Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ Power Grab

Back when the Board of Supervisors appointed a replacement for Treasurer David Schweikert, they pulled the new guy, Charles “Hos” Hoskins, aside and told him they would only appoint him if he went along with their grand plan to consolidate the Treasurer’s Office with the Office of Enterprise Technology (OET). The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and County Manager, David Smith, worked behind the scenes to move in quickly during the vacuum in the Treasurer’s Office in order to bring the assets of another elected office under their authority. They were ultimately successful and moments after the plan was approved, they approved the new Treasurer, Charles “Hos” Hoskins.

Now, Treasurer Hoskins has realized what he was really schnookered into – another BOS power grab – and he’s suing the Board as he should. Here is a copy of the complaint.

The East Valley Tribune did a good job in summarizing this story today when it wrote,

The board also ordered the seizure of equipment, information and other items that Hoskins claims is necessary to run his office, according to the suit. The treasurer, which is an elected position, oversees $10 billion in public monies.

Hoskins wants the board to immediately return his technology staff, any items seized, and to pay attorney fees. In addition, Hoskins wants protections to keep the board from similar attempts to take over his operations.

Hoskins has even found a friend in the County Attorney’s Office which stated,

The county attorney’s office agrees with Hoskins, stating in a legal opinion issued in July that it was a “scheme” by the board to “effectively eliminate the Treasurer’s Office.”

However, the County Attorney has asked the Treasurer’s Office not to make comments to the media. But that doesn’t stop this blog from covering the situation given our unique perspective and connections.

If this fiasco sounds familiar, it is. For several years, the Board of Supervisors have sought to consolidate power from a number of elected offices. The Superintendent of Schools was the first to fall when they seized the Pappas schools. Now they’re after the Treasurer’s Office and we’re watching the saga unfold all over again.


  1. nightcrawler says

    There is a lot of blame here to go around. As a tax paying citizen I am furious that public money is wasted on infighting. That suit is public money against public money. A waste of precious time and resources.

    Are these Republicans ? Are they part of the problem or part of the solution ?

    Sounds to me like a few folks want to protect their meal ticket.

    Sandra Dowling is also suing the County.

    As far as I am concerned, throw them all out and let us start over..

  2. nightcrawler says

    One more thing folks…

    These are the positions (along with supplies and equipment) that were moved.

    11202 Computer Operator
    12972 Programmer/Analyst
    12977 Systems/Network Admin-Sr/Ld
    12981 Programmer/Analyst – Sr/Ld
    15079 PC/LAN tech Support
    15099 Applications Development Manager
    15560 Help Desk Coordinator
    16903 Operations Support analyst
    34255 IT Sr. Manager
    61343 Programmer/Analyst
    63535 Programmer/Analyst – Sr/Ld
    63975 Programmer/Analyst – Sr/Ld
    63976 Programmer/Analyst – Sr/Ld
    63977 Programmer/Analyst – Sr/Ld
    65424 Business/Systems Analyst
    65425 Business/Systems Analyst – Sr/Ld

    As you can see these are computer related functions that probably belonged in the technical division in the first place. Who cares from what division they paid if the work done is the same.

    This lawsuit is a joke and a lesson for us all about the way petty turf battles harm the public.

  3. Don’t blame the Sups. It is David Smith and Sandy Wilson that are engineering this. And now the STARs are fighting back.

  4. Don’tMr. Smith and Ms Wilson serve at the pleasure of BOS? We have a spinless BOS – and note they also got caught on an open meeting violation this week.

    Unfortunately, most of them have no competition this November.

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