Mayor Parker Encouraged To Run For Shadegg Seat; Decision Shortly

Vernon Parker

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ.  JANUARY 18, 2010.  Popular Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker will make a decision this week on the Congressional District Three race, created by the decision of highly regarded GOP incumbent John Shadegg to not seek re-election.

Parker, who is exploring a gubernatorial bid, has been flooded by calls from friends and supporters urging him to run for the seat. Parker will take the next 48 hours to evaluate the congressional race as he nears qualifying for  funds in the Governor’s race.

“I am going to spend the next couple of days listening and considering,” Parker said. “Our country is in a state of confusion. We need the politicians in Washington to stop printing money on bailouts for banks and  create policies to help generate jobs for hard-working Americans. We need to bring fiscal conservatism, limited government and common sense back to America.”

Paradise Valley lies in the heart of Congressional District Three, a place where Parker garnered a record number of votes in his initial run for office two years ago.

Parker announced an exploratory committee for Governor in late September and since then raised his seed money faster than the current sitting governor. Parker has generated endorsements and excitement across the state and is on track to qualify for Clean Elections funding next month.

Parker, 50, has previously served the administrations of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.  Under George H. W. Bush, Parker served as General Counsel to the United States Office of Personnel Management, and as a Special Assistant to the President at the White House.  He is a small businessman that has also served as an interim pastor at a non-denominational church in the district.

Jason Rose
Rose & Allyn Public Relations


  1. GO PARKER! says

    This would be great news. The CD3 race is more suited to him than the governor’s race; Dean has slightly more name recognition and would have ended up splitting the vote with him, letting Brewer win. Vernon has the best chance of anyone going for CD3. Crump doesn’t have enough name recognition and Waring lacks the support of the conservative base, which you need to win a Republican primary, especially in that conservative district. Let’s hope he jumps in!

  2. LD11 Rules says

    Parker was likely encouraged by his campaign team after a bad weekend. So he’s all about “saving Arizona” until that race doesn’t go well, then he’s suddenly about saving America? Whatever.

  3. LD11 rules,

    Creepy. I was about to say the exact same thing. Let me just add: Everyone’s against “career politicans” until they want to become one.

  4. 50 year transplant says

    LD11 Rules,
    Were you at the same county meeting I was? This will be for the best. It fits better for the level of experience Parker has and will free up the Gov race from having too many players on the field. I didn’t even know who Vernon Parker was before the MCGOP meeting but man he sure had a lot of young green shirted volunteers. He will hardly be a carpetbagger in CD3.

  5. Gorman is the one.

  6. Yah right. says

    Um, yeah, right.

    Fail, epic fail.

    Go home, stop paying Jason Rose, and use your brains, V.P.

    Wait until you have some name recog. Run for the leg.

    Grow up, instead of growing more partisan.

    Jason Rose theme song:

    Makes up in denial!!!!

  7. Wait one minute here. Parker, who is being investigated for personally profiting off his last federal job, now wants to run for Congress, where EVERYONE seems to one to personally profit from their jobs?

    Isn’t electing Parker to congress about the same as electing an alcoholic to the presidency of Budweiser?

  8. Here’s the real Vernon Parker.

    Affirmative Action Rocks!

  9. I think you all are over looking the biggest hurdle: Phil Gordon. Now we all know he is something that begins with a “T” and rhymes with nerd, and is about as open borders as you can get, but he can raise millions and that has me concerned.

    I think in the CD3 race we should all think long and hard about who we want to win, because whoever is our nominee will be on their own for the general and will need to be able to raise a lot of money.

    While I haven’t decided who I want to win this yet, it seems like we have some contenders and pretenders, in order to help identify who is who we should all be asking ourselves a few things:

    Show me the money (who are your donors)

    Where is Sheriff Joe (he supports winners)

    Where is Rob Haney (the grassroots)

    For me none of the announced and unannounced candidates can claim any of the 3 above, but i will predict that if somebody can get 2 or even all 3 will be our nominee.

    Give it three or four weeks and we will know.

  10. Antifederalist says

    @Conservative 2 the Core

    I’d bet since Parker and Arpaio are both Jason Rose clients that Joe endorses Parker…just sayin’.


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