Mary Rose Wilcox May Be Under FBI Investigation

The key words here are “may be.” Here is the story on News 15 (ABC Affiliate)


  1. The sky may turn pea green tomorrow. The key word is “may”.

    I hate speculation on government investigations. It “may” be you who is investigated next.

  2. SonoranSam says

    Nicely stated, Thane.

  3. Check out under investigations! Wilcox IS under federal investigation. Lets see how they spin this one to be Joe’s fault.

  4. Ch. 15 is a piece of excrement and so is Josh Bernstein. They have no problem lying or twisting facts. Even in this piece (and I have no opinion whatsoever about Wilcox) they show video of them interviewing her yet say she had no comment? This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen an “investigative” piece just like this.

  5. Let’s see what develops!

    One superisor is currently saddled with 118 counts and let’s see if the other B.O.S. incumbent can outdo him!

    It’s amazing that they can’t turn over the money allocated by the Legistature to the MCSO to enforce immigration laws but can throw approximately 350 mil for a Taj Mahal Courthouse while laying off employees!

    I wonder if either of them own a McDonald’s franchise or are in cahoots with someone who does?

    Stay tuned!

  6. Carlist lets be honest here. You are really Billbo, who is really Chewie, who is really Josh Bernstein. Thank you for admitting that the criticism of the court project is really because the BOS hasn’t given Joe as much money as he or you would like to chase down janitors and landscapers. Lets investigate everyone who disagrees with the Sheriff!! You and Billbo are the two biggest liars on this site, next to Chewie that is.

  7. Josh is not a reporter he is just a stenographer for Jason Rose.


  8. Rancher:

    Are you employing the dishwasheres etc?

    As I see it Joe and Andy are being bad-mouthed by you and others for enforcing immigration laws!

    If you’re intellectually honest, you’ll work to have them repealed!

    But to expect intellectual and political honesty from our establishment groupies is an obvious exercise in futility!

  9. If you see it that way Carlist, it is because you are myopic. The way it is, elected leaders should be able to make policy decisions without fear of arrest and investigation, which is exactly what happened here when they overcharged Don Stapley and warned the rest to be good or face the same. This all started when the BOS asked the Sheriff and County Attorney to cut 15% from their budgets. Stapley had been filing his disclosures the same way since he was first elected with no problem from either the Sheriff or CA until the issue of budget cuts came up. This is pure intimidation and abuse of process. Not saying anything about Wilcox because I don’t know, but everyone knows that the Sheriff went hard ball with Don Stapley over a policy dispute (MCSO and MCAO asked the BOS to use the courthouse money to fully fund their operations and the BOS refused)now all kind of lies and made up accusations surround the courthouse project. You are a tool Carlist for those who would arrest their political opponents. I would never want to be on your side. What would I tell my kids? What do you tell yours? “Daddy hates Mexicans so we put Don Stapley in jail??”

  10. Stumbled on your blog on StumbleUpon 🙂

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