McCain Agrees with Palin on Culture of Death

Here’s another important issue I’m going to agree with Senator John McCain on and I appreciate him showing support for Governor Sarah Palin.

Many understand that this Administration and the Democratic party has been permeated and inculcated with a utilitarian ethic in which individuals whom do not meet a certain “quality of life” threshold, are no longer worthy of protection under the law. It already happens prior to birth so why wouldn’t it occur with the elderly, disabled or infirm?

In this video clip, Senator McCain back Sarah Palin on the underlying premise that this utilitarian view of individuals will ultimately lead to federal panels which deny individuals health care leading to their death.


  1. Basil St. John says

    I disagree with Shane’s contention that people should be hooked up to machines and kept alive for hundreds of years even when they are in extreme pain and unable to move from the neck down. Just because technology advances allow us to keep people alive for centuries doesn’t mean we should do it.

  2. When did Shane say people should be artificially kept alive?

    I can’t speak for Shane, but I believe that it is up to the individual and families, not the government, when to agree that enough has been done. These decisions should not be made with the coercion of a government agent.

  3. Speaking of life support can the GOP please pull the plug on this soccer mom?? I lean Republican but c’mon…we have better individuals among the party..quit putting the paddles on this flatlined candidate and let her career die..We have bigger and better minds out there if the party would actually let them surface

  4. Basil St. John says

    I think Shane said people should be kept artificially alive about the same time that Democrats proposed having death panels.

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