Margaret Dugan Announces for State Superintendent

We missed this one! Any other candidates are welcome to send us your press releases.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, April 20, 2009

Margaret Dugan announces candidacy for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Margaret Dugan, State Deputy Superintendent of Schools (the number two person in the Department) announced that she will be a candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the 2010 election.  The incumbent will have served eight years, the maximum permitted under Arizona’s term limits. 

Dugan was author and co-chair of the initiative that eliminated bi-lingual education in Arizona, insisting that all students be immersed in English.  She was recognized as one of the most highly effective Principal’s in the nation in a book, “Ten Traits of Highly Effective Principals.”  She was a teacher for 16 years, an Assistant Principal for 3 years and a Principal for 10 years, a District Administrator for Curriculum Instruction for 1 year, and then Associate Superintendent for Academic Achievement for 2 years and then Deputy Superintendent in the Arizona Department of Education for 4 years for a total of 36 years in Education.


  1. ACE OF SPADES says

    Tom Horne’s hand picked candidate. Great that is all my kids need for more years of Tom’s policies. I’ll pass

  2. ACE OF SPADES says

    Opps need my immersion class 4 more years

  3. George of the Desert says

    Margaret Dugan is a former teacher and principal who has tons of common sense when it comes to education. She will be excellent.

  4. Rusty's Mom says

    Ms. Dugan spoke to a large group in Casa Grande this morning. Though we were not familiar with her previously, we were very impressed with her credentials, her approach to teaching, and her accomplishments as an administrator. We will definitely be supporting her candidacy, which promotes a 5-point common sense approach to education.

  5. Lorraine Draeger says

    She has the educational experience to lead this state. Wow, after it is all said and done, Margaret has the knowledge to run this state. Tom Horne is leaving…Margaret is comingand we all are excited to see the change for better education in the state of Arizona. Go, Margaret, we are all behind you!!!

  6. So much experience; so little insight.

  7. Margaret said, via telephone to me, that she is against Mexican/black/women’s studies classes b.c they make hs students feel obligated to take these classes b.c the teacher wants them to and that EVERY person outside of the ‘group’ studies will think they are not permitted to take those classes thus making the classes segregated.
    As ANY high school teacher knows, hs kids don’t care what their teachers/parents want; they care about what they want. If hs kids don’t want to take the class, they won’t. She prefers not to give them a choice.
    She did acknowledge that with so much history, one cannot cover the history of every single shread of history in one class. Yet, she does not support classes that seek to take all of the ‘missing’ history that some students want to lean about and making them into a class.

  8. She also said that Mexican/black etc. studies DO NOT empower these students, but instead make them feel like they cannot become anything they want to be. She said that learning about leaders who fought against oppression make the students feel like an oppressed victim rather than showing them that they can fight the oppression themselves thanks to the wonderful Constitution of the USA.

  9. Esther Ex-student says

    Is this the same “Margarita” who actually degraded her “hispanic” students for just being hispanics? Is this the “Margarita” who says that she is not Mexican but of “Spanish” descent. Truly “Margarita” has a problem with her own heritage and is trying to ensure that our children are also ashamed as she is. It is truly too sad that “Margarita” doesn’t see that when she is standing or sitting with an audience, they walk away saying, “hmmm, great speech. She is really a credit to her MEXICAN race”….

    Yes, “MARGARITA”, everyone knows who you really are, except you. Mexicans, African-Americans, Asians, etc…contributed to the growth of the U.S. Now, the Spanish…well, besides CONQUERING, what else did they do? Parents, be scared….very scared.

  10. Lorraine Draeger says

    Margaret is first and foremost an American. As Americans we should be well versed in American history and heritage. She is a credit to the human race and her allegiance is to America. Parents, be very afraid, if you want a curriculum that is geared towards an ethnic study that promotes ethnic solidarity towards another heritage that is not American. I am a parent, and want my children to learn about American history rather than history that promotes dissension against America. She is a credit towards Americanism and its ideals. Hello, we do live in the U.S.A.!!!!!

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