprinted from the Keating letter

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  1. Sonoran Alliance paid for by JD Hayworth 2010.

  2. Sad that McCain is so powerful he is able to avoid real consequences for his actions. He should have resigned, or at least not run for reelection. Must be nice taking your family on luxury junkets to the Bahamas paid for by one of the richest bank owners in the country, and all you have to do is interfere with federal regulators on his behalf, using your power as a Senator. Yep, he’s been in office way too long and has accumulated so much power he’s now immune to repercussions. Time for McCain to retire.

  3. VSB – If you can read, you’ll notice this article came from the Washington Times and American Post-Gazette, not Sonoran Alliance.

  4. Wow, Keating helped McCain get $166,000 total in donations over 3 campaigns?

    That’s just a little more than Hayworth paid his wife for being the sole member of his politcal PAC.

    Mudslinging is a messy business.

  5. That’s the problem isn’t it? “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
    McCain’s campaign was first out of the gate hot with “cozy with lobbyist,” so why should they be all surprised and annoyed that McCain’s very vunerable on this “cozying with lobbyists” complaint? Should have stayed away from it, stuck to the issues and stayed positive.

    WHat discerning voters want to know is did McCain make a mistake earlier in his career, associating too much with someone who turned out to be too good to be true? Did he learn his lesson and learn to stay away from similar traps? Was it an one time occurance or a part of a pattern? The same analysis can be employed to consider JD Hayworth and his political career.

  6. Wanumba:


    And ole gofer, er Travis, was first out of the box regaling us regarding a friend of Jack Abramoff!

    It just shows ya what one has to do to refloat and find a deckchair on a sinking Establishment ship!

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    Career politicians and their shills just can’t seem to be able to stop themselves from picking up buckets of crap to throw at each other and then they wonder why the voters think poorly of them when they stand there covered in the work of their efforts. The tit for tat mudslnging has to make you wonder if there are any adults around.

  8. Keating Five alone blows a gapping whole in the bow of John’s anti-pork scooner. He’d be doing us a favor if he switched to the pork-barrel game. As it is, his shtick on Capital Hill costs taxpayers far more. If remuneration from Keating only amounted to $166,000 that would be nice. Far from it. Add another $180,000 plus for private resort vacations and private jets.

    More importantly, what about roughly $200 million that elderly people lost because of McCain’s interference? Don’t forget the $3 billion tab that taxpayers had to pick up afterward. Every $1,000 McCain gets in payoffs costs $billions and loss of rights and freedoms for taxpayers. Never again will I vote for John McCain–he’s a climate-gate, bank bailout, big-pharma, amnesty liability we can’t afford.

  9. John Mccain did some good things but it’s time for him to retire. He is too moderate and too anxious to work with the other side. Didn’t Kerry in 2004 consider him for his VP running mate? That should tell you all you need to know. He dosn’t have a problem with illegals getting benefits and he wants to treat terrorists nice. He is weak on the 2’nd ammendment also. We need JD

  10. “VSB – If you can read, you’ll notice this article came from the Washington Times and American Post-Gazette, not Sonoran Alliance.”

    LOL! The American Post-Gazette basically is Sonoran Alliance. Same circle…

  11. VSB Says:
    March 26th, 2010 at 8:45 pm
    “VSB – If you can read, you’ll notice this article came from the Washington Times and American Post-Gazette, not Sonoran Alliance.”

    LOL! The American Post-Gazette basically is Sonoran Alliance. Same circle…

    A conservative circle. So why the surprise? If you want liberal Left progressive talk, go to KOS or HUffPO or NYT, WaPO, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNABC etc etc ad nauseaum.

  12. Some of us were talking about this 2 years ago when Senator McCain was making a run to be the GOP candidate for the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The conservatives who love to hate the Senator today ignored all of this stuff during that race. Wonder why?

  13. “A conservative circle. So why the surprise? If you want liberal Left progressive talk, go to KOS or HUffPO or NYT, WaPO, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNABC etc etc ad nauseaum.”

    LOL! I didn’t say a conservative circle. It’s a very small circle of political lackeys. They are lackeys first and “conservatives” somewhere much further down the list.

    The “American Post-Gazette” is written by the same exact same people that write the other posts on Sonoran Alliance.

    Also, if these guys are sooo conservative and are a counterweight to to liberal progressive left talk, why are they pulling stuff from Wikipedia quoting the liberal Phoenix New Times (from an article from probably its most leftist liberal period in the late 80’s no less)and the progressives at Common Cause? LOL!

  14. “The Mark of McCain,” an interesting read, describes how McCain spearheaded the legislation which set the stage for awarding Miranda rights to enemy combatants.

    @comment 12. It’s very likely that true conservatives were too busy holding their noses in 2008 to rehash the failed logic in GOP candidate John McCain.

  15. Just how desperate are you guys? 1986? Really? OK. Do you realize how stupid you all seem? Trying to make something stick NOW, when the voters know the real truth (opposed to your spin) and continue to re-elect Senator McCain anyway? He has admitted his wrong doing, his poor judgment, and has certainly proven himself.

    JD refuses to admit his wrongdoing, makes excuses or blames others and can hardly be optimized as rising above it.

    JD never met a mirror, a camera, a microphone, or a dollar he didn’t like…and will do “whatever it takes” to keep them coming.

    Once again, nice try at a distraction from the reality that Sen. McCain is front and center in the fight against Obama and the radical left. Trying to convince folks that Sen. McCain is not the man for the job will take more than an old news story pasted in various order to do JD’s bidding….

    That is all it is. Just one more try to make JD look better by making someone else look bad. Ain’t gonna happen.

  16. Realistic49 says

    Who is really thrilled about either candidate? We’d swap one annoying insider for another. One lobbyist lackey for another. And any one of us would expect a different result than what we’ve gotten from these guys in the past? Is this really indicative of the depth of the GOP bench in Arizona?

  17. Pragmatic Conservative says

    If you were trying to bolster JD Hayworth this was a very unwise post. If any readers actually take the time to research JD and Abramoff they will learn why JD lost his Congressional seat to a Democrat when most thought that was impossible to do with the numbers of Republican voters in that CD.

  18. It is time to replace McCain. We just need a new Senator for new ideas. We do not need career Politicians. My vote is for JD.

  19. Just how desperate are you guys? 1986? Really? OK. Do you realize how stupid you all seem?

    Oh, so this argument is that the statue of limitations ran out?

    Better to have said nothing than that, and the “stupid” part is gratuitous annoying.

    It goes right back to if McCain didn’t want to hear about his involvement in the Keating scandal, then he should have reconsidered the suggestion to use a particular tactic against his opponent – unless he was willing to take the totally predictable blow-back.

  20. Hey, did anybody notice the date of the Washington Times blog post (it’s just the guys blog post not an actual Washington Times article)? It’s October 2008! This guy, Stephen Dinan, was trying to sink McCain during the height of the Presidential election. So these pro-Hayworth lackeys are apparently quoting not just the liberal New Times and the progressive Common Cause, but they are also turning to quoting Obamacons. So much for being consistant conservatives…lol

  21. Blogs are not reliable news sources. Why is this website pretending to be an investigative reporting news source? It’s because they support JD and will find any scent in the air that discredits a war hero.


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