“Mac” Magruder on Business vs. Politics

A very revealing post by our friends over at Seeing Red AZ on Phoenix McDonalds Mogul, “Mac” Magruder.

Those who have been active in the political arena for the past 20 years know Mac as a reliable financial supporter of statewide conservative and pro-life causes.  He has lent his considerable support to issues and groups such as Arizona Family Research Institute, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Center for Arizona Policy, Proposition 110 – Preborn Child Protection Amendment and other conservative Christian causes.

However, his recent words and actions leave us wondering how Magruder has managed to  compartmentalize his business ventures and his personal political pursuits – or even more intriguing,  how he reconciles his hugely successful business with adherence to the rule of law.

It would be a severe disappointment to think the Christian conservative pro-family community could be that divided on illegal immigration and implementation of what is essentially our national security and sovereignty in these perilous times.  .

This is something to ponder as we celebrate Independence Day and our (brave men) courageous Founders who thought less about  themselves than they did this great nation.


  1. I saw two of Magruder’s interviews. He’s all over this issue and sounds foolish, at best. On Channel 10, he actually said all of the people who work for him are “documented’….he “thinks.”

    He also said he pays a couple of dollars over minimum wage for starting workers but no one wants the jobs. I don’t buy that. He owns over three dozen McDonald’s restaurants and says they aren’t valued at the same rate since the employer sanctions law was signed. Magruder must think we’ve eaten enough of his Big Macs to have blocked our arteries, preventing lucid thought.

    He is obviously the mouthpiece of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the left leaning group that puts cheap labor over American citizens and our national security. Magruder has gotten wealthy exploiting illegal low-wage workers rather than paying a living wage to American citizen employees. He lives in a multi-million dollar home in Paradise Valley and flies to his statewide McDonald’s franchises in his own private helicopter, so it’s difficult to feel his pain.

    Republican Presidential candidate and California Congressman Duncan Hunter was on CNN this morning talking about the thousands of OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) who have been apprehended crossing into the United States over our southern border in violation of our law. These are the ones who have actually been caught—thousands of others have made it to the states!

    Wake up and smell your McDonald’s coffee, Mr. Magruder! There are those who have declared their intent to destroy this nation. We must secure our border!
    That is a moral imperative–regardless of your whining! Most of us desire to leave our children and grandchildren a secure America—whether or not we own more franchises than we can visit in a single day.

  2. What stores does magruder own?

  3. what stores does magruder own? I have a group which would like to boycott his stores. Please respond to the following email address


  4. Mr Mcgruder,
    my husband and myself support the governor signing the bill that punishes employers who hire illegals. my husband lost a job because he could not speak spanish. I believe that companies should be feel the pain that they afflicted on so many american workers because they have hired illegals. I can go on an on about lots of issues related to hiring illegals. Taxes on the americans who are working for less pay because of companies hiring illegals.
    Shame on you for supporting illegal aliens.
    I promise to never do business with any company who knowingly hires and supports illegal hiring. We have not gone to a McDonalds restaurant in over 6 months. We will continue to do this until we see american workers in their restaurants.

  5. Don’t just boycott Magruder’s McDonalds—boycott all McDonalds. When McDonalds throughout the state begin to take a financial hit—-you can guarantee that corporate will be contacting Magruder to tell this bozo to back off and shut his mouth. Magruder appears to think that he has more power and control than he actually does. When you have business franchise—-corporate still dictates all of the rules!!!

  6. Please email me at Brendasue4824@yahoo.com if you want all of the corporate contact info to call/email complaints against Magruder and Jim Click.

  7. Get ready for a blast from me. I am putting out a “My Turn” response for the AZ Republic that will place these idiots and their corp HQs on the defensive. I am taking a new perspective where the Illegals are the ones that are being taken advantage of and these twits are the bad guys. Don’t want to spill the beans here, but keep your eyes open. I will come back once it is released. We all need to be saying the same thing as we boycott all McDonalds and car mfgrs that Click sells.

  8. A friend in the cattle business (in Texas) told me also that McDonalds does not buy domestic American beef. According to this friend, all of their beef is imported, another reason to not support McDonalds in any way, shape or form.

  9. Wrong. Not true. I heard this before and checked it out. McDonald’s buys US beef.

  10. Hey Mac Mehdooneez,
    Did it ever occur to you that maybe the reason that your franchises are only worth half of what they were yesterday (in your opinion) is because, we aren’t patronizing your restaurants!

    Boycott McDonalds because they are anti-American in putting profits ahead of the American people, importing beef instead of buying American beef, and do business in communist countries while enjoying the protection of the American government and military.
    Shame on you! McDonalds sucks, always did, but even more so, now that people like you are running it and your mouths.

  11. I’m so confused by many of these comments. How do you determine which hispanics are illegals and which are American citizens? Easy to make assumptions but it certainly isn’t obvious.
    When eating in any restaurant, are you sure of from where the meat, veggies, cheese, etc. come? (Almost all the parmesan cheese consumed in America comes from Italy)

  12. Thanks for this. Bookmarking your blog.

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