Martin Legislation Protects Jobs; While Brewer Hikes Taxes


For Immediate Release

May 21st, 2010

Director of Communications:

Tim Gaffney 602-810-4715

Martin Legislation Protects Jobs; While Brewer Hikes Taxes

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Brewer’s massive new tax increase will hurt job creation and stifle growth in Arizona. However, due to legislation passed by then Senator Dean Martin, thousands of Arizona jobs will be protected.

“Arizonans can breathe a sigh of relief, although their tax bill will go up, because of Dean’s foresight their jobs will be protected. SB 1141, now law, was written by Dean with the express purpose of protecting businesses from new tax increases so that jobs could be preserved. Of course Dean wrote the law to protect Arizonans from a different tax and spend Governor, Janet Napolitano,” said Martin spokesman Tim Gaffney.

SB 1141 was created to protect jobs during times of increased taxes. Specifically the law protects any long term contract signed before the tax was passed. Without this protection, if the contract could not adjust for the new tax rate, the contractor would still be responsible for paying more taxes. That money has to come out of somewhere, which could mean more layoffs. Even existing stimulus projects that are underway are affected. Without this bill some of the jobs created by stimulus contracts may have been lost.

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  1. “Without this bill some of the jobs created by stimulus contracts may have been lost.” Jobs created by stimulus huh Dean? Which party does this guy belong in? Next he’s going to tell me how much he loves driving around in his Obama-motorcar. At least Brewer signed 1070. Maybe Buzz for Governor. I’m weighing my options, but I’m not supporting someone who touts the stimulus.

  2. Martin doesn’t support the stimulus.

    And Brewer? Prop 100 was basically a stimulus for schools. Just pouring money into a system hasn’t worked, we’ve increased the funding with no better results.

    And she supported 1070 because she would have lost otherwise. She’s done nothing to secure the border.

  3. He sounds like he supports it in that press release. You have to throw the tea overboard Dean, if you want to be one of us! Ba Ba Brewer and Dean-no aren’t the only choices. Can you hear the Buzz everybody???

  4. Buzz’s lack of integrity in his business dealings is a matter of public record. You can rest assured if Buzz is elected to represent the Republican party, in the general election, his Democratic opponent would capitalize on this. Dean Martin is the most capable from the talent pool we have to draw from. He understands the nuances of working with the legislature but most importantly, he understands the long-term solution to our budget issues is creating a business friendly environment. Brewer is nothing more than a puppet.

  5. LMAO!!! This press release makes no sense. But Buzz is, quite literally, a fraud. I can just see the Dems now…

  6. Beating Brewer over the head with Prop 100 now that it passed is not going to be a winning strategy.

  7. Brewer raised of property tax by over $300M a year with a line item veto. When you add in her sales tax, she has raised annual taxes in AZ by $1.3B, that is taxandspendocrat territory. She is in the wrong party.

  8. I hate to say it ,but I’m starting to think there’s not going to be a primary. Ba Ba Brewer is looking like a given.

  9. The fun of clean elections is that there is a manditory primary debate. It will be fun to watch Jan defend putting it to us with taxes.

  10. The irony lies in the fact that Brewer has been saved by her conservative Legislature opponents who crafted S.B.1070!

    In the meantime, she allowed the State Property Tax to be returned and line itemed the cuts out of the Republican budget which hit her desk, paving the way for 100!

    Let us see what happens re: the extension of the “temporary” sales tax!

    I bet Grant Woods and Chuck Coughlin are grinning like Cheshire Cats behind the curtains as Jan “McCain’s” Arizona’s booboisee!

    The RINO will give the boobs what the Dems do, only they apply vasoline!

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