McCain’s real nemesis.

The following should be read as a fictional work, that is until is all becomes true.

A lot of hand wringing took place before the Republican state chairman election about whether one of the candidates was a proxy for McCain. Lots of readers commented that was not the case. It looks like they might have been right.

The PR firm owned by the husband of the purported McCain proxy is now working for Rudy Giuliani. One of the primary handlers in Pima County for the candidate for state chair looks like she might be lining up behind Rudy. Her position as a vice chair of the county party should be helpful to the Giuliani effort in Arizona.

Which all brings us to the point of this post. The real threat to the McCain candidacy is not a certain district chairman in central Phoenix or the state party chairman but actually the Rudy Giuliani campaign. McCain was never really counting on the far-far right of the party. The 1 or 2 percent behind Duncan Hunter was not going to make or break his candidacy. But the great middle of the party that is seriously looking at Giuliani, now there is a threat to the aspirations of the senator from Arizona.

Rudy Giuliani mentions Ronald Reagan when he talks in public but we suspect he will more likely carry the Rockefeller banner if elected. John McCain is quickly wining the title of Bob Dole of 2008. Mitt Romney has already lined up some heavyweights and is attracting interest among some of the grassroots as the only viable alternative to Giuliani or McCain.

Even though it is still early some of the blogs are lining up behind particular candidates. A blog supposedly run by former “Mafia Hit Men” seems to be lining up behind McCain. (I wonder if they can document that “500 hits” per day.) Look for a blog that served as a front for the Kyl campaign to get behind Rudy any day. Espresso Pundit will wait for the Arizona Republic to pick their favorite Republican and then Greg will choose someone else. Sonoran Alliance has many different contributors but I imagine that we will look for the most conservative candidate that has some chance of actually winning the party nomination. But as Rush said today it is still early and someone could come out of nowhere (i.e. 1976.)

BTW – When did Sean Hannity become Rudy’s campaign manager? I missed the announcement.


  1. The article above refers to:
    A blog supposedly run by former “Mafia Hit Men” seems to be lining up behind McCain.

    Never fear–Jeff Vath is only one guy, and probably has never “Hit” more than a buffet line. He isn’t dangerous.

  2. Smart Voter,

    Thanks for the tip, still it is an odd tag line for a blog.

  3. I read the mafia man’s blog and I think he still doesn’t get it. It makes sense that the James firm would put one foot in each camp in order to diversify interests. That way, if one camp falls by the wayside, the other side can act as a lifeline. Lisa => McCain; Gordon => Giuliani. Sorta like what the lobbyists and PAC’s do right before an election…

  4. Nightcrawler says

    Ah yes, the flavor of the month.

    As with the Democrats, there will be a lot of jockeying for position in the early period of the campaign. Much like a football game, one cannot make any real prediction of the outcome based on the first quarter of play.

    Rudy is a personable guy who is pragmatic in his approach to solving everyday issues. He is a tactician. It has yet to be seen if he is a strategist on the world stage.

    I am afraid our party now can be likened to the tail end of a small town singles dance. Not a lot to choose from and the hour is late.

  5. It’s only February 2007!!!

  6. James doesn’t matter any more. She isn’t “in play” as a power broker; since she didn’t win election, she doesn’t have to fall in line and repay favors to anyone. Besides, if Rudy was dangling money in front of the James PR firm, they’d have been fools not to take it. Remember, we’re talking about neo-con mercenaries here, moreso than people of Republican principle. The real action is with Kyl and Shadegg: will McCain puppeteer them? The odds are that the answer is “yes.”

  7. Grassroots girl says


    Calling Gordon or Lisa James “neo-con mercenaries” is patently ridiculous, and sounds more like DailyKos or MoveOn than “Arizona Conservative.” Come on, get over the Chairman’s race – YOUR GUY WON!

    And predicting that Kyl and Shadegg will be puppets of McCain? Are you kidding me? Just because they support him for President, certainly doesn’t mean they are his “puppets.”

    Oh, I forgot, ANYONE you don’t like must be McCain’s puppet – just like Lisa James… er… uh… well, even though she is with the Rudy camp, she is… really as spy for McCain… yeah… that’s it!

    See how ridiculous it all becomes Dennis? Come out and play in the real world of real people and leave your leftist-sounding conspiracies hidden at home.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So does that mean we don’t like neo-cons anymore? I’m confused…

  9. STS, I think I fall under the neo-con definition. I prefer neo-con to RINO. At least I get to keep my party designation (I think, for now anyway).

  10. I personally prefer “Platform Republican.”

  11. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually Walter, neo-cons are mainly different from cons in foreign policy positions… RINOs are known for favoring higher taxes / bigger government and/or liberal positions on the right to life, the right to bear arms, etc. So if you were considered a RINO (and I have no idea if you were or not) you don’t get to simply call yourself a neo-con. There’s nothing conservative about it… RINOs are still RINOs…

  12. Nightcrawler says


    If I understand you correctly Giuliani would be considered a RINO under that definition. Am I missing something ?

  13. Peter Principle says

    There is a huge fight brewing in Pinal County.
    The smell of fear is a rancid odor. This time
    the waft of crap is coming from the Maricopa
    area, rather than from Gold Canyon where it
    originated for years.

    David West, Pinal County Republican Chairman,
    a country lawyer from the Maricopa area,
    has taken it upon himself to extract silence
    from elected PC’s in Pinal by threatening
    removal from elected office, and dare we say,
    by filing actionable litigation against any PC
    who expresses an opinion deemed unfavorable
    to him.

    West is a boozy man who, at best, has the patience of an imbecile, and limited neophyte political experience in Arizona. He invokes the Reagan 11th Commandment while speaking fork-tongued himself about every other Republican.

    This man will not stand the test of time in Pinal County. He was elected to the position in a Sharron Gill-engineered (former County Chairman) election, using heretofore non-existent folks, with a fist full of proxies, to maintain control of the County Party.

    In fact, West and Gill tried to dupe Pinal PC’s by wresting Proxy control for the State Committee Meeting in January in order to get their candidate elected as head of the State Party. It did not work. Now they are re-doubling their efforts to get even with conservative PC’s by threatening law suits
    against them and demanding that they quit office.

    While the waft permeating previous years of Gill’s reign was thought to be dispersing, now enters West with a whole new stench, that bodes to be the undoing of the Pinal Republicans.

  14. Barron Thomas says

    Thinking People Are Supporting Rudy:

    There is strong Arizona support for Rudy.

    All of the candidates are good, but the best one, that can actually beat Hillary, is only Rudy.

    I respect the Senator’s war record and duty to his country, but the bigger concern for 2008 is beating Hillary.

    Only Rudy can unite a fractional party.

    Also, Rudy is NOT in favor of gay marriage ( see the record)

    Let’s unite behind the man that can win.

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