Martin challenges Mills’ incoherent border security plan

Once again, Buz Mills does not seem to have a grasp of the issues.  At today’s candidate forum, Martin went after Buz Mills on his continuing flip-flopping on the issues.  Today it was border security.



  1. Pretty Peeved says

    I cannot for the life of me discern what is being said in the audio in this clip.

  2. Instead of attacking Buzz Mills they should be focusing on Goddard. The new PPP has him losing to Goddard by 11….

  3. I agree with you Pretty Peeved, what the heck is Martin saying – this is what I got out of it “You also said in the Tempe Republican women that employee sanctions, excuse me that immigration…” Seriously, what was that!

    Just in case you were talking about Buz, here’s what I got out of what was provided in the truncated video clip (it’s longer, so I’ll just paraphrase):

    1. Article IV is to protect us from invasion – we need to secure the border regardless of assistance by the Federal Government.
    2. In the 1930’s the Federal Government made employers the tax collector (deducting money from employee checks and giving it to the government), now the Federal government wants employers to be law enforcement.
    3. eVerify is the system that employers use to ensure employees can be legally employed (law enforcement bit). While Buz’s business actually uses it (something business people have experience with versus professional politicians – probably why it would cause political types confusion), he thinks it could be improved with a right to cure when someone makes it through the eVerify system. Then, conveniently, the clip is clipped. So, we aren’t privy to the remainder of his thoughts on this issue.

  4. Pretty Peeved says

    Ya, somebody tell Martin’s team to upgrade their freaking equipment so we can hear more…of what Buz has to say!

  5. Mr. Mortellite says

    Hey Peeved, Much to your disappointment obviously, I hear Mills perfectly.

    “If you want employer sanctions I’m not your guy. If you want employer sanctions you have to go somewhere else.” So, Point 1 is made perfectly clear. Mills is against the greatest tool to weed out illegal labor in America: Arizona’s Fair and Legal Employment Act – spun in the media as “employer sanctions.”

    I attended the Ahwatukee Republican Women’s forum this morning and saw it for myself. Martin had no campaign team present. It’s possible someone with a camera is a Martin fan – there are lots of them – and for good reason too!

    It’s easy to have a lot of friends when you aren’t defrauding your business partner or
    throwing mud at the leading Republican candidate for Governor. Your camp ought to give it a try.

    Mills’ aversion to employer sanctions is entirely in keeping with the statement he makes repeatedly: “We don’t have an immigration problem, we have a crime at the border problem.” Pardon me Mr. Mills but…yes, we do have an immigration problem.

  6. I heard everything perfectly… I think someone ELSE needs an upgrade in equipment.

    While we’re talking about upgrades… Time for Mills to buy an “upgraded” seat on a cozy jet plane… To anywhere outside of AZ. And he should just stay there.

    Freaking FRAUD.

  7. None of the candidates in this debate have ever said anything about how to deal with the Illegal Immigrants already in Arizona or about the benefits they are receiving prior to this debate.

    If you want someone tough on Illegal Immigration, with a complete plan to solve this problem, you need to look at Hugh Kealer’s website. He is the only one that has been giving complete solutions to solve this problem.

    Of Course you have not heard of him, the media, as well as the Republican Party, is trying to keep him out of these debates. Check him out and listen to him. I think you will be happy you did.

  8. Thats because you didn’t have steven slaton their! I am the only candidate whom have put out their solutions not a bunch of fluff! Why don’t you ask them why i was not invited? Its because i call the others what they are. A Rino, A internationalist and A generalist.

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