Maricopa County Treasurer – Finalists

Maricopa County Treasurer 

The list of finalists for Maricopa County is out and the Board of Supervisors is poised to appoint a replacement to David Schweikert as early as Tuesday afternoon.

The list consists of fairly high profile individuals but I predict the Board will appoint someone who will know how to hit the ground running not just on managing and setting the vision for that office but also on the campaign trail. (The next Treasurer will need to raise $125-150K to get re-elected) Here is the list:

  • Larry Chesley
  • Tara Roesler
  • Augustus Shaw, IV
  • David L. Egelston
  • Gary K. Ong
  • Thomas P. Liddy
  • Charles “Hos” Hoskins


  1. Anybody but Liddy! He doesn’t have the qualifications and he lacks the integrity required of the job.

  2. You are entitled to have an opinion John, but do you really have anything to substantiate it?

  3. The better question, Mr. Kraus, is what are Liddy’s qualifications? We all know that he wants to run for Congress again after reapportionment, but that is not enough. We all know he was a JAG attorney, but that is not enough. We all know his daddy was a plumber, but that is not enough. We also know he works as a close ally with Sproul, who has made millions under the auspices of John-Jon, but that is not enough.

    Mr. Liddy has no specific qualifications related to the position of County Treasurer listed anywhere re: his experience as the CEO/COO of an entity with either a staff the size of the Treasurer’s Office or a financial portfolio the size of the Treasurer’s Office.

    In his only semi-public position that is on the record, he could not work with a group of twenty eight and acted unethically in a budget of less than six figures.

    The lack of specific experience and the cloud around some of his decisions concern most people.

  4. Geez Lee, under your description, the voters of Maricopa County were crazy to elect Schweikert as Treasurer – he didn’t have any of the qualifications either. So are we supposed to be happy he resigned? Was it because he wasn’t up to the job? Whatever happened to electing (or appointing in this instance) people who have a desire to serve the people? How many people are actually “qualified” for whatever office they are running for?

  5. Conservative to the Core says

    David Schweikert was highly qualified. Was second in command down at the treasurer’s office prior to the election. He was a state legislator with the understand of the inner workings of government. He has a keen business sense and understand how money really works. So to say he was not qualified is ignorance.

  6. I’ll second that Preston. Schweikert was the most qualified candidate when he ran. He worked there and he understood the office, its function, accounting, banking rules, etc.

    Liddy is a so-so attorney who is always looking for another profession. Failed Congressional candidate, failed talk show host, failed county chairman. You can be assured that Tom Liddy only serves Tom Liddy, not “the people”.

  7. This reminds me of the Clarence Thomas hearings, where his opponents said he was “not qualified.” Well, they were of course much less concerned about qualifications than that he opposed their political agenda. It is an interesting question, with our deliberately “citizen” legislature here in Arizona. Now Al Gore is certainly “qualified” to be president, and Hillary even more so, but I’d still oppose either at every step. No, framing the question as to qualifications is a red herring. As is framing it toward whether the person is politically ambitious (what elected official isn’t?). This is going to be a political decision, made by the Supervisors, guided by the person having basic competence and energy but politically sophisticated enough to deal with daily issues and maybe even a crisis or two. If this is correct, it would make Liddy the strongest contender.

  8. After what Liddy did to the County Party, I would say he is due ********…..certianly NOT an appointment…..What say you, Supervisor Don Stapley? Does Tom have some photos of you, or what??

    *Willard, thanks for commenting but please be careful about any statement that could be taken as a physical threat, no matter how innocent. Society seems to have lot its humor regarding statements of physical harm and we are not going to fight that battle today.

  9. Well said Bob. Happy somebody put it all together for us. I hope the County Supervisors are reading this stuff!

  10. After I read all of the above posted by, what I consider, faceless individuals too chicken to identify themselves I still say: “I know Tom Liddy and I’ll support him. My name is Horst Kraus and I approve this message”.

  11. Why can’t the focus be on the written words, rather than who is writing them? Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison wrote The Federal Papers incognito, after all, as did many other honorable men in the times of the Founders. What matters most is the content. You asked for substantiation, Horst Kraus, and you got it.

  12. Horst,

    Your comments seem to reflect your life theme of “baring it all,” “being transparent” and “letting it all hang out.”

    Sorry! I couldn’t help that comment. It was too good to pass up!


  13. My name is Horst Kraus, and I’m perfectly happy posting my name all over the internet, as well as exposing myself. Come to my nudist colony, and let’s rise up for Tom Liddy together!

  14. Bob, Jefferson did not write any part of the Federalist Papers. It was John Jay and the two you mentioned, Hamilton and Madison. It’s not a point of trivia: Jefferson abhored their arguments, and didn’t even sign the Constitution.

