Matt Salmon finally speaks out on CD8 race, defends Steve Huffman.

Pinocchio.jpg      I just received an automated call from Arizona Republican Party chairman Matt Salmon urging me to ignore the negative attack ads against Steve Huffman being run by the Democrats. Matt weakly claimed that he was not endorsing any candidate.

     Sorry Matt your pathetic attempt to help Huffman and say you are not favoring him is too transparent. For the record Matt Salmon did not call when Huffman was lying about and attacking the reputations of of Randy Graf and Mike Hellon. Salmon was also absent when the NRCC intervened in a primary and backed one Republican candidate over the others. 

     If you are sick of the backroom deals being made by Republican higher-up during a primary please call the Arizona Republican Party at (602) 957-7770 and tell them what you think. You might also try to reach Matt at his office (602) 445-8274.

Monday 9-11-06, 10:40 pm


  1. Salmon is a TRAITOR

  2. Conny Culver says

    I too had this recorded message early this morning. I’m appalled!
    I doubt I will ever donate to the Republican Party again! I will donate ONLY to the candidates I believe represent our values.
    My confidence in our party couldn’t be any lower.
    What will they do next to weaken and harm our future as a united group that comes together based on our shared principles?

  3. Unbelievable. Was there one of those disclaimers on there? What did it say? I thought the State Party couldn’t do advertisements like that unless it was truly independent of the campaigns?

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The sellout is nearly complete… Do you realize that Randy Pullen is the only guy associated with the State Party that we can still trust? No more lobbyists for Chairmen!

  5. Can someone please post the text of the message? I’d like to read it before rendering my judgement.

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