Mainstream Arizona still not following the law?

You may remember Mainstream Arizona. It was a left-wing independent expenditure committee run by Grant Woods, Bill Post, and other liberals that targeted conservative Republicans in 2004.

By any measure, Mainstream Arizona was a massive failure, as conservative Republicans romped in Arizona in the 2004 election. But Besides its futility, Mainstream Arizona drew attention because it used corporate contributions to try to influence elections, which is a criminal offense under Arizona law.

The Clean Elections Commission confirmed this when it found that Mainstream Arizona had indeed attempted to influence elections and awarded matching funds to those targeted by Mainstream Arizona. When a judge upheld the Commission’s ruling, Mainstream Arizona appeared as if it would be tagged with criminal campaign finance violations.

Enter Attorney General Terry Goddard and his then special counsel, Jessica Funkhouser. Goddard has a long history of proceeding with trumped up charges against Republicans, and Funkhouser has a long history of ineptly serving leftist/RINO politicians and organizations from Betsy Bayless to Terry Goddard to her current job as cheerleader for the Maricopa County Superior Court.

But even as he was proceeding with trumped up cases against Republicans, Goddard could not be bothered to go after liberals who were caught red handed. Despite clear evidence of guilt, Goddard rolled over, assessed a $5,000 civil fine, and ordered Mainstream Arizona to comply with the law by filing campaign finance reports, which they should have done anyway.

But even this sweetheart deal wasn’t even followed by Mainstream Arizona. According to the Secretary of State’s website, they never filed the reports they were supposed to. You can see by plugging Mainstream Arizona into the Secretary of State search engine for political committees (but make sure you check the box for inactive committees). They registered as a committee but never filed reports.

This makes a deal that reaked of favoritism smell even worse, and it begs the question of why the Attorney General’s office, and Goddard and Funkhouser in particular, did nothing to confirm their consent agreement was followed.

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