  15. Timothy, you are obviously right on my mixing up Jay and Jefferson; I carelessly switched the two but know the difference. I apologize, but my larger point remains that the content of an argument is more important than the author.

    As far as your implication that Jefferson did not support the Constitution, it is incorrect. Thomas Jefferson was not an anti-Federalist. Rather, he supported a strict interpretation of the Constitution and amendments to support individual rights. (Ironically, as president Jefferson acted as an aggressive interpreter of presidential power.) Not only did Jefferson support the Constitution overall, he was extremely close to James Madison, the single largest contributor to its writing. It was only after the adoption of the Constitution and service in the first presidency, that of George Washington, a Federalist presidency, that Jefferson broke with the Federalists.

  16. Liddy should be honored that a thread about him turned into one about Jefferson and Madison. I side with scholars who surmised Madison hid his identity as one of the authors at least partly to keep from disappointing Jefferson. Also, Early Jefferson was different that Later Jefferson, hence your mention of his alternating behavior once in office. But so what. I’m just saying that Liddy is getting a bad rap for some pretty incoherent reasons. I don’t know if he’s an honorable man or not, but getting bashed anonymously in a blog with a laundry list of obscure party insider stuff…I’d tend to side with him, not against him. So content is usually judged alongside the author, like the boy who cried wolf.

  17. As one who has said it is easy to post when no accountability results; my concerns have been when there were unsubstantiated, broad statements. Such has not been the case on the latter part of this thread when specific examples and support for a position have been made. I have no problem with anonymity, unless it is a vehicle for making claims and assertions without the necessity of reason.

    One motivation for anonymous positing, such as was with the Federalist Papers, is the message is not confused with the messenger.

    Many of us, I’m sure, have lives beyond this and may even have reasons to maintain our anonyity. Benjamin Franklin commonly contributed to the the editorial pages of his day under a pseudonym.

    Our names should not be so much of a concern as our character.

  18. How “anonyity”…got past spell check..who knows? Sorry.

  19. Jefferson could have joined the anti-Federalists during the great debate about ratifying the Constitution, but he didn’t, as you keep trying to imply. And if Madison only kept his identity anonymous to keep from disappointing Jefferson, then why did Hamilton and Jay also write incognito? They all wanted focus on the content of the argument without distraction.

    “incoherent reasons … laundry list of obscure party stuff”

    Why don’t you go ahead and try to identify problems with the list I posted? Watergate, well-publicized money laundering even covered by the Republic, a campaign for Congress, two firings of Liddy the radio host and his lies about a radio show’s national syndication–yeah, that’s all obscure party stuff. As far as things like $20,000 missing from Republican party funds under Liddy’s watch, I happen to think that’s a disqualifier for managing taxpayer funds, but I guess you don’t.

  20. nightcrawler says

    In the matter of Liddy, I have never met the man and have no knowledge of his character or past performance. He gets the benefit of the doubt on those counts. The real issue is he qualified, as in financially astute for the position ?

    Horst Kraus is certainly entitled to present himself in a consistent, pragmatic and at times eye opening (or for some, eye closing) fashion.

    I agree with most everyone about the benefits of anonymity. It is truly about the free flow of ideas without the encumbrances of personality. I make no apology about hiding behind a moniker. It is not about me with a capital “M”, but rather about us, a community of like minded and some not so like minded, political junkies.

  21. Jefferson was in Paris when the Constitution was signed. I don’t recall why. But he was handy with inventions…maybe they had some guillotines that needed fixing.

    I can’t defend Watergate, nor should I have to. Stealing money in the four or five figures is usually brought before a grand jury, then if there is merit, there’s an indictment and trial. Haven’t seen that happen here. Getting fired as a radio host is pretty much a badge of honor, and no, I’d don’t mean like the reason Don Imus was fired. And doing what’s legally permitted regarding campaign finance, well, that’s what party leaders do pretty well, isn’t it? Heck, the courts removed an elected state legislator over $6,000, and you think $20,000 at the city level would slip through the cracks without prosecutors having a say? As far as whether the show was syndicated, I have no opinion or specific knowledge. I’m not defending Liddy personally. I did see him in an elevator once and say his dad at church once, I think. I’m just saying the accusations are thin, and there are no institutional actions, just anonymous whispers. Oh, and what was the deal with that defamation suit?

    I think the Treasurer job is way too stifling for someone who would also be a talk show personality. It would be like Rush Limbaugh running the CBO. Conservative guy, important job. But bad fit.

  22. Bob’s post is written by a moron.

    G. Gordon Liddy was never convicted of perjury. Liddy is world famous because he refused to testify against his colleagues in the Nixon White House! He never said anything! Read your American History Bob.

