Maricopa County Supervisors implement even MORE diversity efforts

Just three months after instructing county agencies in a memo sent June 1 to step up their efforts promoting diversity, the Board of Supervisors now feels the need to step up efforts even more. According to this article in the Republic, the reason for the new push is because of a complaint the county received about discrimination. The complaint came from an Hispanic activist organization, Valle del Sol, regarding questions it received while discussing a proposal for housing for the elderly at a Community Development Advisory Committee meeting. The committee is composed of volunteers. Examples of the “offensive” questions provided by the Republic were, “”Are all the officers in your organization Latino?” and “This (program) is ‘gonna be just for Hispanic?'”

Do these questions seem discriminatory or something that would require the county during this budget crisis to implement even more diversity training? Of course not. Sounds like the commission members were curious to learn about Valle del Sol, and probably also concerned that preferring one ethnic group over another is wrong – the AZ Civil Rights Initiative to ban government race and gender preferences will be on the ballot in 2010 and is expected to pass easily.

Yet the liberal County Supervisors have decided that asking those questions now requires implementing diversity training for Maricopa County’s 31 boards and commissions. When is enough enough? We are in the middle of a budget crisis and the Supervisors just want to ram diversity down everyone’s throat due to a radical organization that decided to be offended by perfectly normal questions?

Fortunately, not everyone bought into the bizarre accusations of discrimination. “My honest opinion is there wasn’t anything out of line,” said then-committee Chairman Richard Painchaud, who added that he would not attend diversity training if offered. “That would be a direct insult to the rest of us. We’re trying to do a decent job.”

The Maricopa County Supervisors should not be setting up a re-education camp with our tax dollars. It sends a clear message to citizens who want to be active in county government via boards and commissions: toe the politically correct, liberal line, or you will be made an example of publicly and subject to humiliating re-education classes. Whatever you do, don’t offend any of these loony left ethnic interest groups, or the powers that be – which include liberal Republicans on the Board of Supervisors – will come down on you like a ton of bricks.


  1. Thanks, Chewie!

    How can we publicize this post among Arizona’s young people? I will do anything I can to show them what you think.

    Good work on making the Republican party a feeble anachronism.

    Come back to America when you’re able to. You might like it here…

  2. Richard:

    Last time I checked, the national motto read:

    Et Pluribus Unum

    When and why was that discarded?

  3. People should embarrass that the only way they can get a job is because they are part of some minority. American business cannot afford to discriminate in any fashion. We need the best and brightest to lead us out of the mess. Until we remove all forms of discrimination from government, including affirmative action, jokes about the quality of people in government will continue. The jokes about the department of motor vehicles persist because it is a common life experience for most of us. Don’t expect better service from government if they can’t hire the best available. The ballot measure will pass easily. If you support it, you will be called a racist. It worked for Obama. The reality is you are racist if you do not. Giving preferential treatment to anyone because of their race is racism. If someone is really treated unfairly because of their race, there are enough lawyers out ready to pounce.

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