McCain 5th in SC

At one time the story was that Senator McCain would make up for any early losses by doing well in South Carolina. The latest Rasmussen poll now has McCain at 9%, well behind Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney. Maybe the campaign will take solace in the fact he is at least 1 point ahead of Ron Paul.

South Carolina is reported as very socially conservative. The numbers bear that out with Giuliani in 3rd place. In a good sign for the Romney campaign he is tied for 1st place with Fred Thompson. It will be interesting to see where Romney’s numbers go after his expected wins in Iowa and Hew Hampshire.

At this time the South Carolina Republican Primary is scheduled to be held on January 19th (before the important Super Tuesday in February.)


  1. There has been a break out of truth in South Carolina. Quick, send in the forked tongue express to triangulate.

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