    Also, Liddy never ran in CD5. Matt Salmon never served in CD5. Where have you been Bob, CD the MOON? The Liddy family has owned property in Maricopa County for over 25 years. Liddy has lived here for over 10 years.

    Liddy was a great County Chairman. Under his leadership they registered more Republicans than in any other election cycle. Also, not one dime went missing. My friend Laura Knaperek was the County Treasurer when liddy was Chairman. She accounted for every dollar raised and spent and it was all reported and publicly disclosed! They ran a tight ship. The two of them had to correct a lot of problems a the County party.

    The County party only spent money on a Republican running in Scottsdale who oppostd the developer, not the one who supported him. Why would a developer earmark funds to spend for a Republican candidate who opposed his project? You do not know what you are talking about! And the EGC passed a budget that specifically authorized the expenditure of County funds for local Republicans in races.

    Oh yeah, and I have a “very good source” (who used to work at KFYI) that says Liddy was NEVER fired by KFYI, they offered him a contract. He and Hill turned it down because the competition offered them more money. And Liddy does have a non-compete with his current employer – he still works for one of the largest broadcasters in the USA.

    Bob – you make up lies and put them on the internet. That sort of thing not only advertises how uninformed you are, but it could also get you in trouble.

  23. Tom Liddy is an attorney with no known Treasurer-related skills, just political contacts. Let’s hope the Board of Supervisors is interviewing him only as a courtesy. Unfortunately the Board isn’t even interviewing the most qualified candidate: Royce Flora. What is the Board thinking? Are they thinking? What a shame and a sham.

  24. Look out Bob, Becca’s finally brought out the “you could get in trouble” argument. Remember you’re talking about a lawyer, so getting threatened with lawsuits is to be expected.

    Becca also doesn’t seem to think that CD5 is in Maricopa County, which is wierd. I also think you’re talking about where CD-5 used to be when Liddy moved there (prior to the last round of redistricting) while Becca is thinking about where CD-5 is now. A minor misread on her part, but then she called you a moron for her mistake, so I guess she’s said everything that needs to be said there.

    It is probably worth mentioning that whether one believes the things about Tom Liddy or not, no one is making any such representations about any of the other candidates. Given that we’re talking about being the county’s banker and handling billions of dollars, is there anything to be gained from a “better safe than sorry” argument?

  25. Becca,

    “G. Gordon Liddy was never convicted of perjury.”

    You’re right, Liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and wire tapping. Does that make you feel better? Obviously you are missing the larger point: he is a convicted felon. That’s right, Liddy’s father is a convicted CRIMINAL. Even worse, Liddy is on tape offering to kill a political enemy, but you don’t seem to have anything to say about that. The most disgusting thing is that Tom Liddy refused to acknowledge that there was anything immoral about his father’s conduct. In fact, Liddy argues that the times justified his father’s actions. Such bad judgment should not come close to power.

    “Liddy never ran in CD 5 …”

    This is just an attempt to distract from Liddy’s pathetic finish. The fact is that the area Liddy moved to is now part of CD 5. The district numbers were changed over six years ago.

    “Liddy has lived in Maricopa County for over 10 years.”

    Give me a break, Liddy is a well known to be a carpetbagger. In November 1999, the Washington Post wrote, “[Liddy] just recently bought a house in the 1st District after having to deflect criticism from other candidates that he was a ‘carpetbagger.'” The fact is that Liddy moved to Arizona from the East Coast to run for Congress. Liddy started working on his campaign before he even moved here!

    “Liddy was a great County Chairman.”

    First of all, if this is true, then why was Liddy told to step down or he would be defeated in a re-election bid? Second, ask anyone on the current EGC executive committee whether they found thousands unaccounted for. Liddy blamed the missing funds on Brittany Balmer, his secretary. Why didn’t the EGC pursue legal action? It would have made matters worse to create a scandal by bringing in a prosecutor. As far as the number of registered voters, that was the result of the national party’s $4 incentive per registration form.

    “the EGC passed a budget that specifically authorized the expenditure of County funds for local Republicans in races.”

    Liddy laundered a developer’s money in the Scottsdale mayoral race during the run-off, when there was NO Republican! By the way, much of the money was spent on anti-Ortega signs, who just happens to be the person that the developer had the conflict with.

    “And Liddy does have a non-compete with his current employer – he still works for one of the largest broadcasters in the USA.”

    Liddy is clearly not on the air (or are you going to try to argue that too?), so are you saying that Liddy is getter a severance package? If so, he was FIRED. By the way, how much was Liddy payed by the second-tier radio station that fired him? And on how many stations was Liddy nationally syndicated? For how long? He lied about that for about two years.

    Why did you skip over my other points? Do you have an explanation for all the enemies he has made? He’s just an innocent victim? Could it be that he is a bad politician? I doubt his many lies, distortions, and bullying helped.

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