Maricopa County Promotes Diversity!

Not that there’s anything wrong with this but Maricopa County recently sent out its Semi Annual Diversity Memo to make sure that all elected officials and Department Directors are completing their “Diversity Activity Plan” and checklist.

Putting aside any wild-eyed conservative notions about the definition of “diversity” in a politically correct culture, we have to wonder if this is an appropriate use of taxpayer money when budgets across the state are struggling.

How many man uh, person-hours each department and elected official will devote to creating their 19-point check list.

Will the checklist create an entirely new intra-county bureaucracy that creates all types of new problems for county employees? Here are the 19 points on the memo:

  • Encourage all employees to attend Diversity 1. F.A.I.R. & Diversity 2. M.E.E.T. training
  • Offer other Diversity awareness training
  • Host diversity celebrations
  • Encourage attendance at annual County Diversity Celebration
  • Encourage participating in Workforce Mgmt. & Dev., Leadership, or Supervision 101 Programs
  • Circulate relevant articles to management/supervisors
  • Utilize diverse interview panels for job applicants
  • Appoint a diversity coordinator (Please provide name/contact information)
  • Include diversity agenda items at management team meetingsDistribute/display diversity posters/materials
  • Include a diversity column in your department newsletterInclude a diversity component in your new employee orientation
  • Advertise job openings in non-traditional media sources
  • Send a representative to non-traditional job fairs
  • Establish student internship programs
  • Offer career mentoring program to all interested employees
  • Send a representative to the County’s Diversity Coordinators meetings
  • Coordinate a Diversity Council within your own department (Please provide diversity council chairman name/contact information)
  • Do you have a Diversity Action Plan on file with the Diversity office




  1. Everyone knows the county supervisors are a bunch of RINOs and one Democrat, Mary Rose Wilcox. They’ve been promoting this garbage for years with rainbow posters plastered all around county buildings. Every month they plaster more politically correct posters around the buildings to honor some cause like “women’s month” or “Native American month.” They even have a “diversity director.” Wonder how much that guy gets paid? While others are being let go, I bet that guy got to keep his job.

  2. Maricopa county spends all this money on these things while firing concilliators and others from the courts. Now Mundell is trying to sell the lie that removing criminal courts from Mesa to downtown is a move to save money. It will actually cost the county more and inconvience victims, officers, jurors, atttorneys and other court staff. Stapley and Brock do nothing to protect the east valley.

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    This is a very important issue in a time of budget crisis.


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