Maricopa County Supervisors Stay out of Jail Card

MCBOS Jail Card


  1. How is Stapley and Wilcox going to pay? The don’t have the required remittance in the first place.

  2. It makes me more convinced that it is a lot easier to get away with white collar crime. Public officials have the power of the bully pulpit and press covering their every move, they can put up a facade that they’re being persecuted, and the press will buy into it because the liberal media is looking for any excuse to beat up on conservatives like Arpaio and Thomas. What has been especially interesting is watching the Supervisors spend millions of taxpayer dollars on outside counsel defending themselves against the criminal charges and racketeering complaint (I read they hired no less than SEVEN LARGE LAW FIRMS in town to defend themselves and the judges), while they’ve cut off the prosecution and Arpaio from hiring any outside counsel to prosecute them. Wonder who’s going to win those cases?

  3. It seems like white collar criminals always get away with it with the help of the judiciary.

    Look at what a circus Wilcox and Stapley’s lawyers have made of this. Wilcox hires former judge Colin Campbell (probably because she knew he had an in with his former colleagues), and now we have some liberal judge putting the County Attorney on trial and making him testify.

    When will the real criminals be brought into court to answer for their actions? This is a classic defense attorney tactic–when your client is guilty, try to change the subject and talk about something else. But this judge turned criminal defense attorney should thank the judiciary for an assist.

  4. Yeah, right. says

    Still waiting for some real evidence in open court that the jail building is covered in corruption.

    So far nothing but hot air from Candyland.

    But hey, I am waiting for the resignation, and the mud to flow out of the County Attorney’s Office.

    Then we shall see the manure really fly, but where o where will Barnet Lottstein hide?

    Indictments are coming, and more idiocy to come!!!

  5. Yeah Right:

    And the Supervisors are making damned sure the charges don’t go to an open court!

    Who’re you kidding?

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